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“Just bought a wonderful piece of your music! Fantastic! Respect! I really like the tracks!” Rolf Ellmer aka Jam El Mar from Jam & Spoon (Germany)

“Good stuff. Very good tracks man, thanks a lot” Hernan Cattaneo (Argentina)

“Very entertaining and very professional. I like your style very much and I wish you all the best” Danny Tenaglia  (New York, USA)

“Nice deep and groovey. Early night stuff for sure” Paul Oakenfold (United States)

“If You Want is Very Good & Made In Wishland is niceeee! Excellent music” Armin Van Buuren (Netherlands, Europe)

“I will test Cristian Paduraru aka Vibrant” Roger Sanchez from Stealth Records (USA)

“I have been recently digging your tunes. It’s brilliant. I am really enjoying the deep but spacey chug you seem to get in your music” Chloe Harris (Seattle, USA)

“Emotion Comes From Motion – This is amazing! the perfect warm up in my eyes” Nic Fanciulli (UK)

“10/10 for Positive Education Download” Dubfire aka Deep Dish from sci+tec (Washington DC, USA)

“Good music from your end! Keep it up” Dj Linus (Munich, Germany)

“Thanks” Paul Van Dyk from Vonyc (Germany)

“Atmospherik groovy underground techprogtrancehouse dance music at its best i really apreciate to play it in my radio show and in clubs. Charted Excellent” Ralph-Armand Beck aka DJ Taucher (Germany)

“Promos will be used in DJ sets for radio and in clubs. Thanks” Ken Jordan and Scott Kirkland aka The Crystal Method (California)

“You got some good stuff going on!!!” Ariel Cybana (Bay Area, USA)

“Great tracks! I have a bigger connection for the Minimal Perspective” Pole Folder (Antarctica)

“Favorite 2LS 2 Dance Back2Basics FermX techno mix play clubs/radio worldwide” Funkagenda (UK)

“What can I say..Im totally impressed with your creativity. Respect! I really dig all your tunes but especially: Sharing the dancefloor- which I play all the time! Spring refresh…! Where do I fit!!!!! I really like the groove in this one..smoooottth and coool.” Goktug Citci or DJ Cervus aka Subsky from Red Flag Collective (Turkey)

“Hey TALENTED people! ‘If You Want it’ i like this track..;)” Moshic (Israel)

“The ‘Borderline’ Remix Single got #3 Breakout Single on the Billboard Club Chart in Oct 2006” Jody Watley (USA)

“Thanks for the links. Good tracks” Christopher Lawrence (California)

“Nice records !!! Good tracks 🙂 Grtz” Yves Deruyter (Belgium)

“Very cool… keep making great tunes!” John Acquaviva (USA),

“Playing Revival Changes. Loving the deeper tribal Paduraru vibes.” Andreas Bialek aka Andre Nalin from Nalin & Kane (DE)

“Sounds good” Mark Farina (Illinois),

“Support charted on promo pools” DJ Friendly Private Promo Pool, Balance Record Pool, Release Promo, Richmond Records.

“Tracks played in clubs: Space, Fabric, Pacha, Warung, The End, La Mania (Romania), DC10 (Ibiza), Amnesia, Zouk (Singapore), The Arches (Glasgow), Ministry Of Sound (London), Womb (Tokyo), Cocoon (Frankfurt), Crobar (Chicago), Club Kristal (Bucharest), Rex Club (Paris), Cielo (New York), Kudos, Yellow (Tokyo), Tenax (Florence, Italy), The Cross (London), Privilege, Spundae (Los Angeles), Stereo (Montreal), other beach bars”

“Ur music! Congradulations on all of your success~~~” DJ Icey from Orlando, Florida, USA,

“Really well done! Production is top! Great groove! Charted! Excellent reaction. This is quality music! This is outstanding …i’ll be playing these for a while! Thanks!” Adam S from Club Fusion, Group Therapy, and The Art Bar USA

“Favorite is 2LS 2 Dance Your Heart Cristian Paduraru Minimal all productions are very good in its genre, congratulations!” 10/10 DJ Tarkan from No Smoking Recordings (Turkey)

“Awesome stuff! absolutely great energy here…good dancefloor tune! perfect progressive house! Excellent reaction 10/10” Brandon Jay from Desert Moon & Megatronik USA

“Cristian thanks for acept my invitation of Dj Guest on ADN Alternative, is an honor to me i like so mucch your music! greetings” Fernando Ferreyra (Argentina)

“Love this guy.  Manages to keep nice and techy and keep that prog feel.  Great sparse use of those pads.  I feel this one in a big way! Charted! Excellent reaction” Jesse Wright (Topanga, CA, USA)

“I played Sharing Transparently last night on a packed party…. man does that tune groove or what?! Congrats on what i think, is your best work to the date…” Gerardo Boscarino (Argentina)

“Born Again.. is super nice.  Cristian’s production work is phenominal! I really like your productions!  Nice work! wonderful work!  U keep in’ putting them out and people will continue to love them!” Jennifer Witcher aka Minx (Detroit, USA)

“I did like it, very well produced sound you’ve got. Definitely minimal but very strong too, like it a lot! I’d like to feature your DJ Mix that you put on InTheMix on my site, i find it very impressive that you did a whole mix of just your own tracks!” Ollie Brooke (Sydney, Australia)

“You are awesome, much respect!! :)” Darin Epsilon (USA)

“I’m in love with your music. Not sure how to go about this now – I want a lot of what i’m hearing and am moved by most of it. MAN, You are like – really really good! It is a pleasure to meet you. My only regret is not having paid attention earlier” DJ Cody Lee Williams (Los Angeles, USA)

“Top Notch! QUALITY look forward to hearing them chief. Really digging the deep stuff at the moment:D” Dyte,

“Keep on top of everything what with all this partying! See you soon” Lee Burridge (United Kingdom)

“Thank you for all your good music. If i’ve painted myself into a corner during a set I know I can ALWAYS drop one of your tracks and it’ll save it. Thanks for the promos!” Beale Dabbs (Fullerton, California)

“Really love your work” Fred Numf (NL)

“Excellent productions Cristian. Your productions are brilliant mate, bought some from EDM before it closed” DJ Andy King (UK, Europe)

“I downlaoded a few of your tracks from beatport a few weeks back, very nice work, just can’t enough of it!” Andrew Chibale (Miami, USA)

“Keep up the great job. Love your work! Keep ’em Dancin'” Dan Bino (NYC, USA)

“Mitch, Brian and I played at club ‘Love’ NYC last friday nite, the 25th.  We opened up the night , building to a good energy level,  but had plans to tone it down again before Randall Jones got on  (the headliner).  So we brought it down to a more progressive / tribal feel… and I was up next.  I took my time mixing in “Positive Education”,  which track i LOVE,  and brought it in nice and slow,  letting the track take over.  It was great to hear your track on that LOVE NYC system! When that bass dropped in it was sooo plump and full.  Even though we dropped it down a level (as far as energy & intensity),  people were still hootin’ and hollerin’ !  And then when the upbeat sweep came in… it was lovely.  Great tune Cristian !! THEN,  mitch mixed in ‘Light or Darkness’.  Another great tune !!   Your mastering is perfect , as your tunes are a delight to the ear  !  It was a lot of fun to hear your tracks back 2 back. Thanks for making great tracks.  We’ll keep playing them out !” Chris James (USA)

“I’ve been playing “Sharing Transparently” … excellent track!” JD Moyer aka Jondi (SF, USA)

“Congrats for the good work, you music is very good. I’m playing your song Equipping Education every gig! Keep it up!” Gabi Newman (Barcelona, Spain)

“Thanks for the tracks, we’ll play them in San Diego” (California, USA) Tony

“The Edge is amasing track! Tnx alot my friend and keep up the good job” Ivan Bustamante aka Redloft (Mexico)

“Your track ‘Releasing the Pressure’ are really rocks for sure!!!! I’ve promoted your music to my friends, esspecially who played house & techno on club. Keep on producing aight!! Full support for u :)” Chrisna Laurens aka  DJ Chrizsmix (Jakarta)

“My friend/DJ partner Joseph Christian is on the Release Pool so I have heard a lot of your tracks recently.  So many in fact I wonder if you sleep :)” Aaron J (Albuquerque, USA)

“Yo sun. Been playing that Roger Sanchez remix you did a lot. Great work. ONE!” Randall Jones (Texas, USA)

“I like The Edge track very much… love your sound, its trippy… love that kind of feel” Joyce Mercedes van Engelen (NL, Europe)

“Thank you so much for the gesture Mr. Paduraru” Carol-Lynn (NY, USA)

“Love your sounds always!” Stephen Porter (Ireland)

“Really like some of ur trax” Misjah (Europe)

“Your music is very good mate !” Sam Ball (UK)

“Wow, thanks for the love! Checked your and i like your music!” Shane Watcha aka Papadiso (London, UK)

“I like the groove on Develop Opening and the chilled vibe to it, nice one Cristian Paduraru. Developing Creativity from Christian Records is Bloody superb! Developing Wishes gets my head nodding with a serious look on the face saying “I’m feeling it” Lee Pennington (UK, Europe)

“Charting Pozitive Education! My pleasure ;-)” Hans Temmerman aka The Mystic Force (BE, Europe)

“Like the funky filtered sounds of He Knows His Creation…If it had a vocal it would kill!! Made In Wishland is a solid prog tracks here. Nothing crazy but I dig it. I especially like the minimal groovy style of it. Not too much nonsense on top of it which sometimes kills tracks like these. Charted” J-Punch aka Hook The Captain (Washington, USA)

“Well donne tracks!!! Total support!!” Mike Viera

“I really like the stuff I’ve heard from you.  How do I get my hands on “Emotion Comes From Motion”? It’s hot!” Craig Christensen (UK)

“Went to beatport and listened to your tracks. Very nice stuff my friend!! :)” Dave (Florida)

“Another classic Electro House Deep work from Mr Paduraru. My favourite is EMOTION COMES FROM MOTION where an eclectic VOICE with the DEEP BASSLINE are the real protagonists. Good work, man!!!” Sergio Matina (Milan, Italy, EU)

“I just wanted to drop a note and let you know i really dig your tracks. keep up the good work. Respect from Idaho” Kevin (USA)

“Your way in music is very good, i play your tracks and i bought the new ones from your label and playing on with Dave Van N” Poli (Hungary)

“I’m a big fan of your music and it’s pleasure to have you on my friends list. Your music is everytime so different. I can’t explain it” Michael (Germany, Europe)

“Love this mix mate – some quality productions in there” Timo Garcia (UK, Europe)

“Unconditional Giving and Follow You captures the classic house tradition of the past.  Great work! The Edge is an excellent track, I love it!  Will chart for November” David Christopher aka Deviant

“Wow, excellent stuff! I love the new songs and will play them at my DJ gigs” Buckley (Las Vegas, Nevada, USA)

“Cool sound!” Oliver Klein (Germany, Europe)

“I like your mixes and want to support you in our show” Holger Hertel (Germany, Europe)

“Cristian, You are such a great person! I would love to play with you in the future… Big Support And Much Respect! Sending love & peace to your family!!” Zarko Markovic

“I would very much like to represent the music label and receive upfront private promo from you. as i start up a new nite in my home town this saturday called PI and i would luv to drop some new booms, keep well the wicked sounds mate” Hayes, Derek (Ireland, Europe)

“The most important thing to me about electronic music has to be the overall goodness that it promotes to bring people from all walks of life, ie race, religion, sex, gender…the power it has to bring people together is amazing…” Bobby (Washington, USA)

“The Power Of Revival brings such excellent warm up groove. Great riffs. Love the little vocal snippets too! Charted excellent” Peter Sajche aka Night Architeks (Texas, USA)

“I think we have the same sound in common. keep it up and thanks for the SIK tunes” Ondray (Canada)

“I listened to the tracks and i very much like most of em progressive and minimal. Developing Wishes I already knew and love that one! Would be honered to receive the tunes and will do my best to get them on our stream if ya like, or played in my sets 😀 Your music gives me energy and a great mood thru good melody and techy groove” John aka DJ Javs (NL, Europe)

“Made In Wishland is a excellent track Mr Cristian Paduraru, charted very good! Sharing The Dancefloor is funky! Charted excellent! Sharing Transparently heeey yeess! You Cant Change Me brings nice chuggy track and great synths. Love’s The Only Drug is a Great remix Mr Cristian! The Power Of Revival is such a funky track! Develop Opening has the vocal is so freaky, and this just chugs along, charted excellent. Overall nice and good stuff” Justin Neofotistos aka Justin George (New Mexico, USA)

“Nice tracks” Nicki Setterfield (UK)

“If You Want have a nice female vocal and i like the latin rythm feel. Made In Wishland seems very dark sounding as a good halloween track” Eric Best aka DJ Modest (USA)

“i love your great tunes” Ianiv Lutzker (DJ Lutzker) (Argentina)

“AMAZING WORK.  I love how you have merged good vocals with minimal tech. Really liking “For Believers” and “My Freedom”” Curtis Atchison

“Made In Wishland got no2 in Release Chart. He Knows His Creation got 5 in Release Chart” (Canada)

“Dear Cristian&Erika, thank you so much for the promo tracks, greatly appreciated. You guys keep on inspiring me to play and do more good in the industry” Douglas Dollentes (CA)

“Excellent tune, quality groove. Hook me up please 😉 Cheers, keep it rocking!” Paul Boyle (Ireland)

