Seashore Breathing (Beach Housemusic Compilation)

Various Artists – Seashore Breathing (Beach Housemusic Compilation)

Promo: download ♪•♫ and Release: amazonitunesjunobeatport

Catalog WER120718 on Worldwide Exclusive Records

01 F125 Dubacid – Shaped In Solitude (Sebwahwah Techhouse Mix) 6:55
02 F130 Funkocrat – Revolution (Progressive Breaks Mix) 6:38
03 F130 Remixable – Chill Collins (Hernan Serrao Proghouse Mix) 8:56
04 C130 Yesitive – Seashore Breathing (Andy Ascencio Proghouse Mix) 5:11
05 C130 Funkocrat – Foredeem (Deeper Progbreaks Mix) 7:37
06 D130 Heathous – La Playa (Andy Ascencio Proghouse Mix) 5:58
07 D130 Coolerika – Can You See Beyond The Stars (Proghouse Mix) 7:53
08 D125 Growaware – Lookstraight (Loopz Da Fruit Deephouse Mix) 7:02
09 E124 Dubacid – Durable Rhythm (Sebwahwah Techhouse Mix) 6:56
10 E125 Ketaneo – More Blessed To Give (Loopz Da Fruit Dubhouse Mix) 6:59
11 E130 Paduraru – Loungebient (Olej Deephouse Mix) 4:58


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One Response to Seashore Breathing (Beach Housemusic Compilation)

  1. Paduraru says:

    Beautiful sounds here!

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