Disciples In Antioch (Tribal)

WER130911 – Disciples In Antioch (Positive Proghouse Meets Tribal Housemusic)

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B130 Paduraru – Disciples In Antioch (Tribal Proghouse Mix) 6:04


Thank you for playing positive housemusic and please post your feedback below 🙂


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10 Responses to Disciples In Antioch (Tribal)

  1. Excellent track! Great energy and tremendous Tribal groove! Now this is a party track!

  2. WemixSeries says:

    Just wonderful! Inspiring images. Positive message. Powerful rhythm.

  3. DJ Tom says:

    Very cool track… Interested in the reactions of the crowd

  4. Bodo Felusch says:

    I love the tricky melody that gives a cool thrill to the groovy track, kinda uplifting but not in a simple way. This one is damn hot so who’s gonna bring back the summer? …cool vocal, mate

  5. It´s a NICE tune so I’ll play it…THANKSSS

  6. DJ Santi says:

    Thanks forr your promo, amazing production.

  7. Big energy and fantastic production. Great work,thanks for sharing!

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