“Love your tracks… your Sharing Transparently” Shield

“Gabi Newman (Sutil Records-Urbana Recordings-Vendetta), has one of your tracks on position number one in his october chart. Congratulations friend! 01 Cristian Paduraru – Equipping Education” José Gonzalo (Spain)

“Some new tracks of DJ’s will be had friends and known that will be able to send me I will be very happy in being able to divulge your work! I loved its musics, and I will give the biggest support!” DJ Eder Delatore

“Thanks for excellent tracks. I will support them in Bangkok” Varun Prakash (Bangkok, Asia)

“I buy some your music from and i like very much your style,played in clubs everywhere and people like very much! Playing your mix on” Norbert Dunai ak Dave Van N (Hungary, Europe)

“Sharing The Dancefloor is such a loud, excitable track that could be monsterous with at the right time! Charted excellent and featuring it on my next radio show” David Johnston aka DJ David Stone (Alberta, Canada)

“Mr. Paduraru, I have listen Your productions. Very nice sound.” Marco Corona (Italy, Europe)

“Pozitive Education is very nice work. I love the plucking keys and solid bassline.” Justin Carr (USA)

“Congratulations for your work, big sounds, very atmospheric. Very good production, Regards from Pacha Barcelona, “The Edge” leaned to the maximum here” sdomene (Spain)

“Wicked tracks! Christian In The World will certainly be played when I’m able to play the
deeper sounds. Great for warm up!” Tim Andresen (Europe)

“I really like ur music, minimal perspective, and sharing confidence” Hugo Gamero (Arequipa, Peru)

“Your work is very impressive…” Beso Bakradze (Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, USA)

“Cristian Paduraru is so productive, seems like he releases 5 tracks a week” Erik Molthe aka Balerik (Osla, Norway)

“Very nice sounds!! My favorite one was Born Again” Noah Pred (Canada)

“i do listen to your tunes, and even though they are a bit laidback for me they are very good in all honesty” Ray (UK)

“Cristian, your tracks are right for me. Once again that wicked deep sound” Tim Andresen (Europe)

“I appreciate your music and production, and have DJ’ed your creations before. I actively DJ your music. I’ve been really enjoying “Releasing the Pressure”. That bassline SCREAMS remix! Much respect for what you do” Jack Tripper (San Diego, USA)

“Your mix has been getting great feedback on our site, in fact it’s one the most listened to guest mixes we’ve ever featured” Joe Biscuitz(USA)

“I like your sound! I support you here in Austria, many dj’s here also look into my charts, so I would write my favorite paduraru tracks also there in…” Obsi aka DJ Observer (Austia)

“This track sounds AWFULLY FAMILIAR – is this a track of yours??? Phat bass tech house – amazing tune, sounds so YOU!!! now I’m realising how distinctive your style is….the track in question was Segeke – Seven Stars Vibe (Cristian Paduraru mix)…” Ivan aka d-phrag (BG)

“Made In Wishland is really very good and techy. i like the synths at the break. spacey but great drive. will play it. its techy trance kinda. nice. He Knows His Creation is fantastic. Really good groove. Deep and chugs. Spacey bits and nothing over the top. A subdued tune. I’ll play it defo. Charted excellent” Chloe Harris (Seattle, USA)

“Good work man! Respekt” Florin Marica aka DJ Marika (Bucharest, Romania)

“If You Want is so dark and sick!!!! I love it!!! Charted excellent” DJ Dan Catron (Missouri, USA)

“I play your tracks out very often and get many requests too! I play Made In Wishland often. Listening you DJ set it completely blew my mind! Great work! Keep up the great things! If there are any sets of you that show what you play when spining at gigs, would love to get them all”  Kiriakos Kappa (Greece)

“I like Made In Wishland track. Great producer!!! It fits on my sets just perfect.  : ) He Knows His Creation is excellent and charted. Wow, Christian Records is a great label!” Tini Tun (Mexico)

“You Cant Change Me is a good nice remix” Tarkan Ors aka DJ Tarkan (Istanbul, Turkey)

“He Knows His Creation and Made In Wishland are both good and charted!” JC (AE)

“Sharing The Dancefloor is a solid track, nice groove and chugging rhythm! Very good” Ariel Cybana (SF, USA)

“Dj Friendly Metro Vibe is a DJ tool works wonders for the floor? We’ll see. Kind of sounds like Switch” Joshua Obront aka J e l o (Toronto, Canada)

“Sharing The Dancefloor is such a awsome track! Charted Excellent. If You Want is really good track!” Boris Gutierrez aka Boris Gluck (Washington DC, USA)

“He Knows His Creation has great production and Made In Wishland is a good track solid” DJ Tekess (CR)

“Open Minded and Sharing The Dancefloor are good” Bill Thomason akak B:ill (Denver, Colorado, USA)

“Sexy Dark Electro-Tech is a watchword on the dance scene this autumn and few do it better than Romania’s Cristian Paduraru. With over 60 releases to his name, many on his own Crisitan Records imprint, he is surely one of the hardest working people on the circuit. His talent and passion shine through in his productions, whether it’s experimental breaks or deep techie edged house which he provides us with here. The Wind of Change is Paduraru’s first release on 32 Bit and it’s a stomper! A thumping electronic kick, mesmerizing techy synths, sizzling FX and a dark hypnotic vocal: not only does this track have a KILLER groove, it has everything else you need to drive your dance floor wild! The production is tight, the vibe dirty and the sequencing creative yet DJ-friendly. An anthem not to be missed! Look out for Crisitan’s remix of Marc Jay’s Strutt later this year on 32 Bit. Coming soon… Cristian Paduraru and the Track, The Wind of change, and another winner, already receiving 10s out of 10, well done Cristian… ” Del & Luis (UK)

“I’m impressed! Very good dark prog house with nice pounding bassline and great lush vocals and EFX. Will be playing this! Charted very good” Tarmo Vannas (Estonia)

“Made In Wishland is another great track from Paduraru. Thank you! Very good”  Andrew Pacey (Canada)

“If You Want is so deep and melodic. Definitely will play this one. Charted very good” Jody Vukas (Miami, FL, USA)

“Sharing Transparently has cool minimal vibe, and groove! He Knows His Creation brings more more minimal goodness! nice one:) Love’s The Only Drug and Where Do I Fit? a very cool. Very Get Physical label” Stuart Tyson aka Bass Kleph (Australia)

“If You Want has Great groove. Nice energy. Excellent” DJ Bill Hallquist (USA)

“Good Stuff, I especially like Sharing Transparently” Blake Eggleston (Hollywood, CA, USA)

“If You Want has good vocal, nice deep bass. Very good. Also i’ll play Paduraru’s mix for Ultra Nate” Mike Kosemetzky aka Kosmic (Canada)

“I love the gratefull seeker track u did … !” Ariaan Olieroock aka 16 Bit Lolitas (NL, Europe)

“Enjoying all of Cristian’s productions at the moment – and a relatively new name to me. This is a slightly sparser sound than some of his other work but works really well with the superb vocal. A deep, dubby and techy set-builder for me. Playing! Charted excellent” Gareth Davies aka Grid System (UK)

“If You Want is so hypnotic! Made In Wishland got the kool trippy breakdown. Charted both Very Goood” William Yee aka Bill Yee (Vancouver, Canada)

“If You Want works nice late night fare. cristian always does good work! Open Minded goes deep and mental, 7am not a glow stick in sight:) Sharing Transparently brings more mental stuff. just cant go wrong w/ cristian right now. The Power Of Revival… i love this! great groove w/a soothing melody. just takes me away!! Made In Wishland is great tune … this groove is really infectious. sounds like something Fortier might play. Ultra Nate remixed by Cristian Paduraru is nice & deep.. Charted Excellent” Chris Viets (USA)

“Open Minded is a cute cut… good filler. If You Want is a Good driving house cut! Charted very good. Michael Brown aka DJ Miketbrown (USA)

“Made In Wishland is wonderful! Charted Very Good” Arturo Trujillo (Mexico)

“If You Want is cool progressive track! Charted Very Good” Hiromi Ogata aka DJ Hano (Tokyo, Japan)

“Crisp as fcuk ‘Unconditional Giving’ is ace of the spade!! no shi-hite!! What a lead!! denying aswell (4mins 9secs)!!! bABY-LISS” DJ Luke Benjamin (UK)

“I have your sharing confidence, sharing transparently, unconditional giving which are all amazing tracks.  You can tell by the organic sounds and even the titles themselves make a bold spiritual statement which definately draws in music listeners with spritual views. I love you music! Power of new beginnings – great atomospheric chill beat with a subliminal in your mind which allows listeners to journey into their thoughts. Born again – like this one because of the deep organic sound. He knows his creation – good dance groove, organic, definately have to have this one” Jason Hobbs (Chicago, USA)

“We pray for shalom and prosperity for Cristian & Erika and yours as well! This is a season of Harvest and Wisdom…” Out of The Box Joint Productions Staff (USA)

“Open Your Eyes is Great song! I enjoy most of the stuff Christian Paduraru comes out with  some nice solid stuff!   Makes me feels quite confident!” Jeff, Paul

“Nice mate! Love your stuff!!” Levi Seay (USA)

“Pentateuch is such a beautifull track! I love your style:) Also, Very nice relaxing track “Borderline”, especially vocal part. Enjoyed to the full” Break Beat Zone (Russia)

“I like the sharing track and the my freedom and absolutely love the mix of ultra nate! i’d definitely be able to play it out a lot..” Jim Masters (Cambridge, UK)

“The Power is Very Good, has some interesting sounds” Tiger Taylor

“I really like ur music” Marwan Elswaisy aka DJ Sewwes (Alexandria, Egypt)

“Really liked the track “The Edge”! I think that this is best one in my opinion. The sound is really clean and produced well aswell as having a cool groove running through it. Nice work mate keep it up, I look forward to hearing further tracks” Glenn Storey (UK)

“I liked your tracks and I’ll be incorporating it into a set” Geoff (Santiago, Chile)

“I would love 2 spread the word about your tracks! I play your music in clubs & push your quality music- it’s gotta be encouraged!” Frenchy (UK)

“A native of Romania, Cristian’s sound has spread like fire across the underground scene. Minimal, emotional, deep techno and house music for sweaty, intimate clubs is what his music represents. Cristian’s massive catalog of pure and exclusive productions are filling clubs with infectious melody and feeling. With his tracks being snapped up left and right by record labels everywhere, he is a future star in the making. A dance music prodigy” Donald Wilborn (Dallas, USA)

“Cristian Paduraru – The Power = Very Good, An original approach that really works” Frank Branker (Canada)

“Made In Wishland is nicely made:)” Truong Nguyen Huu (Canada)

“If You Want has nice layout, samples are nice, vocal is strong. Charted very good” Myk Okuma (Texas, USA)

“These tracks are beauties. I ll support them as much a i can, you have a wonderful taste in music and a variaty of styles that you produce, always solid!” Thomas Nastos (Greece)

“Big Trax! Good Work & Great Sound:) Big Respect” DJ Dandi & Ugo (Italy, Europe)

“Made In Wishland has nice synths and kick. Defenitely a track that must be played! Charted very good” Boris Gutierrez aka Boris Gluck (Washington DC, USA)

“Really cool tunes you make :-] Beautiful music! We love your sound Nick Adams & Pete Robinson aka BTJ (UK)

“Made In Wishland is such a smooth track” Craig Demott aka DJ Craig Demo (Miami, USA)

“If You Want is such a nice vocal, such quality with great stabs!! Charted very good” Taner Kanlier (Washington DC, USA)

“I just heard your remix of Segeke – Seven Stars Vibe and i must say it was one of my absolute fav tracks at the moment, sooooooooooo dark and twisted. kristian littmann dropped it in his podcast for frisky radio! He played it right after Robert Babicz – Markatech and the two tracks are just incredible back to back” Todd Smith

“I’d love to hear upcoming releases of yours, in fact I still listen to your first ones all the time, great stuff btw 😉 We’re interested in booking you! Your music go down like a bomb in Jersey” Adrian Troalic

“He Knows His Creation is so cool! Made In Wishland is a excellent track! Charted” Carlos Moreno aka Karlos M (Mexico)

“i was listening the track ´´the edge´´…..really cool!!!” Pedro Silva Nogueira

“Made In Wishland found nice vibe to this one. Good proggy sounds. Much variation the track has. Worth checking out” Ian Van Slyke aka Ian James (Atlanta, USA)

“Made In Wishland I love this man!!!!, what a very good works!!!” Jesus Fco. Puertas aka Curro Puertas (Spain)

“Your music it’s great, I’m sitting here groovin to it right now, I would like to feature it on my show Progressive Vibe:) The Power track derserves to be soon on vinyl, cause I want to get my hands on it in vinyl, so much fun…” Nigel

“Again superstuff. Nice to hear Jody Watley again. Played her stuff way back. I for sure will play it and will put up some links to your stuff” Ab van Haren aka DJ Aboriginal (NL, Europe)

“Thanks for Cristian Paduraru – The Edge track! Really very good production… it’s soo good!!! and very good October Chart…  i did look to beatport and see it!” Yalim Cengiz (Turkey)

“I’ve heard “The Edge” track and is def a floor rocker…” Ariel Araujo (Las Vegas, USA)

“Cant believe we hadnt hooked up b4 now:) Ur tunes are sound blindin as usual man, been following em for a long while now” Damien (Dublin, Ireland)

“If You Want is a wikkid track and Made In Wishland is a NICE TUNE! Charted both Excellent” Dee Bass (Canada)

“Made In Wishland is great driving beat, excellent for a club!! Charted Very Good” Dan Jovicic aka DJ Mute (Canada)

