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RMXLAB1510 – Tribal October (Housemusic Compilation with Organic Deephouse Vibrant Techhouse and Tribal Proghouse Tunes as best of Key-A from The Remix Label) 27 Oct 2015

01 Onelord – He Was In A Soft Whisper (Vibrant Deephouse Mix)
02 Coolerika – Precious Revival (Tribal Proghouse Mix)
03 Carola Bianca – Following The Anointed One (Organic Deephouse Mix)
04 Heathous – Lymbic System (Tribal Proghouse Mix)
05 Onelord – The Judgment Day (Organic Techhouse Mix)
06 Vibrant – Keep Moving (Techhouse Mix)
07 Heathous – The Final Day (Tribal Techhouse Mix)
08 Yespiring – Seductive Rhythm (Minimal Techhouse Mix)
09 Paduraru – Ospels (Inspiring Techhouse Mix)
10 2LS2Dance – Proactive Loopholes (Vibrant Techhouse DJTool)
11 Various Artists – Tribal October (Paduraru Vibrant Techhouse Music Mixset)
12 Cristian Paduraru – Amabil Kind Benignidad (Progressive Ambient Chillout Mix) Bonus…

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