Autumn Motivation where Organic Deep House Meets Vibrant TechHouse Music Compilation 120 BPM @TheRemixLabel

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Catalog: RMXLAB1811
Artist: Cristian Paduraru
Title: Autumn Motivation
Version: Organic Deep House Meets Vibrant Tech House Music Compilation 120 BPM
Label: The Remix Label
01 November Rhythm (Yesitive Progressive House Mix)
02 July Beat (Yespiring Deeptech Mix)
03 Income Groove (Morico Montini Tech House Mix)
04 Riboceina (Maxpaga Deephouse Mix)
05 The Time Is Now (Dubacid Techno Mix)
06 Moving Disciples (Vibrant Deephouse Mix)
07 Clean Anthem (GrowAware Deep House Mix)
08 March Dance (1st Class Deep House Mix)
09 Descopera Cuvantul Scris (Cristian Paduraru Inspirational Deephouse Mix)
10 Forgiveness Rhythm (Heathous House Mix)
11 Anointed Vibe (Coolerika Vocal House Mix)
12 The Fruits Track (Ketaneo Proghouse Mix)
13 Autumn Motivation (Wemixer Deep House Music Mix 120 BPM) @TheRemixLabel

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