“He Knows His Creation is so wicked track!!! Keepem coming!!” DJ Dan Catron (Missouri, USA)

“Open Minded is Fantastic late night tech! Made In Wishland is Fantastic deep chuggy prog tech track. Creepy vox and driving bass! Great! Charted both Excellent” Jesse Wright (Topanga, CA, USA)

“If You Want track is Very Good” Graflin Booth (Memphis, TN, USA)

“Made In Wishland has very good groove! very cool! Charted” Hiromi Ogata aka DJ Hano (Japan)

“If You Want… Yes! I want! And now that I have it, I will play this out a lot. Really good! Charted Very Good:) Made In Wishland is a great tune and will work for sure! He Knows His Creation is another good one! I think i’m becoming a fan of Cristian Paduraru…” Harry Lemon aka Lemon 8 (Netherlands, Europe) http://www.djlemon8com

“Made In Wishland this track has a really nice and solid vibe to it.  Its a nice progressive feel that will mix nicely with more electro-like elements. I suspect this will be coming out of my crate a bit in the coming weeks” Steven Johnston aka DJ Science (Canada)

“Made In Wishland is the fine pumping and uplifting groove with prog influences. Thanks. Charted Very Good” Jacco Oude Kotte aka DJ Jacco At Work (Netherlands, Europe)

“Made In Wishland is very very good proggy in Paduraru Style! I Like it! Charted” Roberta Galvini aka DJ Onirika (Italy, Europe)

“I took a listen to the sample tracks on Juno’s website and I can honestly say that I really like all of them.  In particular, I think my favorite was “Unconditional Giving”.  I really liked the bassline on that track. There’s something I’d like to say about your tracks…it seems that you put a lot of heart into your music and really focus on delivering a quality sound.  I think it’s important (for a musician) to create a sound that is unique and representative of themself…not only create a “floorfiller anthem”. I also enjoy the minimal aspect that integrated into your tracks” Keith (Las Vegas, USA)

“If You Want has the groovy and funky tribal prog with some actually good female vocals!! Made In Wishland track is good track with super nice build and  fx around a techy bassline” Thomas Nastos (Greece)

“Made In Wishland is another good one Cristian.  Glad you got this out today.  This driving vibe is perfect for our set tonight!!! Charted very good” Mitch Law (Jersey City, USA)

“I play regularly all over the world and it’s a pleasure to support Cristian Paduraru, as i really love it’s music for early on” Glenn Morrison

“Your tracks are great:) I’m definetly representing your music in my area we love it:) I sent it to my friends and very good comments about it…bummer that your all booked!” Manuel Otis (Tijuana, Mexico)

“Deep and very funky with beautiful pads… and that sound in the background is super nice!” Alex Hall (Milwaukee, USA)

“Love your tunes!!! Really good stuff…you kick on dance music! I love Sharing Transparently…very good song. I will definitely play your stuff at my DJ gigs and possibly at the big one when I open for JunkieXL” Buckley (Las Vegas, Nevada, USA)

“The Power tracks are real deep tech tracks,liked them,seems the vox are from same girl,in my real oppinion is that they always can find some place in my sets. i`m spin them at frisky radio. i`ll write some bulletin about that. Everything is super with you friend” Vrcakovski Filip (Macedonia, YR)

“Not only did I enjoy your promo I LOVED the Birthday present (Sharing Confidence)! Thanks so much! I also enjoyed your top 10 list on Beatport. Yeah” Ray AKA Phatso (Washington, USA)

“Yes, yes, definitely interested in supporting your label and trax. I’m really digging Sharing Transparently a lot at the moment. And receiving new music is a blessing” Marc Allan (NY, USA)

“Cheers Cristian. Your tracks sound wicked. Looking forward to play em out. Thanks bro” Jeff Belfi

“Definetely will play your songs… love the “Revival” song!” Hardy Heller (Germany)

“Nice clean sound man! Really crisp and wide. What’s your secret? ;-)” DJ Bone (Detroit, Michigan, USA)

“Play your choons. Keep it up!” Peter (NL)

“I really like the Borderline mix, I’ll be playing that for sure. I played your mix of Ultra Nate – Love’s The Only Drug drug when I played WNYU in New York a few months back – it went over well, this sounds *really* good!” Matthew (Montreal, Quebec, Canada)

“Neica, misto productiile, as vrea sa ne cunoastem” Bogdan Manea (RO)

“Cristian, My friend you have done it again! I’m loving this music. Borderline. Dude. Genius. I’m a huge fan! Unconditional Giving = Awesome! What a beautiful track. As deeply as I love and support house, it’s just too rare to find an artist who inspires me. So for that I am deeply grateful. Keep it up!” Sunshine

“Great songs man, nice vocal and good arengement…Thanks!! Send whatever you make” Jason Lee Jazz aka Dj Guido Penno (Germany)

“Cristian, I’m putting you in the Summer Issue and there’s a piece on Jody Watley as well.  So this is perfect, thanks my friend” Charlote Morgan (Cleveland, Ohio, USA)

“You’re on my radio show (and live dj sets) top 10” DJ Deev (PT)

“Nice tunes! I play your songs in my radio show! I love paduraru Songs and the listener too” DHL (Germany)

“I have listen to your great tracks indeed love your style!!! Wisgh you colourful days i your Music journey! 😉 Peace,Love,Light” Dangel Aka Digital Angel (Belgium)

“thanks for sending. “borderline” sick sick vocal. very nice :)” saeed younan (USA)

“Great tunes..It will be my first play next week” Maarten Patrik (UK)

“I have enjoyed listening to your music!” Raquel Aurilia (USA)

“I must say that you do some amazing work in our world that we live in. Keep up the good work and Much luV” Daniel Brown (Ohio, USA)

“I’d love to hear some more of your stuff. I’ve heard the odd other release but Unconditional Giving just blew me away. Great work! I got the ones from – very nice. I especially enjoy the Jody Watley and Ultra Nate tunes. Rocking stuff!!” Rob Warner (New Zeeland)

“Im receiving beatufulls Paduraru promotions, i would to be included in your lists. Thank you very much!!” Ignacio Basualdo (Buenos Aires, AR)

“Beautiful tunes, i will play in my sets. keep it up for new materials” Elias Kfoury aka kbrothers (Lebanon)

“Great stuff; I am sure to play it this weekend! I want to see your name get out there too!” Levente (Hungary)

“Cristian! I really like your sound! It would be great if you could send me links to download your stuff (192kbps), so that i can play on my show:) Respect” Anna Maria Harokopou (Greece)

“I will spin your music in this Friday… (^O^)” Pakin Watthanawakin aka DJ Crybaby

“Hey man, i was Impressed with your music in Detroit, got you on and now i know where to download more tracks… yeee, way to go” Burley B (Lexington, Kentucky, USA)

“He is absolutely the coolest! nothing but love from cristian! and he makes the good music too. THANK YOU for your contribution. SHARE!” Jessica Saldana (USA)

“I def. support & play your housey/ techier tunes here in ATL on occasion – keep up the good work, friend!” Ryan Wofford (Atlanta, USA)

“The Power Of Revival” rockin tune! Both are great, will give both lots of plays…” Richie (UK)

“I am playing a BIG party in New York and those tracks will definitely make it to the party!!!!” Kenny Mitchell (NY, USA)

“Great tracks buddy! I like them much and will definitely play them early in my sets. Rock on buddy” Nino Buccilla aka Nino Anthony (Ohio, USA)

“I realy like the vocals on your tracks! Good song” Michel Anguelov aka Mikas

“Always excellent tunes from you. love the madonna remake :)” Todd Smith

“Brilliant! I will be playing a couple of your tunes next week live” Patrick Barnes aka Barnsy (UK)

“I have even to thank you for the great music you play: a genuine one, not only with the usual tracks played by superstar djs. go on with the good vibes  ;-)” Marco Brienza (CH, Europe)

“Wow, He Knows His Creation has great vibe….really groovy…clean transitions…good mastering! Charted=Excellent! Made In Wishland is very funky..a little techy but overall very progressive. Open Minded is soooooo Excellent… cris keepin it simple” Andre Castro aka Lifeform (Lisbon, Portugal)

“Open Minded is very nice to start a set…” Fernando Ortiz (Costa Rica)

“Charted: Very good! Minimal deepness” Sotiris Riniou aka Liquid Light from Blue Bass Records (Greece)

“I really dig your tracks” David Christopher (NY, USA)

“You are the man! “The Power Of Revival” suits my sets very well. Thanks again, I look forward to hearing more of your work in the future :)” David Stewart

“Printre singurii din Romania care fac o imagine buna afara la capitolul productie. Am vb cu destui .. si cand le spuneam ca sunt din romania ma intrebau daca te cunosc :). Cred k asta spune totul” Manole Andrei (Husi, Romania)

“Sharing Confidance is another exellent track by Cristian Paduraru!!! Exellent” Floy (France)

“I love “The Power of Revival” and will play this track in my future great live. Recently i’m fond of “Minimal Perspective”! It’s very good and i can’t play in my mix set. I will search to have “Minimal Perspective”” Thomas Vignost (France)

“I enjoy a lot your releases” Nuno Grenhas (Portugal)

“Great tracks my friend, your tracks always have a delicous low end, beautiful smooth kicks and basslines, percussion is the cherry on top! keep on making good tunes” Wayne Ellis-Lee

“There was one track that popped out of them and it was “the power of revival” funky but not too funky and nice vocals (i’m not such a vocallover, but this one I loved) I will defenitly play this one!!!” Bart Wijckmans aka DJ Xerox (Belgium)

“Thank you very, very much… your deep and minimal techhouse really
enligthens my day over and over again… keep them goodies comming” Dip Pie (Denmark)

“Nice work as USUALL! I’m downloading your tracks from now at 320 quality! You def got some dope tracks!” Rocztar (NY, USA)

“Love to supporting your music!” Nelson Moreira (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)

“Awesome!!” jcee (USA)

“Deep but funky! Beautiful tune! Very Good” Thomas Nastos (Greece) Freeze Magazine

“He Knows His Creation it´s very hypnotic! Good charted” Curro Puertas (Spain)

“Good” Sultan (Canada)

“Outstanding track. Nice crisp highs and deep bassline. The melodies are really nice as well, quite dreamy! Charted Excellent” Andrew Pacey (Canada)

“Damn you have done quite a lot already! I was surprised to find so many tunes mate 🙂 Very well done lot of varied stuff as well! Nice blend of different styles! I had a listen to some and I really like ‘He Knows His Creation’, ‘Recognized Trustworthy’, ‘Unconditional Giving’ and ‘Walk in the Light’. They have exactly that really warm feel I like so much 🙂 Especially Right Side Up, massive groove!” Eelke Kleijn (NL)

“Nice Electro! Charted Cristian Paduraru Very Good” DJ Pepe Camil (Mexico)

“Excellent! Charting you” Will McGlone (Tennessee, USA)

“He Knows His Creation tt is deep sound. I like it. Very Good” DJ Hano (Tokyo, Japan) Bounenkai

“Nice, haunting track with enough techy sounds to keep things interesting” Megan Long for Spesh (SF, USA)

“Cristian Paduraru is my favourite remixing. Nice!” Sniper (Mexico)

“I like the versatility of this. Pitched down, could do well for dowt temp sets. I’d be careful which prog floors I play to would get this without the right intro track” Brian Ess (United States)

“This is more of a rework than a remix but I love the distortion on the main riff as it adds a grittier edge to the slickness of the original. Although similar to the original in overall atmosphere this is a great alternative to play out! Very Good” Grid System (United Kingdom)

“Love this guy’s (cp) stuff – definitely a cut above your standard progressive fare! Very Good” Chris Viets (United States)

“I play out a lot your stuff and do a lot of underground parties, bars, clubs, i have been rocking “…creation” and “sharing …” tracks at the underground parties” Lachlan Scotland (California, USA)

“Very nice… keep’em comin” Ebbers (Tokyo, Japan)

“Big fan of CP mixes! Very Good” Monty Q (USA)

“You ARE the best Cristian! I’m playing The Power of Revival tonight at Blowfish LA for sure. Perfect fit” Attila Adam (LA, USA)

“Love Cristians stuff!! Cool, techy electro house!! and this could be one of his best tracks yet. thanks very much. Charted Excellent” Derek Taylor (United Kingdom)

“I really like The Power of Revival – very cool and very funky” Ben aka Royal Sapien (USA)

“Really nice rmx. Strong early on or late night track. Charted very good!” Bill from (United States)

“The tracks sound wicked. Looking forward to trying em out” Jeff Belfi

“I will be promoting these tunes over the next few weeks!!!” Damien Battisson aka Damien Spencer (England)

“Jody Watley & Cristian Paduraru – Borderline it’s a really cool track, i love it and i ll program it on my future podcast on radio!!” Denis aka Global Tekno Concept (France)

“I like The Power Of Revival very much, Good stuff!” Neil F (UK)

“Very good beat, will give some balls to the dancefloor, will get play. You are one of the hardest working names in the biz! Keep up with the awesome music in the new year!” Eli Rudenick aka Elroy (United States)

“I have to say you write great tracks and are very professional” Curt Long (USA)

“I do represent you in buenos aires. Love & Thanx” Fabian Reccia

“Excellent! Charted 😉 Outstanding track. Nice crisp highs and deep bassline. The melodies are really nice as well, quite dreamy” Andrew Pacey (Canada)

“Reaction: Excellent! Best production I heard from Cristian Paduraru for a while and he knocks them out at a fair old rate. Props! Charted” Marcus Wortley (United Kingdom)

