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Catalog: RMXLAB120313
Compilation title: Various Artists – Miami 2 Mamaia Beach
Version: 20 Housemusic Tunes In D-Key
Time: 2:25:35 unmixed full deejayfriendly tracks

Release: amazonjunotunesspotify

Promo: download ♪•♫
01 D132 Yesitive – Welcome To Workout (Fitness House Mix)
02 D131 Heathous – Wakeup Workout (Techhouse Mix)
03 D132 Onelord – Spreading Joy (Techhouse Mix)
04 D130 Yesitive – Storytelling Happens (Proghouse Mix)
05 D130 Visualize – Zion (Vibrant Techhouse Mix)
06 D130 Movemaker – Cycling Marathon (Techhouse Mix)
07 D130 Movemaker – Rolling Rhythm (Techhouse Mix)
08 D130 Morico Montini – Step Fitness (Tribal House Mix)
09 D130 Funkocrat – Moutharmony (Deeper Breaks Mix)
10 D130 Fire In Water – Forgiven (Progressive Breaks Mix)
11 D130 Coolerika – You Want Groove (Coronita Tribal House Mix)
12 D130 Heathous – Ministry Training (Paduraru Acidhouse Mix)
13 D130 Ferentari – Forging Maturity (Creative House Mix)
14 D130 Heathous – Made Man On Earth (Inspiring House Mix)
15 D130 Windenergy – Battle Of Life (Proghouse Mix)
16 D129 Vibrant – Desire Mercy (Tribal House Dub)
17 D130 Yesitive – Cheerleading Beach (Christian Acidhouse Mix)
18 D130 Newheart – Ride On Timer (Electro House Mix)
19 D130 Movie Trailer – Coat Of Many Colors (Creative House Mix)
20 D130 Cristian Paduraru – Step For Future (Ambient Chillout Mix)



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