November Background – Ambient Album

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RMXLAB1611 Ambient – Cristian Paduraru pres Deepient – November Background (Inspirational Ambient Vocal Chillout Relaxing Lounge Healthy Organic Fitness Background Light Music Album Soundtrack Key Bb) [The Remix Label]

01 Moved Upon The Face Of The Waters (Ambient Music Mix)
02 Order (Cris Inspirational Ambient Music Humming Tarareando Fredonat Vocal Chillout)
03 Decentemente (Yosoy Cancion Cristiana Cantando Escrituras 1Cor14)
04 Orden (Pian Classical Relaxing Solo Piano Melody)
05 Misca Pe Deasupra Apelor (Muzica Ambientala De Relaxare)
06 Movia Sobre La Faz De Las Aguas (Musica Ambiental Relajante)
07 Moving Over The Waters (Ambient Music Mix)
08 Habla Ingles Speak Spanish (Yosoy Alabanza Cantando Escrituras Acappella Bilingual Voz Iam Hymns Singing Scriptures)
09 Beautiful Sacrifices (Progressive Ambient Mix)
10 Domn Lord Senor (Inspirational Ambient Lounge Mix)
11 Foresttees Sing4judgement (Dub Techno Ambient Mix)
12 Free Choice (Creative Chillout Mix)
13 Hearing The Word (Acid Lounge Mix)
14 Holdfast Thatgood (Organic Lounge…

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