“You’re tracks have not only moved me but everyone who I have had the pleasure of playing them to on the dance floor. I hope that my station with move people in the same way you’re music has moved me and everyone I have played them out to” James Burnham (UK)

“I Love All Your Tracks!!” Shigeki Tamura aka Segeke (Japan)

“I appreciate the productions and will be supporting release the pressure ;)” Jason Hill aka Kinetic (UK)

“I’ve been digging “Sharing Transparently”.  It’s a nice groover that has been doing well at my club night, Basic, and Avalon” John Do (LA, USA)

“Id love too fully suport your music/lable in my area on your up and coming tracks” Dave Kellett aka DJ Dave K (NY, USA)

“Ive got quite a few of your tunes, and your new stuffs cool, i bought one of your tracks the other day” DJ Dave Kellett (Madchester, UK)

“As I think U are very talented artist and very into new modern way to distribute music, I want to give you the opportunity to do an interview for my mag focusing in what you do” Dax (Italy)

“I’m really digging your sounds. Tomorrow, I’ll be heading to the music festival in canada with a group of friends. I’ll be thinking of you and sending good vibes. I’m even burning a cd of your stuff so we have some nice tunes to jam out during the drive. Man, be good, lotsa love”  Marc Allan aka Dj Buoy (NY, USA)

“I love your chart! I really believe the internet is the way to get connected to so much wonderful music. I have really enjoyed so many of your tracks since I started getting your emails.  Thank you!  Keep up the great work” Anne O’Neil aka Dj Muse (Boston, USA)

“I like your prods!! i just bought “dj friendly metro vibe” & “most wanted minimal groove” …. both are great trax!! well done!! i wish to hear you playing in switzerland!!” Herve aka Dj Dub (Geneva, Switzerland)

“I played your music last weekend in 2 clubs” Kornel (Hungary)

“Your remix of Ultra Nate is just wonderfull. I love Ultra Nate voice and tracks, and your remix with a taste of deep with progressive is just perfect. congratulations! I will wait for more promos and tracks like that one 😉 Its great to see someone that stills loves music in the purest way”  Ricardo Rodrigues aka Dj Squeezer  (Oporto, Portugal)

“I like your tracks, you have a good sound” system audio (scotland)

“I bought The Tired Perfectionism from, can’t seem to stop playing it, awesome track!” Mark (UK)

“Beautiful, euphoric and minimal. Tech house the way it should be! Get on it people. Love this! Absolutely breathtaking!” (Australia)

“i listened to Sharing Transparently last night….super super clean production….very impressed….it was very dancy which i like, and vocal sniipits were great! nice job man….saw you on beatport, im looking at your song, #1 on the tech house charts, frickin rad dude…..congrats, keep rockin it” Lachlan Scotland (California, USA)

“If you send us the upfront releases of your music label we would happily represent your label here in Hungary. Goldfish is also quite occupied here doing shows all around the country and we both like your music quite much, this way your music can reach a big and various audience here …” Zsolt and Goldfish (Hungary)

“Just wanna say that I love your “Sharing Transparently” track, been playing it every chance I get to” Joe Cozzi

“Full support chris , i always hammer your stuff in my sets , keep them tunes commin” Dj Hassan (Jordan)

“I’ve been rinsing Pentateuch and Release The Comfort in my sets lately! Loving them both! Keep up the good work :)” Andrew

“Ready to promote your quality music and pass the tunes on to the other djs on the station and get your tunes some airplay” Peter P (Indonesia)

“i like your music a lot! and will surely play some of your tracks in
my sets!! i appreciate any upfronts you can send me!!” Craig aka Dj Coldring (Tokyo, Japan)

“I like Cristian’s style!” Raff A from T-Quest Crue (Sydney, Australia)

“Saw rec. party yesterday in my club with Satoshi and Hector…4000 people! Delirium! I was supporting your music with pleasure…you’re into the sound :)” Dario Lotti (Italy)

“He’s f…ing wicked at mastering. I heard “The Tired Perfectionist” played at stealth in notts, and on that funktion one system, it was the most perfect thing I’ve ever heard!! I’m loving the stuff he’s been putting out”

“Liking your tracks on your Where can i get those?” Paul Thomas (UK)

“Im working on a new CD and bought your “He Knows His Creation ” track from Thanks for this music…im think its going to make its way into my new demo” Lachlan (California, USA)

“Yes my my friend I’ve been following your work and, congratulations! Amazing sounds” Kaluk (Bogota, Columbia)

“All your promos are fantastic. It’s not only the music and the beets, but the lyrics are quite inspiring as well. “My freedom” is definitely something I need to hear now. “He knows his creation” still stays as my favorite one. Thank you. God bless you” Matina Caran (Zabreb, Croatia)

“I think all your tunes are very well made, diverse and individual. As soon as I hear anything by you I instantly recognise your unique sound…ahh, this is Cristian PADURARU…! I have bought most of your tunes and use them in my mixes with much respect and gratitude. Not that I want to lick your arse or anything, I just know talent when I hear it and that is definately what you have mate. Keep up the good work and I look forward to all your future productions with anticipation!” Dj Zcoda (UK)

“I love what you make for my ears. Thank you for that. Your new promo is of course, amazing. Good work. I really wish that I can see you play sometime. WMC next year perhaps? Or else you could make a special trip to Minneapolis, MN or I could also drive to Chicago . 😛 Just keep making the tracks that make me move” Miss Britta (Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA)

“I like all your tracks earlier from your tech-prog production time…seems they can find place somewhere in my sets. i spin different music from you (progressive house electro)” Vrcakovski Filip (Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic)

“I like everything that you are doing and all that you stand for. It is absolutely wonderful how you produce your own tracks, and even better that you display talent in your diversity of styles. I will surely be mixing your music to the masses here in Charlotte, NC. I have been waiting for the day for God to truly be represented in dance music, and it seems you are one of the first” Jason aka Dj Fotizo (Charlotte, North Carolina, USA)

“i like your stuff, i always play your tracks, realy i like them but really loves confidance on the dancefloor this tracks have more minimal grooves i love them, too developing creativity, it have the classical paduraru sound, like he knows his creation, light or darkness is good too, i like the bassline. count with me for anything” Manuel (Lima, Peru)

“I like your music very much!! Keep up the good work :)” Packo Gualandris (Luxembourg)

“I’ve enjoyed alot of your work. Most of your music is what i envisioned to be in my mixes. It was hard not to buy every song cause they fit so perfect. Great work” Michael Manzella (California, USA)

“I listened some of your tracks @ I like them a lot” Dave Dekeyser aka Elletric Dave (Antwerpen, Belgium)

“I have listened to your music and like it very much…very dark and deep. I am downloading your mix right now” Evey Styles (Alberta, Canada)

“I love all your underground music and i’ve heard alot about you from other people saying how good your music is so i will keep visiting your page” Digital Invader (UK)

“I hear your tracks,congratulations,really good sound,I love Sharing!” Dario Lotti (Italy)

“Yeah man loved the developing creativity track. Played it on my radio show:) Loving your stuff at the moment. Keep it coming” Andrew aka XI (Essex, UK)

“Very good sound, love it” Asla (Paris, France)

“I bought your Grateful Seeker EP from, I really like it! Well done 🙂 Thanks for the music! 🙂 ” Mark Sun (London, UK)

“I like it!! I always use 1-2 of your tracks in my sets… ;)” Cory B (Yugoslavia)

“I did enjoy your new promo” Grant (Australia)

“Great profile, Respect! Sound great. In Belgium you are welcome to visit us @ our headquarters of rainbowmode it will be a pleasure for us..!:) Wish you colourful days in your musical journeys!! Your rock! Peace,Love,Light” Dangel Aka Digital Angel (Belgium)

“I did check out your tracks though… super nice stuff man. Keep it up” Nino Anthony (Ohio, USA)

“I love your music. For real. You are always on the wave… Anytime you wish to send me some tracks to make one new release on deeplydeep just ask me. Compliments for the release on night-drive music !! EXCELLENT ! I really admire you !” Mitch (Italy)

“Congrats for all your wonderful tunes! I’m searchin’ on Beatport your tracks, I would like to buy some of them so I can play them in my djset” Wivian Armando Iacobucci aka Barry Blade (Italy)

“Awesome track!!! Love your music, got me dancing all round my house!!!” Susan (New Jersey, USA)

“Cristian Paduraru has established himself in the electronic music scene with countless high quality productions. Now he’s offering “Releasing the Pressure” as a free download for your enjoyment. Check out the intriguing sounds and funky rhythm as this track progresses and takes you to a higher frequency” Eddie Babbage (USA)

“Cristian Paduraru provides us with his August Top 10 exclusively on Trackitdown! As a purveyor of quality house, lounge and trance music, his Christian Records label has been one of the most popular on Trackitdown for some time. With a varied selection of tracks on offer here, this Top 10 bundle is perfect for those looking for a real diversity in a Top 10!” Olly (UK)

“Hey Cristian, i need to thank you for the pleasure you have given me over the last couple of months. I only discovered you this year in march and i have to say you are a genius!!! So many immense tunes, all different styles. “Bold to Sacrifice” has a stunning melody, “What’s Your Vision” has a gorgeous breakdown towards the end of the track” Graham Murdoch (Scotland)

“I just listen to your tracks and they’re great!” Ben aka Pussyselektor (France)

“I just visite your site and i like your sound” Erwin aka Dj Opaque (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

“Niceeeeeeee” John O’Callaghan (Ireland)

“Yeah! You rock bro… I’ve got If You Want and Step Forward! Much Love to ya.. and keep doing what your doing.. Cause im rocking out with your mind blowing Tracks” Roger Palmerin (San Francisco, USA)

“Congrats on making it on someone’s tracklist. Getting your own material played in a live set let alone labled is an accompishment in itself, but to have yourself listed so openly advances your career on a grand scale” Bobby Ballistic (Missouri, USA)

“I forgot to thank you for the tracks on my birthday! I really like your style.I play `Sharing’ a lot at gigs.excellent! I will continue to make sure and let people know that you produced them..are you selling them anywhere?” Dennis the Menace

“Have really being enjoying your “developing creativity” track, picked it up off Resonant Vibes!  Nice Work” Matt Terrey (New Zeeland)

“Still loving your stuff. I’m playing a warm up set and i’ll be dropping at least one of your tunes then:) I haven’t got all of yours but most. My favourite so far is renewal chance!!” Jon (London, UK)

“I want to u come to venezuela to play, really i like u music…” Gustavo (Venezuela)

“This track is nice: Cristian Paduraru – Developing Creativity NICE atmosphere, GOOD VIBE…” Chlo‚,

“Love your tracks on !! Great sound” (Houston, USA)

“You’re my star, man – I can’t believe you have such talent!!! That new track of yours really rocks – I mean, “The Edge”. Also, what will be the future of the “For Believers” track – IT’S HUGE – I THINK IT’S SIMPLY SMASHING!!!!!” Ivan aka d-phrag (BG)

“Good track & good job cristian” Xavier Dertil (France)

“Very good release. I like all songs , especially “Developing Wishes”, the one i like the least is “Feed Your Brain” I got very good feedback from other dj’s and friends” Fabrice De Kimpe (Belgium)

“Enjoy yer stuff and have played some on the radio in the past few months” Prosper Prodaniuk (Canada)

“I love those instrumental deep techie things you do” Lennart Just Kisum Krarup (Ibiza, Spain)

“Keep up the good work! I really this track: Accepting The Differences” Niels Modderkolk (NL)

“Let me tell you, i like your music, i’m a christian and i looking for your techno, minimal music” Sergio Mejia (Torreon, Mexico)

“Hey Cristian… thanks for finding me! really enjoy your stuff and i’m glad to hear that you like what we are doing with out of analog, please add me to your mailing list…” Brian Meryweather (USA)

“Cristian is awesome, really like his stuff! Any dj’s around should check this out, I’m on his promo list and he keeps surprising me over and over with the quality of his releases! This guy is on fire at the moment, really loving his stuff” Chris Palmer, Retraspekt (Africa)

“GR88888888888 stuff!! I mostly enjoy though ur “Open Your Eyes” & “Revival Changes”  Luv Tender aka Konstantinos Tryferos (Greece)

“I liked very much your dj sets!! You are very gentle and i like so much your productions like “developing creativity” !!!” Giorgio Viva (Italy)

“I really like some of your tracks a lot. I used the My Freedom last weekend and the crowd seemed to dig it quit well!” Alfred (NL)

“I like the songs a lot!! Nice elements!! You will definitely have my support !!:)” Jovanis Hadjiandreou

“I recently heard your productions, made some purchases on Beatport and was looking to contact you.  Light or Darkness is a fav of mine and will likely be on my next promo release (as well as in the line up at my next gig in NYC)” Mitch (NY, USA)

“Really like the ‘Accepting The Differences’ one, reminds me a bit of dubby deep tech house and a bit reggae-ish to! Developing Wishes: nice track for summer evenings at the beach” Frederik Borgesius (NL)

“Great tracks… :o)” Richie Robinson (UK)

“Im totally in love with “He Knows His Creation* sooooooooooo nice:) WOW is all i have to say cosmogirl* keep up your amazing work! Your fan:” Sue Chaunt

“Your work really rock dude” Ariel Curtis (Argentina)

“I am very thankful to you, all tracks are amazing! I am going to include your songs in my sets:-) Beautiful works mate, keep going and very thanks” Fabian Pravisan (Argentina)

