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Happy December! What mixes are you playing this month?

Feel free to download the new streams directly from: http://theremixlabel.com/radioshow/#comment-1173

RR1548 December Housemusic
RR1549 December Rhythms
RR1550 Tribal December
RR1551 December Ambient
RR1552 Deep December Vibes

Thank you for playing! Please find The Remix Label future music promo mixes on google feed here http://feedburner.google.com/fb/a/mailverify?uri=theremixlabel

RMXLAB1512 – December Housemusic (Balearic House with Organic Deephouse Sounds and Vibrant Proghouse Rhythms as Best Dance Music in Key-B from The Remix Label)

01 Oh Yes – Optimism Tune (Organic Techhouse Mix)
02 Paduraru – Perfect Means Mature (Organic Deephouse Mix)
03 Dubacid – Rest Heading East (Acid House Mix)
04 GrowAware – Turning Up The Light (Deep Dubhouse Mix)
05 Heathous – 19 Children (Vibrant Techhouse Mix)
06 Ketaneo – Reasons Why (Inspiring Tribal House Mix)
07 1st Class – Truelove For Disciples (Bass Garage House Mix)
08 Yespiring – December Rhythm (lS DJ Deephouse…

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