Tribalmixes Promopool (Proghouse)

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Catalog: CR2CD120310
Compilation title: Various Artists – Tribalmixes Promopool
Version: Proghouse Compilation with mix from Biontek

01 E126 Coolerika – Best Spouse Support (Inspiring House Mix)
02 Db125 Grow Aware – Universal Elevation (Beach Deephouse Mix)
03 D128 Heathous – Developing Windenergy (Progressive House Mix)
04 A130 Julia Jordan – Unleashing Celebration (Proghouse Mix)
05 F126 Coolerika – Teaching Hearts (Progressive House Dub)
06 Bb125 Yesitive – Verynice EDM Vibes (Vibrant House Mix)
07 C126 Coolerika – Uncommon Clay (Progressive House Mix)
08 Bb128 Paduraru – Hot Startups (Vibrant Tribal House Mix)
09 Eb126 Cristian Paduraru – Vibrant Music (Inspiring House Mix)
10 Db130 Starrysky – One Truth (Techhouse Mix)
11 Eb128 Dubacid – Domino (Tech House Mix)
12 Ab130 Coolerika – Learning New Skills (Limitless Sence Proghouse Mix)
13 Db128 Masterpiece – Unilateral Giving (Progressive House Mix)



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