“cristian magic man…” Georgios Glouftsis (Germany, EU)

“The tracks are hot. I like the simple sounds, drums and programming. this might work as warm up or peak hour tracks on the floor as well. Feel free to send me in future any of your tracks for testing out i really I like your sound” Chris

“Awesome track! I will include some of your tracks on upcoming mixes and charts. Hassan and I will work on maybe hosting you here in Jordan. That would be really nice!” Wajih Halawa (Jordan)

“Really appreciate your music and support through all the usual channels” Aya (UK)

“I love to support them in my charts, club sets and my radio shows…. please also keep me up to date with all you new releases…” Dean Facer

“honestly paduraru is a brilliant producer. those promos sound cool” Rashaad Essop

“Developing Wishes is great! thnx a lot, will play this! :)” Gerardo Boscarino (Argentina)

“Been looking to get Sharing Transparently. Great work” Sam Gan aka Dj Blueshift (USA)

“Just wanted to say hello, and great job on your recent productions… very intelligent.  it’s nice to here productions that make the mind work” Ryan Farrant

“Ur sounds respected here in India spinin @ a bar here in delhi 😉 many tracks are in my reocrd box i have some sound by u that has touched me…” Ignatius Camilo aka Dj Iggy (India)

“Would love to receive your new mix. the swiss partygeneration like your tracks very much! and me too ;-)” Borris Muri (Switzerland)

“I spun quite a few of your mixes at the Playboy mansion afterparty this last weekend.  I had people asking who did the tracks” Beale (Fullerton, California)

“Been loving your tracks for a while now bro…keep it up!” Mundia Miles

“Playn them in Lithuania mostly on every party :)” Uncle Roll (Lithuania)

“I like Developing Wishes & Light or Darkness. Those two will fit right into my mixes. ;)” Federico Giust

“i love the ultra nate mix. her voice always rocks and i love the ol skool feel you give to this one. very nice” ede aka new era (Providence, Rhode Island, USA)

“Always To The Top Boy!” Lorenzo Acler aka Dj Loce (Italy)

“Love’s The Only Drug” is a good sounding track… well produced and plenty of deepness energy. I like it and I spinning it. Cheers!!! 🙂 “Accepting The Differences” is a good track too… with deep trip feeling… Nice work!!! “Sharing Transparently” is a really good track… with more energy. “My Freedom” is a deep train of FREEDOM… Nice Song!!! 🙂 Charting: Yes, Reaction: Good” Sergio Matina (Milan, Italy)

“For the future and for us is always a pleasure receive your news and promote your music with our Radio and Charts” Danilo D’Andrea (Italy)

“A amazin job man, excelents sounds!!” Fabian Pravisan (Argentina)

“Elou Cristian, Good job! Respect, I am waiting for mooreeee :)” W Elster (Poland)

“LOVE this digital promo release… very much favour your music – makes me happy !!” Dip Pie

“I and the city of Cleveland really love Developing Wishes :)” Chris Eberhart

“I liked Developing Wishes a lot” Geoff Hendricks

“Wow, is there a free promo? 🙂 Your tracks are fantastic” Kimmo Rinta-Pollari

“I’m really liking these tracks your doing. I will make sure it gets some air time ;-)” Greg Shaw (UK)

“Hey Cristian, here from argentina, im always suporting you, i would like to have somo promo copys, to play at the local club! hugs dude, peace!!” Ianiv Lutzker aka Dj Lutzker (Argentina)

“Diggin your productions.  I’d love a digital promo of your new one” Jay Prouty (Boston, USA)

“Congratulations mate! I wish you and your wife all the best” Tom Gillieron (UK)

“Love your productions man, have been using them in my sets on Proton Radio and at my live gigs here in the states since January when I first caught wind of you. Excellent stuff! I truly enjoy “The Power of Intimacy” , “Spring Refresh” and “Developing Creativity” such good music man. Would love to continue to support your music and push your sound here in the states…keep those tracks coming! Look forward to hearing…” Andres Escallon aka Dj Dres (Boston, USA)

“Thanks for all the lovely music” Adam aka Marcus Wortley or Paper Samurai

“I love your music” Sunshine

“Brilliant release! you got the description spot-on, and this is just what i’m feeling these days. wouldnt mind spinning this for a few” Moeed M

“Sounds good” jcee

“Already bought Developing Wishes and love it. played it 3x’s this past weekend at diff gigs” Joshua Binczak (USA)

“I’d love to put this on over the weekend!” Tony Aggro (London, UK)

“I really enjoy your work, and will always support surely, i really appreciate all the time and effort you put into your music” Hasan Hijjawi aka Dj Hassan (Jordan)

“Thnx bro! Thats sweet 🙂 Im downloading them now, Ill probably get the chance to play a track at my next gigs. Im throwing a really cool party in a few weeks also” Peetz (DE)

“Thanks u for your art! we love that…sharing greetings…” Pablo R. Rebora

“You are cool, you need to get on a good label that will invest in you, keep up the great work” Robert Blair

“Nice one…” Seth Nichols (Indianapolis, USA)

“I enjoy supporting an artist who interacts with his fans this way! The extra tracks are perfect” Jon Irons

“Very often i hear your music while working 🙂 THANKS….great stuff!!!” Rocco The Mime (Berlin, Germany)

“Was listening to your tracks on “Light or Darkness” and “Developing Wishes” are really good pieces of music! Love them. Keep on doing quality progressive :)” Simuck (LT)

“I like your productions, so i want to keep supporting you, tell me waht do you think, and i can send you a chart of traks that i love from you men, so i can put them on some monthly set or at the local club here in Argentina, hugs and regards!!” Ianiv Lutzker (Argentina)

“Love your newsletters, and your work” Martijn Severens (NL)

“Yo C, Hit us with that full tracks man..” LeRon & Yves Eaux

“I’ve listened your last production and I liked it very much, expecially for “Developing Wishes” and “Unconditional Giving”. It’s a very good job! I like your style: I’ve also inserted some of your tracks in some of my last dj sets. Continue in this way!” [ita]lian Dj

“Really would love to hear the new Paduraru experience! Shouts from Madrid!” Simon Garcia aka Simon & Shaker (Madrid, Spain)

“Hey, i really like both tracks, really nice job!!!!! congrats my friend!” Pablo Roma (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

“U know I wanna hear this joint!!” Sammy Acosta (Tampa, USA)

“Amazing tunes bro.. very very interesting… accepting the differences and sharing confidance is off the hook… keep it up” Morad Kalice (Jordan)

“I like your Style” Amir (Germany, Europe)

“I always play ur breaks track Pentateuch” Ceasar K

“Hello! I really like your music:)” Jovanis Hadjiandreou

“Nice new stuff. Good funky basslines. Keep em comin!” Britta Puppe

“Ello ello! 🙂 Thanx for all the lovely music!” Lars Nyhus (Germany, Europe)

“I like the beats im hearing they move my cortex properly! Respect from a Jungle head who grew up on House…” Joshua Damon aka Helixsquared

“Letters From The Edge reminds me of those early years when twin peaks and the X-files where on TV… great stuff” Ronald Lemmers (NL, Europe)

“I tried some of your tracks and really like your work. There is no doubt you have a good style and i like it. I’m buying some tracks at as well” Juan Pablo Villalobos

“Love your production, Developing Creativity and Unconditional Giving are two of my fave tracks at the moment” Todd Smith

“Your productions are fantastic, very phat basslines and flowing rhythms!” Dj Roland aka Ro Lo

“I was checking out Christian Records on and was very impressed. I was wondering what is your guys’ mission with this record company? This sounds really cool. I like the concept behind it. Mastering mastering:). I also liked the definition of how they used mastering…good way to look at things” Joshua Laya aka Dj Faith  (Jerusalem)

“Your a true STAR, we really appreciate the fact that a dj of your quality is willing to share your music with us, we will definately play them at our next night. check it
out its not long now untill our launch party” James Farr (UK)

“I like 🙂  will put this in my playlist” Neil. F

“I absolutely love the sound of the CD, especially If You Want! I am looking to play it at Turnmills when I warm up the main room” Justin Atkinson

“Great work as usual (like I told you on, I’m a big fan!). Keep up the good work. This is like John Digweed back to back with Carl Cox or like Deep Dish’s proghouse sounds featuring Josh Wink’s techno rhythms – I LOVE that statement” Ahmad Kawas

“Dude this great work… good tunes…” Joop (Holland, Europe)

“Loved your born again track…. and offcourse yer accepting the difference track….” Jon F (Markveien 1, 0554 Oslo, Norway)

“I LOVE your vibe.  Very very nice.  I’d love to know more about you :)” Harvey Banning aka Dj Harv (Wilmington, Delaware)

“You realy make it sound unbelievable and a must to hear” Lee-Ann (Africa) @

“I think that your sound is very good and some tunes are Monster Tunes! I would be a pleasure for me to promote your Stuff in my Shows” hyline (DE)

“Playing Cristian Paduraru – Born Again regularly (hehe)… the new tracks can trully find some place in my sets..keep up the great work” Vrcakovski Filip aka Flopo or Digital Toxic (Skopke, Macedonia)

“One word for you EXCELLENT! I shall play this evening at my 2 gigs” Brysie (UK)

“Wicked, thanks Christian. :)” Michael Tomaselli

“It would a big honor to work with you one day, i like your music and also im sure you have a great character (that reflects on your music)” Billy Mcbee

“You’re good man 🙂 Keep it up! I play your stuff now it’s right in my zone … Thanks Man” Alex Barnette (USA)

“I will be glad to include Developing Wishes in my next set – pretty phaaaaat track!!! You never cease to impress me with your multifaceted musical talent!!!” Ivan aka d-phrag (BG)

“Cristian, you are great!! I love your music, congratulations for your work!!” Jorge Madden aka DJ MaddenMAn (Barcelona, Spain)

“Top marks for the new track ‘Developing Creativity’. Will definitely be playing this out on sunday in the UK and putting it on my new promo mix” Ryan Gibson (UK)

“Feeding Your Brain” is the very best of all for me! “Developing Wishes” is also a great track! They’re all good i think the most important things for me are that the title of the track has message SENSE and that the track is a heavy bass also great” Xenex (Austria)

“Wow, loved the “loves the only drug” the sound quality is far better then some of the previous recordings. I also love the feel of your music. Its quite unique and fresh, especially the drum lines. Though I like the new mellower and more soulful edge you’ve taken with your music lately too. I’d say super-uber props on the new mastering. I love how glitchy and acidic your songs are, while retaining a deep feel, deffinaltly think we need more production  of the like, and also more of the same tekky feeling songs but with deep,  thick rooling bass and spacy bleeps =) Every time I hear your stuff it just keeps gettin better. Keep up the good work and thanks for creating =)” Vidas (Oregon, USA)

“Have just downloaded your “letters from the edge”. I can’t rave enough of how much it is an amazing track!!!!!!!! Absolute blinder there! Touched the inside of me. Being played on Sat. Hope they like it as much as i do. It’s on at work, home, car and now in my head…Keep ’em coming! If anyone gets the chance to, DEFINATELY download this track. It’s on and it will not dissapoint” Adam Hunter (UK)

“Loooove your music sounds great, please keep sending promos mate, u r doing awesome” Ricky Ryan (Argentina)

“This is an amazing work Cristian, all my best wishes for you! Your music keep growing!” Seba D’Pietro aka Dj 7 (Argentina)

“Damn great work my respect!!!” Alan Martinez (UK)

“Nice work your “Fired Up World (Emotional House)”… good sound… VERY COMPLIMENTS!!! For me is a pleasure recieved the MP3 high quality, insert them in my RADIO SHOW & LIVE SETs” Sergio Matina (Italy)

“Great tracks! You are very talented and diversified with ur styles! Very nice and deep man.” Samer Salhab aka DJ Samer (CA)

“Haha!! woooohooo!!!! yayaya!!!! wow!!! what AN AMAZING TALENT we got here!!!!! “the power of intimacy” is a verrrrryyyy niiceee track!! well done cristian ….. continue your great work:D” Francois P aka Dj Jim Star (Quebec, CA)

“The Power Of Intimacy” is mo-fo-keying ace al-so!! DJ Luke Benjamin (UK)

“Cristian is so talented. Someday I’ll be spinning nothing but my own tracks, hehe. Very true Darin. I’m sure this set pumping out is purely Christain’s own Material. Which i have come to like since spotting his stuff over a 18 months ago. Lovely early set warm up stuff, just what the doctored ordered. I will be buying more of his material in the future. Hard not to know Christain now, as his muzik is in just about every download outlet going…” Darin Epsilon & Sasha Le Monnier (USA)

“Great work on ‘Love’s The Only Drug’ and ‘Accepting The Differences’! ‘Love’s The Only Drug’ is deep and sexy with all the right elements and ‘Accepting The Differences’ puts people right where they need to be! Awesome work once again, keep it up! ;)” Josh Parra (USA)

“Mastering Edition sounds good to me. Love your tech house” Andrew Mark Slater (Lancashire, UK)

“Cristian Paduraru gr9 romanian artist! Minimal Perspective (Original) its def HOT!” Matt Josh & Wayne Michael (Boston, USA)

“Played a couple of your tracks this past holiday weekend and people loved you stuff… the one I remember that stood out was “Express Yourself” Demetri Nocturnal (Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA)

“I look your production in the, very cool sounds. Congratulations !!! Thanks my friend !!!” Johnny Trainotti (Brasil)

“Dj-Friendly Mastering Album: Love it” Geoff Davis (London, UK)

