Daytime Recreation (Deeptech Compilation)

Various – Daytime Recreation (Deeptech Compilation) [WorldwideExclusive]

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01 C125 1st Class – Qualitype (Kolokol Production Deephouse Mix) 6:46
02 F125 Dubacid – Workout Workshop (Rodrigo Carreira Techhouse Mix) 6:24
03 E124 Paduraru – Back2basics (Techhouse Mix) 7:48
04 B126 Dubacid – Description Available (Samuel James Deephouse Mix) 6:44
05 D123 Funkocrat – Lemon Juice (Breaks Mix) 7:18
06 D130 Greenlight – Wisdom To The Wise (Techhouse Mix) 7:44
07 D125 Dubacid – Daytime Recreation (Marc Deon Deephouse Mix) 5:31
08 D120 Yespiring – Yieldmay Increasefor You (HoberMallow Deephouse Mix) 5:20
09 C130 Grow Aware – Goodday Today (Deephouse Mix) 5:53
10 C126 Relate4ever – Roadless Traveled (Samuel James Deephouse Mix) 7:37
11 C130 Deepient – Asunknown Yetrecognized (Snorkle Ambient Chillout Mix) 6:57
12 Gb125 Yespiring – Interactive Beachgroups (Mateo Techhouse Mix) 5:53
13 Db125 Grow Aware – Umbrella Of Protection (Proghouse Mix) 9:06
14 Bb123 Relate4ever – Smooth Skinned (MacGaren Deephouse Mix) 7:04
15 Bb125 Cristian Paduraru – 1st Class Instrument (Ambient Chillout Mix) 8:15


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