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WER140910 – Deeptech Is Where Deephouse meets Techhouse Music This Autumn (Organic Sounds On Vibrant Rhythms Compilation) on [Worldwide Exclusive Records] – Release date  10 Sept 2014 – Subscribe on The Remix Label HERE for upfront releases!

01 Ab123 Paduraru – Wearechange (Vibrant Deephouse Dance Anthem Mix)
02 Eb123 Yesitive – Raisedon The3rday (Inspiring Acid Proghouse Mix)
03 E123 Ecuador – Ecuadorian Dance Anthem (Vibrant Techhouse Mix)
04 A123 Relate4ever – Naturalnews (Organic Health Deephous Mix)
05 C123 Heathous – Defining Definitions (Organic Techhous Mix)
06 D123 Coolerika – Courage Comes By Doing (Inspiring Techhouse Mix)
07 B123 Cristian Paduraru – Berries Superfood (Organic Deephouse Mix)
08 Bb123 Funkocrat – Givelove (Deeptech Breaks Techhouse Mix)
09 Ab123 Ketaneo – Revival Change (Tribal Proghouse Mix)
10 Eb123 Onelord – Venerable Honesty (Vibrant Techouse Mix)
11 F123 GrowAware – Jehoshaphat Asked (lS DJ Deephouse Mix)
12 E120 Yespiring – You Only Live…

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