“He Knows His Creation: Ill be happy to put it on my next demo thats going out…lots of good San Franscico response….” Lachlan (SF, USA)

“LOVE your promo mixes! Very much appreciated, the tracklisting looks spot on:) Keep up the good work hombre” Olli Wilson (Alicante)

“Look’s cool…” Luis Ramirez aka Dj Persona (Texas, USA)

“Sounds great and really promissing!” Bernd Niedergesaess (Hamburg, Germany)

“I love your tracks” Curly (Goleta, California, USA)

“Can I get the digital promo? Love the tracks!” Mike DiRocco (New York, USA)

“‘Light Or Darkness’ indeed is a Supertrack Cristian! Full support from lessismorecordings!!!” Michiel aka mbc (Einhover, NL)

“Thanks for all the promos you have sent me in the past – they have gone down well at previous gigs and at Casafunk – the fans love it !!! I hope your keeping well? – all the best from myself and the Casafunk team” Mark Hobson aka Dj Mark Masters (UK)

“I downloaded your promo i beleve it was a pod cast and i had a listen to it the other day. Its INTERESTING, good and interesting, it has some UNIQUE sound to it. Look forward to hearing MORE” Matt (Land O Lakes, Florida, USA)

” I just checked out your tracks…they are all awesome my favs would have to be “The Power Of New Beginings” and “He Knows His Creation”.  Awesome work man, keep it up! Pleased to meet you, have a great day!” Garon aka  DJ Slick G (Hoffman Estates, Illinois, USA)

“I did enjoy your Promo, and I also enjoyed a mix of yours I downloaded from the DSI website” Darren aka Dazzaman (Kent, UK)

“Your great records (im listening right now 🙂 ) i’m so thankfull for the tracks! ill play your record on my next gig :)” Eric Siebert aka psybird (Germany)

“Souds great, Cristian” Arjan Writes (Atlanta, USA)

“Reaction: Cristian Paduraru – The Power Of Intimacy is great!! Cristian Paduraru – Unconditional Giving is excellent and my favourite mix:) Two slightly different tracks here and I prefer Unconditional Living and will give this one a spin on the radio show. Marks out more of 10: 7.5/10” Jamie Jay (UK)

“I bought few music of you like accepting the differences or born again and more recently, “he knows his creation”. I like your music, if you want to send me a promo” Olivier Chassan (Mireval, France)

“I really like your work, so would love to take you up on your offer for some tunes! 🙂  Thanks for your kind gesture” Grant (Australia)

“Absolutely love it! Just to let you know i’ve downloaded “letters from the edge” and it’s going to be played on Saturday night. Loving the track!” Adam Burt (UK)

“I’m a big fan of ur work Cristian and have heard the sample. Great work, very minimal techy stuff but love the sounds you make. Keep up the good work” samlbronkowitz (Beirut)

“This material is pretty good” David from Indie Islands & DreamStar Music (USA)

“I’ve been following your music a lot lately. It’s nice to see another Romanian making such great music!” DJ Raul (Canada)

“Wow Cristian, you pegged my style – i love all your tracks. it’s simple enough to build on, but not too monotonous..that is has soul, drive, clear concise percussion but nothing too forceful. i love rhodes and/or anything that gives warmth to a track, and all of the material you linked to was all of that.  i’m really impressed!!” Calamity Jane (San Francisco, USA)

“Great tunes!” Sam Gan aka DJ Blueshift (Pennsylvania, USA)

“I used one of your tracks in my new mix for Radio. `Unconditional Giving’. Thanks for the cool tracks, look forward to your future work” Paul Blagay (Salt Lake City, Utah, USA)

“I’m listening you album and I think it’s verry good sound:) Good job!” Xavier (Dunkerque, France)

“I just listened to your song “Born Again,” dude, its pimp! I’m loving your minimalistic style you got going there. I’ll be checkin out more as I get time at work” Jeff Andvik

“Listening to your music is great! Cristian Paduraru accelerate…” Kenji Siratori (Japan)

“I will be doing a new mix soon and will include some of your work on it:) Thanks for the tracks. They are both wicked!” Kenny Clark (UK)

” Hi Cristian 🙂 We have always a space for you on Magma 🙂 The support i guaranteed on Magma! Cristian Paduraru, you are great person!!” Massimo (Italy)

“Thanks for the tracks, good ones :)” Claudio Damian Di Pascuale aka Damian DP (Lanus Oeste, Buenos Aires, Argentina)

“I really like “the grateful seeker”. Would work perfectly as a warm up for a headliner in the very beginning of a set. Keep up the sweet tracks and looking forward to hearing more from you” Chris Luzz

“Your last trackss are amazing….definitely awesome job!  Keep up the awesome work, would love to get some of your hot tracks into a future mix” Garon aka DJ Slick G (Chicago, Illinois, USA)

“I’ve been playing your music for a while now. Keep up the good work” Jay Grant (Birmingham, UK)

“I really like your tracks, especially He Knows His Creation, Sharing Confidance, The Power Of New Beginings, Unconditional Giving, Sharing Transparently” Franck de Villeneuve (France)

“Just had a listen to your tracks on Juno and I really like them! I will definitely play your tunes out!  :-)” Dan Horne (London, UK)

“I dig your tracks. Thanks for lettin me peep em” Paris Minzer (Los Angeles, USA)

“We really like your music and enjoyed it a lot! ‘The Autumn Breeze Session’ will be broadcasted… Thanks a lot for your good music:)” Marco Brienza (CH)

“I’d love to hear what you have, I’ll be looking forward to listening to your tracks” Daniel Rosanova aka DJ Nova (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA)

“I’ve heard your tracks on and hope a great future 4 you!the first track is the one i liked the most, great energy!!!”

“Very Nice Tracks ;)” Dj Murphy (Sao Paolo, Brazil)

“The production is excellent and i have already played the first two tunes you sent links to out! The response was VERY positive. I had noticed through my daily juno emails that they are available online, and i appreciate getting the chance to preview and play them out prior to them going on sale:) Attending Fat Boy Slim’s Rockness Festival on the shore of loch ness in my native Scotland. i will be djing later at an after party, rest assured they’ll hear Cristian Paduraru at the party” Peter Collins (UK)

“Thanks for getting in touch” Chris Ellis (San Francisco, USA)

“Lovin’ the grooves… can’t get enough!” Galit Erez (Oakland, California, USA)

“Born Again is an absoluetly fantstic tune which I will play in my next radio show definetely…. thanks for that…” Hardy Heller

“I just heard Unleash The Comfort on juno, think its pretty good, im a warm up man and this fits PERFECTLY” Ciaran Reaney (London, UK)

“I’ve listened to the songs and loved it, great sounds! For me the most important thing about electronic music is the joy of doing what we love to do, create and play the music that we love and see other people dancing to our sound!” Paulo Gomes

“Play u on electrik circus on radio u” Timothy Cuoco aka Dj Rish

“Nice man, droppin’ the autumn breeze session right now on my hi-fi 🙂 Awesome track!!!” Adam Strohl (Hanover, USA)

“Joyce Mercedes wants to receive your music. She respects your work!” Dalia Trugg (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

“Progrezo Sounds has the pleasure to present young revelation artists Cristian Paduraru from Rumania” ADN Radio Station (Argentina)

“I like much what you do. You are extremely productive ! 🙂 I just bought “Made In Wishland” and i enjoy it !” Pascal (Belgium)

“Just wanted to say great work with your tunes on beatport very deep and soulfull” Enrico Nodari (Perth, Australia)

“Vraiment de bon track…” Bruno Deep White (France)

“Thanks for the music, loving your style :o)” James Field (UK)

“I play Developing Creativity at Spundae” Brian Scott (Santa Monica, California, USA)

“It’s a pleasure to have you on board with us!! We also appreciate the fact you joined us, we believe in your music and that’s why I contacted you in the first place 🙂 Keep on making good music and we will be more then happy to push it on our MagneticGrooves website…” Rollo and Paul (UK)

“Tnx for the links i get regularry from you… by the way… Especially Cristian Paduraru – Pentateuch is dope as hell:) Keep me updated coz you rock!!” Jerzy Bos (Cologne, Germany)

“Thanks for the tracks. I really love Pentateuch (progressive tribal breaks) it’s wicked and I’ll be playing that at ALL my gigs! The other track Born Again is PERFECT for my warm up sets! Keep them coming mate!” Chris Rayner (United Kingdom)

“My favorite track is Cristian Paduraru – Reality! I listen The Autumn Breeze Session mix… Good music! I will be speek with sponsor about your visit in Russia” (Russia)

“I am playing on Cristian Paduraru – Unconditional Giving. I like it very much!!” Dj Slacken (Bangkok, Thailand)

“Just got to say that both of these tunes are amazing. ‘Born Again’ is a tune I’m defiently going to warm up with at a warm up gig in my hometown of Peterhead, Scotland this Saturday night! Its really damn good. Also ‘Metanioa’ is another great tune I’ve been playing aswell on my internet radio show” Craig Joiner (Scotland)

“Het goog music!” DJ Andres Solano (San Jose, Costa Rica)

“Cool! I enjoy your tracks” Jonathan aka Omni (Montreal, Quebec, CA)

“Congrats for all your wonderful tunes!” Wivian Armando Iacobucci aka Barry Blade (Pescara, Italy)

“Yeah, your music moves us here in NYC, and Miami….keep it up..anything new I should check out?” FDR (Ney York, USA)

“Hey Cristian, Sharing The Dancefloor is Best!” Salvo De Luca aka Da Lukas (Italy)

“Loving your sound friend!” Brysie (UK)

“Man i love yaaa! Thanks for this awesome track: Pentateuch: ON  FIREEEEEE, amazing music:) Keep the GROOVE ON” sherif aidarous (Egypt)

“I’ll make sure to play these tracks here in Florida, U.S.A.. I love your music!! God bless:)” Bill Sikes (Florida, USA)

“Very cool tracks man, will be in my case” Mariano (Argentina)

“Cool stuff Cristian:) Pentateuch production is intelligent and I can definitely appreciate it:) Born again is cool minimal, for the dancefloor for me to think this is pretty cool!” Phil

“I visited your profile, and also downloaded some of your songs too. Well Done Indeed! I like your style :D” Billy J McBee (Malta)

“Many thx for the traks! Cristian Paduraru – Born Again Nice one! 7/10” Christian EFFE (Italy)

“Love what your doing, great stuff! Happy to support talented artists like yourself” Jimmy Farr aka Muzzerelli (Bristol)

“Shocked Felicidades, Congrats q buen set, me gusto bastante !! Twisted Evil Twisted Evil esta bastante bueno, GOOD SET GOOD MUSIC; VERY NICE Cool:) I love that kind of music!” Dj Mole & Dj Vinss (Guatemala)

“This time i recived a great support therefore I made up this set to give who I respect too. Hopefully that You can feel my emotions! 2 Hours Set Started with “Cristian Paduraru” – The Grateful Seeker… Stanley’s Live Set Play For “Cristian Paduraru” Stanley (Taipei, Taiwan)

“Open the gig with your track… people LOVE your music!! Thankss for Unconditional Giveing:) Really good music” Oscar Bohorquez (Peru)

“Cristian Paduraru – The Grateful Seeker <wow> awesome track!!! good work :D” Fangstick

“Nice Trackss Cristian!!” Roby from 4th Room Records (Italy)

“Listenin to your music now. Heavy house influences I see! I’m likin the feel, gj!” Jeff Andvik (Tennessee, USA)

“The songs are sounding good. I am playing on the radio in holland” E-Lation (United States)

“Hey loved the mix you posted on DIS. Wicked, really like youre sound. Refreshing to say the least. I have played youre mix over & over. Would love to have you on our roster! I have found you’re music VERY INSPIRING” James Burnham aka Judo Being (United Kingdom)

“Yeah,i like your music. Really good work!” Silkworm (Bielefeld, Germany)

“ohhh yeaa i really enjoy your sound man ,i can tell you honestly that i spinned a lot `Metanonia’ `Walk_In_The_Truth, and my fav one `bell beauty` I REALLY WISH YOU keep up the great work!!!”  Vrcakovski Filip aka Flopo or Digital Toxic (Skopke, Macedonia)

“I like He Knows His Creation!!” Damian DP (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

“I know your sound, i bought “pozitive education” from .. great track!! Regarding your last tracks I enjoed : “He Knows His Creation” and “Sharing Transparently”…in the electroni music I alway search sound that can carry away with emotions” Luca (Roma, Italy)

“Love your stuff! You don’t mis one. Keep on the good work. I’ll add you on my top friends. I listened to some of your tracks here and i can tell i like em all. So keep on doin em well… like that :)” Filip (Nova Gorica, Slovenia)

“Liked your last promo” Pako & Frederik (Netherlands)

“We love your music and wish to thank you for adding us as friends! I send and fwd the message. I am always here for you” Lisa aka Pingu and Albatross (Switzerland)

“I enjoyed all your songs:D” EllieN (Romania)

“Felicitari pt muzica produsa! Am ascultat citeva trackuri si sunt incintat mai ales de cele electro si cele broken beat!” Emee Grant aka Easy Moods (Graz, Austria)

“I am just enjoying your tracks…I am honored:) I would love to get some promos and promote you!” Levente (Portland, Oregon, USA)

“I just really like your music!! keep m coming :)” Wim (Belgium)

“I really like the tracks you produce – Sharing The Dancefloor, Unconditional Giving & Where Do I Fit are all excellent and I enjoy playing them very much in my sets! I look forward to some more of your awesome tracks to play :)” Chris Jones (Fareham, Hampshire, UK)

