Crisp #Housemusic (#Progressive #Deephouse #Music #Compilation)

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RMXLAB140128 – Crisp Housemusic (Sharp Proghouse Meets Smooth Deephouse Music Tunes In Key-C And The Paduraru Megamix Here)
01 C130 Cristian Paduraru – True Disciples (Organic Proghouse Mix)
02 C130 Yesitive – Hewalkedin Alltheway (Alex Reyna Proghouse Mix)
03 C130 Heathous – Presentpast (Tribal Proghouse Mix)
04 C130 PCu – Sikya Mungu Akymba (Tribal House Mix)
05 C126 Onelord – Omnipotent (Deep Techhouse Mix)
06 C125 2LS2Dance – Dancehall (Tribal Injection House Mix)
07 C126 Paduraru – Inspiring EDM (Proghouse Mix)
08 C125 Yesitive – From Trance Side (Proghouse Mix)
09 C126 Ketaneo – Grace Spreading (Robbie Jay & ReDub Balearic Mix)
10 C125 Growaware – Dont Stop (Deephouse Mix)
11 C125 Relate4ever – Pesto Springtime (Dub Deephouse Mix)
12 C125 Paduraru – Turning Point (Creative Vocal House Mix)
13 C123 Dubacid – Found The Lostsheep (Giacomo Pellegrino Deephouse Mix)
14 C122 1st Class – Music Is Fuel (Luis Beyra Deephouse Mix)
15 C123 Funkocrat – Necklody (Fire In Water Progressive House Mix)
16 C123 Deepient – Found The Northstars (Progressive Ambient Mix)
17 C128-125 Various Artists – Crisp Housemusic (Paduraru Proghouse Meets Dubacid Deephouse Music Megamix) 59:59


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