Warm Housemusic Compilation

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RMXLAB1408 – Warm Housemusic (Organic Deephouse Meets Inspiring Proghouse Best Ibiza To Miami Beach Tunes Compilation In Key-G Plus The Paduraru Megamix)

[TheRemixLabel] 26 August 2014
01 Paduraru – Getting Input (Giusepe Souza Deephouse Mix)
02 Heathous – Halls Shiver (Newheart Acid Techhouse Mix)
03 Pad-U – Discovering Peace (Ponytech Deephouse Mix)
04 Dubacid – Joshua Readaloud (Wakey Snoozer Techhouse Mix)
05 Morico Montini – Poorin Spirit (Organic Deephouse Mix)
06 Onelord – Poetic Joy (Vibrant Techhouse Mix)
07 Yesitive – Coolcomotion (Alex 29 Proghouse Mix)
08 Ketaneo – Keeping The Upliftment (Proghouse Mix)
09 Paduraru – Writing On The Tablets (Deephouse Mix)
10 GrowAware – Massivibes (Balearic Beach Deephouse Mix)
11 Heathous – Tribal Piano (Vibrant Techhouse Mix)
12 Coolerika – Gathering Awareness (Progressive House Mix)
13 Feelectro – Examine Turnback (Progressive Ambient Mix)
14 Pad-U – Discovering Promises (Tribal Techhouse Mix)
15 Yesitive – Step On Your Own Acceleration (Proghouse Mix)
16 Paduraru – Feeling Right Sideup (1st Class Deephouse Mix)
17 Loyalmen – Feeling Romantic Comedy (Deepient Ambient Chillout Mix)
18 Cristian Paduraru – Warm Housemusic (Various Artists Continuous Key-G Deephouse Meets Proghouse Music DJ Megamix)


 OFFICIAL RELEASE LINK http://theremixlabel.com/warm-housemusic

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