“I actually liked your stuff…” Armen Ayje (LA, California, USA)

“`I play House music. It’s my hearts fire. I wanted to know what to expect from his trip first and foremost, after hearing rave reviews of his show at Sugar in Adelaide last year. I play for between three and six hours. I come with a percussionist and a mixer and a couple of effects. Lately I’m feeling what’s going on over at Persona, and KingStreet have even been making some amazing records. Like Cristian Paduraru” Sunshine Jones (Australia)

“Made In Wishland is 100% SIMPLY AMAIZING! Very nice proggy track:) Definitely a quality track! Yeah man, this is a nice one:)” Xero, Jeff Andvik, Larson

“Really good tracks!” Marco (Quebec, Canada)

“I found you and I liked your music” Dione Taylor (Toronto, Canada)

“Thanks man” Lars Behrenroth (Santa Monica, California, USA)

“I appreciate and love your music” Joyce Mercedes (Netherlands)

“Very good stuff” Enrique (Austin, Texas, USA)

“I listened to your tribal Breaks song, Production sounds great. I am sure the Danny Tengila types would love it!” DJ Icey (Orlando, Florida, USA)

“Nice one” Mike aka abitfunkdub (Cardiff, UK)

“I loved what you have on your site!  I love dance music” Sharon & Robert (Israel)

“I really enjoyed your live set and you production is quality, keep up the good work : ) Thanks for being a friend too!!” Lady Liquid (Melbourne, Australia)

“Great tunes friend…I’m really diggin your music and we appreciate showin so much love and support” Jay Sustsian (Atlanta, Georgia, USA)

“Great! love the tunes:) keep them coming and i will keep on playing them…All the best peace, lovin’ loud music” Dj Asil (Wiltshire, UK)

“Your music moves the people higher…I loooove that song” Michella (Buffalo, NY, USA)

“Tata, jos palaria la productia cu Love’s the only drug…Frumos tune…Cand auzim de un full version sau de ceva similar :).
Keep it up, uite o raza la orizont in muzica electronica romaneasca…” Icantel (Romania)

“I really enjoy you’re music! I can’t wait to play your tracks…” Dave (Glendora, California, USA)

“I really dig your sound!” Saatchi-Moto (Denver, Colorado, USA)

“Thanks for the traxx 🙂 Your music its really, full of hard feelings… my first time meeting with the music…amazing trip… :-)” Dj Sylvio (Constanta, Romania)

“I like your mixes as well as your production on the originals, keep up the good work” Mark Campbell aka DJMC2 (SF Bay Area, California, USA)

“I have seen you on many forums Cristian you are very active on internet and you are producing a lot of sounds” Dj Tekhascorp (Paris, France)

“Loved your latest promo! Thank you for add as well. You know everytime I play Made In Wishland, with out fail someone comes up and asks the name of the track. Keep em comming!” Mike (West Jordan, Utah, USA)

“Congrats on ur release” Lady House (Deep Frisco, California, USA)

“That’s a wonderful thinG you did!! Thank you so much for being so kind…….and also so talented!!!!…. there’s no such communication, as precious and high as music! Thank you again!!” Vita (Los Angeles, California, USA)

“I started mixing some of your tunes a couple of months ago” Allen S (Atlanta, Georgia, USA)

“I love the Sharing Confidence track great stuff”  Dov (San Francisco, California, USA)

“I found your Autum Breeze Session to be quite refreshing. It’s good to see some nice drawn out style! Very deep indeed ;-)” Matt Stanway (London, UK)

“I listen some your track on emule! your last track on my space it’s very good! Compliments” Emanuele Di Sante (Pescara, Italy)

“Keep up the good work bringing home that electronic vibe… Dancing in my cubicle” Burley B (Lexington, Kentucky, USA)

“Good to see people all over the world keeping our scene alive 🙂 It seems people love what you do!” Duncan K (Maidstone, Kent, UK)

“Your tracks are rockin man. Very clean sound you’ve got there” Christian (Nash Angeles, Tennessee, USA)

“I did the last promo, thank you!” Marco aka Hot Hands (Switzerland)

“LOVE YOUR TRACKS! I spin alot of them. got em off; AdamScenx (Huntington Beach, California, USA)

“I just and through and listened to you prohile tracks and also listened to some of the ones you have at online stores. GREAT STUFF!” The Machinist (Pontiac, Michigan, USA)

“I’am downloading your tunes and your mix :o)” Dj Lilly (Lyon, France)

“I did like your last promo….Born Again is a great tune, i dj the harder edge stuff so its nice to unwind to a track like that….GOOD STUFF! I like your tunes:)” Ray (St Peter Port, Guernsey, UK)

“Good stuff mate” Mark Gwinnett (Maidstone, Kent, United Kingdom)

“Loving you work…” Howie (United Kingdom)

“I like your music. Hope I can find some cool video for it soon…” (New York, USA)

“I truly (TRULY) enjoy your music. I came across you material on Beatport. WOW! you have a huge catalog on there! That’s good! Keep up the great work. GOD has indeed blessed you greately 🙂 I am still going thru you tracks and downloading alot of them. BUT I MUST TELL YOU THAT THE TRACK THAT HAS FOUND A PLACE IN MY HEART IS “BORN AGAIN”. I don’t know what it is about it, maybe the soft gentle pads sweeping in or perhaps the simple yet groovin’ feel of the whole thing. I absolutely love it! I have also just down loaded you latest MP3 mix from you profile. I will burn it to cd and listen to it im my car:) THANK YOU for all your music and keep pumping them tracks out!” Demetri Nocturnal (Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA) http://

“It is greatly appreciated. keep on rockin!” Nick (Savannah, Georgia, USA)

“You have been very kind to me and i deeply appreciate soul brethern like yourself! I can tell we are both very much on the same page, my friend…. I have listened to your music and i very much appreciate it! very good, quality, soulful stuff and it is obvious you have great talent!” David (Brooklyn, NY, USA)

“Very nice tracks! I like that you havent just stuck to just one style or spectrum of music”:) Mad Respect” Tyson (Lake Worth, Florida, USA)

“I just wanna congratulate you for your “Born Again” track. A very nice minimal piece, pretty relaxing and just perfect to play after a night full of noisy music. Keep the good music playin’!” Florin Gabor (Romania)

“Nice tunes we bought and played on our last session LOADS OF PEOPLE asked us !!!! WHOS THAT MUSIC FROM!!!!” David Rosalie & Kevin O’keeffe aka Cayden (Carlow, Ireland)

“Your music sounds pretty good to me! Love” Laura Bora (Liverpool, United Kingdom)

“Thanks for the affection! :)” Dj Rub (Juiz de Fora, Minas Gerais, Brazil)

“I enjoyed your music! I’m comming back to your site!” (Stockholm, Sweden)

“i like your last promo I find that you are in the good way” Dj Zippie (Portugal)

“Really enjoying your music!! I have just downloaded Right Side Up and Sharing Confidence:) Your remix of Opencloud’s Life is excellent!!! It has been a part of our DJ sets for some months now” Mark aka Kassien DJ’s (United Kingdom)

“I listened to one of your mixes a few days ago and I really enjoyed it! great music” Brook B aka DJ Decoy (Gilbert, Arizona United States)

“Like very much your songs, especially the smoothest ones. Congratulations to your work!” Mastercris (Lisbon, Portugal)

“Luv your style, cool !” Federico Conti (Torino-Turin, Italy)

“The singles really really good ones! New style, show my gratitudes, kiss” Melody (Barranquilla, Colombia)

“Two of your tracks, i enjoyed them much!  I live in south florida and the people down here LIKE YOUR STYLE. I played both that you sent at a club where i usually only play techy, minimal, funky style. Keep up the good work man. I APPRECIATE your efforts in the dance music COMMUNITY :)” Bobby Bassett (Jupiter, Florida, USA)

“Getting kinda fascinated as to your consistant push to sucseed!  Respect:)” Jason (United Kingdom)

“Cool Music” Miss Mee (Brussels, Belgium)

“‘Born Again’ was one of my fave tracks to play out” Chris Kay (Perth, Australia)

“I like your creativity and work. One of your sets from last year impressed me very much!!  I heard your “The Autumn Breeze Session” just now and enjoyed from every minute! Great collection of tracks, construction of the compilation and quality mixing. Excellent:) I feel your work and quality producing in every track. Big respect” Dima (Israel)

“Like your breaks tunes”  Sam Greive aka Native, Lo Tide (Brisbane, Queensland, Australia)

“Born Again, sounds great! It is the very first song I hear today…very nice:) I will live with it for a while” Elisa Burchett (United States)

“This is better than opening a present under a christm tree!!” Natalia (New York, USA)

“Thanks!” Icey (Orlando, Florida, USA)

“Nice” Victoria Rodriguez (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

“Great tracks mate!!!” DJ Preach

“Like the sound of your tunes!” Ross Jackson (Kirkcaldy, Fife, United Kingdom)

“Awwww…appreciate it” Kim Kline (Santa Monica, California, USA)

“A unique style with his own sounds that does great things with electronic music these days.well done and thanks for the music.) Your style is very interesting and so UNIQUE. I think thats very important because there are a few artists out there which they have a unique style with their own sound these days…thats why ur so special 🙂 Get ready for a guest mix…”  Phidias Michaelides (Limassol, Cyprus)

“Love what you do! Sounds great! I enjoyed the promo very much!” Max (Beverly Hills, California, USA)

“Keep the good work…Like the set very much. Good to see someone who follows the minimalistic path but approaches it from a different angle. Would buy some of your tracks… Just…speachless! ” Moshic, Ptambient (Israel and Germany)

“Open Your Eyes and see how this track is kickin! Great track:) I dont see but i hear and it spreads me on planks (wow,amazing,i am shocked,etc) Paduraru definetly has an ear! This guy rox!! Killer of the dancefloor!! Christian keep on dude, great job! I love u:)” Prgressive, Breakout, SaPa, Pigul, (Poland)

“I’ve already bought “Pentateuch” Good work mate! You’re in my top friends on myspace… :)” Dj Andryu (Italy)

“While im mailing you i really enjoyed your latest mix. It is now part of the regular rotation” Taylor (Nashville, Tennessee, USA)

“Cristian Paduraru is one of the most productive artists! It’s always Paduraru’s style. I like it !!! I really dig it !!! I love your music man ! compliments ! We love your music:) When walking around the city and see your logo everywhere.. cool logo ! Cristian logo cross the world !!!” Mitch, Cipo, Teodor, Leech,

“That first tracks a BANGER! Especially like when the hihats come in that clap/snare is to die for also! WOW, thank you man, I like Paduraru’s sound ! :D” Womona, Twilight Electric, Andromeda

“Letters To The Edge have the great piano lead that moves the heart! It is a great anthem tune to end any set with!” Olly Sterio (UK)

“I bought a track of yours called ‘Step Forward’, anyways, played this out tonight while I was DJing, got so into it I almost forgot to mix in the next track, great stuff mate =) Looking forward to any future productions” Xarish (Nottingham, Midlands, United Kingdom)

“Your tracks sound good!  keep up the good work, my friend…” Mike Giannini (San Francisco, California, United States)

“You got featured in Distorted Circuitry playlists with Developing Creativity!” Dj Morgana (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

“Nice one Cristian. Glad you dig!” Jamie Odell (UK)

“I like the tracks you have on juno, nice sounds. have nevr heard any of your stuff before and would like to check more of it out! The most important thing about electronic music is that it should always have some life or emotion to it” Richard Skinner (Scotland)

“Two special tunes sounds great…. lovin your work” Jon F (Markveien 1, 0554 Oslo, Norway)

“Love your music and the mix posted on club-class. Keep up the good work” Andy Smith (United Kingdom)

“I like a lot of your stuff” Rob “Sekay” Castellano (Pensacola, Florida, USA)

“Love your work mate.sounds cool !!! playing all tracks…” Steffen Herb (Germany)

“You can have a cup of tea and a rest now and Ill do the rest 😉 Thanks for getting everything online” Jessica Roe aka Jess The Cat (London, UK)

“Great ! I like Paduraru’s sound !!!” Maxx

“Your stuff is VERY COOL…” Rocco Melillo

“You Music Genre Very Good. Cristian Paduraru – Reality is nice track!” Necati Gulcu (Turkey)

“I would love to get a couple mixes from you. Your a very talented producer love your work. :)” Will McGlone (Bristol, Tennessee, United States)

“Man what are u doing is good , u have ur own style:) u will be 1st and the only romanian remixer” Sobo (Romania)

“All good man big respect” Marko Nastic (Yugoslavia)

“Everything is fine with your tunes my friend, so keep up the good work !!!” Dionisis aka Dj DenKo (Greece)

“Your tracks on your profil are great!” Jan Sweo (Wismar, Germany)

“It’s deeply rooted. The music itself and how far back it stems within human culture. Now, the music makes me remember the days of dancing for hours on end and being with people sharing those moments and good times. Spinning helps me release. I enjoy all forms of electronic music”  Marc Allan aka Dj Buoy (New York, USA)

“Thankyou for the beats” Adam aka Dj Addim,

“Just heard your music and it is VERY CUTTING EDGE and i may be interested in booking you” Luke Benjamin (United Kingdom)

“we did love the promo” Luis (London, United Kingdom)

“LOVE ur DEEP TECH hose all the way” Ican (Jakarta, Indonesia)

“Right Side Up = mellow mov1n, hard but still somewhat smooth, supperclub material~! Equipping Education = good middlelayer! Where Do I Fit = your true sound/flow I think is found in/0n this track. For this reason I cannot describe how awesome it sounds. ACE! Sharing Confidence = I love hearing how the teeny tiny sound elements arise against then work with each other. w0w this is hot stuffff!!! Also the remix you’ve done for Koglin was INDEED
mindblowing” Tom (San Jose, California, USA)

“I used it in my Fridays show..and will use it again real soon…” Markus (Brooklyn, USA)

“I just wanted to congratulate you on such a great job with Reality. I have been playing it out all over Boston. You speak the truth and we are fortunate enough to share our passions with the world. 🙂 Good work my friend! Keep it up ;)” Josh (Boston, USA)

“Plz Tell me more. I like your stuff”  Rachel (LA, USA)

“Love is the Only Drug” is a bomb track! Love it!:)” Shiuan Liu aka DJ SL (Taipei, Taiwan)

“I’m already a fan of your music mate, check this out, i had some of your tracks featured on my last show. Keep working, u r doing a great job! you would even like to be my guest sometime…i normally give time to some up coming talent or some established talent, you would fit perfectly. I love your music. We @ Studio Phonic would be honored to have you!” Javier Crespo (Spain)

“Your new promo mix that you gave us is up in rotation and going strong. I personally think it’s a quite Chilled mix with a spice of Tech in there and enjoyable. Overall the mix is great” (St Louis, USA)

“My first impression is very good. Good tempo, a deep side that I love:) Sound quality is very important for me. The track have a solid beat structure to make my body moving even if i’m tired and if it can also bring emotions!” Simon B (Belgium)

“Your Sound is very Groovy!!! I think that is a personal state…a mixture of phisycal and psichic emotions…Let’s GROOVE!!!!” Alex Cavalieri (Italy)

“I like your tunes mate. very nice tracks with some lovely deep chords and key arrangements” Crofty Bristol (UK)

“Radio Z / Headz playlists have Cristian Paduraru – Developing Creativity in heavy rotation!” Stefan Wagner (Nuernberg, Germany)

“When i came across one of your trax on beatport. I was like who is this guy, and why have I not heard of him before! He’s making some OUTSTANDING music. So then I WANTED to more, I figured you must be from Easter Europe… as it seems so much great music is coming from there. I started looking for MORE info on your productions, and came across your website… read ur bio etc. Really IMPRESSIVE stuff!!!”  Eva (Seattle, USA)

“Wow. Dreams come true!” DJ Debbie D (Miami-Florida, America)

“FlY Compilation” : FlY V3.0, I play in your last track called “Reality”, It’s for me one of the best track to mix actualy – So, Congratulations !!!! Congratulations again ! Waiting new realeases Cristian Paduraru !” Denis aka Dj Atom (Burgundy, FR)

“Like the sound of your tunes!” Ross ( Kirkcaldy-Fife, United Kingdom)

“I like the track more & more everytime I listen to it. Very good work!!” Alex Santer (Thessaloniki, Greece)

“Emotion from comes motion , awesone tune ! keep rokin , hugs and peace from argentina” Ariel Rodriguez (Argentina)

“I love that track “emocion” : old school style that reminds me great old school parties. true feeling, i LOVE it” Chloe Thevenin (France)

“Really good work, really liking the ‘Emotion come from motion mix’ great tool” Gilles Bernard (Canada)

“Absolutely love ‘Emotion Comes from Motion’ – a much tougher and more upbeat sound than usual, this really rocks. Great melody when it drops too.” Gareth Davies aka Grid System (United Kingdom)

“Cristian Paduraru – Emotion Comes From Motion is very well put together and well made but not exactly my cup of tea but the vocal is great, very nice indeed.” Tommy MC aka DJTEE 2003 (UK)

“Congratulations on the GU compilation inclusion – picked my copy up this week and was pleased to see one of tracks on their. ‘Your Material Body’ is along similar lines to ‘Turning Up’ and will make a great intro/outro.” Gareth Davies aka Grid System (United Kingdom)

“‘Shall We Dance’ is awesome. Glitchy, techy, electro house. Looking forward to playing this one. Really liking the more upbeat tunes you are putting out ; )” Gareth Davies aka Grid System (United Kingdom)

“I am liking Emotion Comes From Motion. Nice bubbly groove to it. Good stuff” Eoin Banahan aka DJ Banny (Ireland)

“Love the tracks !!!  Keep them coming!” Natasha Nova (Israel)

“Cooooler stuff. Hat unseren Support!!!” Frank Nova aka Monoroom (Germany, EU)

“I love the Original Mix and it’s what I expected from first class producer Paduraru. I really dig both the Vol-tek and the Modunique Remix and will surely play all three out in my shows and in the clubs. Great release and
great debut on Sirion!”  Ingo Vogelmann from L2 Music (Germany, EU)

“Cristian is always quality and have been a fan of his works, so I knew this would be tops before even listening to any of the tunes. The remixes are fantastic and I can’t make my mind up which one I like the best, seriously its rare to get a total package like this for a 1st release…Greed and Cube’s Remix is driving and really original… def one I wonna test on a the dancefloor, the deep tech house remixes from Vol-tek & Modunique are really quality and will fit nicely for my warm ups. Congrats, a really nice selections of tunes here, many thanks and respekt to you” BP Zulauf from Helvetica Records (Switzerland, EU)

“Your Material Body: Yeah! I like this style. I want a more chillout sound:)” Hiromi Ogata aka DJ Hano from Bounenkai (Japan)

“Like both tracks. Emotion Comes From Motion & Your Material Body! Will go down well in my early sets! Good work chief” Danny Graham from PunchFunk Records

“Cristian Paduraru – Your Material Body has too much of a chillout for my liking, the vocal is great and the it is very well put together and i cant get over how clean this production is, eq, levels mastering everything is spot on and all sounds cut through amazingly well, very well done.” Tommy MC aka DJTEE 2003 (UK)

“Your Material Body is a mellow track would be ideal at sunset / sunrise. A very relaxed tune with a summetime feel.” Graham aka Haus 33 (Brighton, UK)

“Really like Emotion Comes From Motion, very Digweed type of sound, 10 outta 10. Well done. Will play it on my radio show. Material Body is a really nice track, id say it would be great for a remix, some lovely elements in it” Karl Lambert from Monad Music (Dublin, Ireland)

“Emotion Comes From Motion – Feeling this track man. Track has nice sound and keeps listener interested” Chad Cisneros (Texas)

“Thanks for Emotion Comes From Motion & Your Material Body track! Very cutting edge and sonic. Great sound.” Bryant Autrey from Audiofase (NY)

“Emotion comes from Motion is quirky ,abstract electronica very original.Crips ,clear production mellow synths & drums again a very relaxed tune” Graham aka Haus 33 (Brighton, UK)

“Thank YOU for making me aware of your presence! Such great music!” NubianVixen (Morocco and United States)

“I dig it :)” Ben Seagren (San Francisco, USA)

“I liked the old school house feel (circa early 90’s IMO) of “Emotion comes from motion.  Very nice and simple while still making for a strong track. Your Material Body was a very nice low tempo track that reminded me of newer Cosmic Baby ambient stuff coming out of Germany.  Very relaxing” Steve Kessler aka Dj Fuzzy Wuzzy (Denver, Colorado)

“Your production is tight. Thank you for Emotion Comes From Motion & Your Material Body. I like your tracks and play regularly some of them. You are talented and maybe if you spent more time composing the vocals I am sure you would come more intriguing vocals and challenging lyrics.” Renato Patriarca (Brasil)

“What a 2 releases, guys! Awesome production, ‘Emotion Comes From Motion’ is a bomb! Keep releasen this quality stuff…” Simon Garcia from Simon & Shaker (Spain)

“Emotion Comes From Motion is great stuff, will play them both! I especially love “Your Material Body”, great stuff for the beginning of the night” Remy Unger aka DJ Remy (NL)

“Emotion Comes From Motion. Ohhh yes this record is super. I like it very much. Nice bassline + some nice loops + some fine kicks. It will fill the floor, at 8AM! Perfect atmospheric stuff. Big up” Xavier Lippens (France)

“Cristian…that track is slammin’ bro…much success to you with it” RAMBR0 (New Jersey, USA)

“I’ve listen the “original” on Ultra Nate profile.Your remix is more deep than the original.good remix!!” Floy (France)

“You’re producing skills are very good. I like your style also! Right Side Up is amazing! VERY very GOOD, i really like that tune” John from Johannesburg-South Africa (London, UK)

“Sound great!! Sweet as, I’ve Just had a listen online and I like what I’ve heard.:0)” Dj Grant T (Europe)

“Thanks for your tracks! I play them when i preform live:) Keep doing what your good at!! I can ask some of my friends from phonocult if they can release some of your stuff !” Daphne Darretta (Netherlands)

“I’d be honoured to stick some of your tracks into my bag. I really like the sounds, definitely in the groove I tend to play. I’m totally hooked on Born Again – a relentless big hitting bassline mixed with delicate sounds. Very sweet!! I like to hear familiar elements mixed up with new sounds with current trends, nasty dirty sounds tend to throw a floor into all sorts of jumping and screaming, so that’s also hot at the moment” Tony Aggro aka Tony Taylor (South Africa and UK)

“Would love to use two of your tracks in my next mix:) I like music that is new and pushes boundaries and most of the time electronic music falls into this bracket” Darryn Summers (Galway, Ireland)

“Sounds good Cristian” Paul Dailey (Boston, USA)

“you have some very good producing skills” Jason (London, UK)

“heyyy love ur stuff Cristian” Luca Ricci (Italy)

“We really enjoy your sound” Nick and John Dalagelis (Queens-NY, USA)

“looooove your music as well :))))  thank you sooo much for the tracks .. really nice music” Maxi (Belgrade, Yugoslavia)

“This is an Electro House styled track with some nice hooks, created by Cristian Paduraru, the owner of Christian Records!  Some female vocal samples occasionally say, “Devleop.  Create.” and eventually a male vocal whispers, “Developing Creativity” all over a hard edged music bed with some nice sounds” Carey Jarvis (Michigan, United States)

“Thank you for a tunes,good music with great production. For me electronic music sort of reactions about the world. Have a good time” Mariana

“nice promos!!  i liked very much!  lot of my slyle! i have a radio program called Fooma Radio @ If you wish you can be a guest one” B.O.F. (Mexico)

“In this moment i have this releases: Whats Your Vision?, Bell Beauty…I like music which you do!!!” Steve_K (Russian Federation)

“Right Side Up is an excellent tune” Sally (Manchester-North West, United Kingdom)

“I am feeling your track, ‘Step Forward’ KEEP up the good work” Mannix (Massachusetts, USA)

“Nuce sounds! I’ll be back to listen the newests ;)” Inhibited Nova (Caracas-Miranda, Venezuela)

“Wow.. this LP is really good.. just my style 🙂 Take care and good work” Brian Kage (Detroit, United States Of America)

“‘unconditional giving’ is a right tune, likin the bass…real snappy when the kick comes in…keep it comin” Panda (UK)

“Yes! Great to meet you. I have enjoyed seeing your tracks on Is there a way i can get onto your Promo list? You tracks are good for my soul!” Kenny Mitchell (Brooklyn-NY, USA)

“Unconditional Giving’ is a sweet track. I can definitely see using this out live and in a future mix for my show. Very nice… LOVE to hear some more of your stuff and get them in future mixes for my radio shows and when I play live”  Paul B (Utah, USA)

“oh my gosh ‘Unconditional Giving’ is UNBELIEVABLE!!! i LOVE IT!!!! That song inspired me to write lyrics for it and notes- great sound!!! You are amazing keep up the awesome tracks! Dance music that MOVES my soul is what is important to me! Unconditional Giving did that to me :)” Isis Azarene (California, USA)

“I love your music! I play your tracks in my mixsets on fm radio, huuuuuuuum !” Thomas (France)

“I love the music you make. You have so nice tracks, keep it up” Mark (Amsterdam)

“Cristian, you are a saint! we owe you big time, thank you and thank you again! We are listening 🙂 Keep making music, special memories need a special soundtrack !” Wayne Ellis-Lee

“Great deep tracks. Unconditional Giving is very good deep brooding stuff, the bassline is bound to get hips shaking. I play NY-style deep house ie Kerri Chandler and this has some of the elements, the bouncing synths and the bassline are just my type of groove. I will certainly make use it within my set” Shiuan Liu aka DJ SL (Taipei, Taiwan)

“Thank you for the track Christian, brilliant production again my friend!!” Andy King (UK)

“Really love “power of intamcy” – very nice groove. Good stuff” Rob Lennox (Australia)

“i had a listen to your music. i liked a lot of it. you should be proud of yourself. i especially loved “he knows his creation” and “recognised trustworthy”. quality music. really like them” Daniel-Anthony (United Kingdom)

“Rockin tunes… just might get a play at the next mass!!!” Panda (UK)

“That is really nice mix full of nice electro sounds and funky bass lines-I like this swing style. I think that are people in the club, great tracks which causes strange nice feelings and new and new idea in your head and feeling that you can transmit this same others” Peter Suniallic (CZ)

“Unconditional Giving – Cristian Padurau aired on the Mixdown this Saturday on WRVU, 91.1FM in Nashville” John J. Brassil (Tennessee, USA)

“I found it a MINIMAL PERSPECTIVE look at the inner soul of self titled eastern European tech `Paduraru’ house. You see, with these mixes you have to be OPEN MINDED when SHARING THE DANCE FLOOR, if you’re not then how can you EXPRESS YOURSELF and be RECOGNIZED TRUSTWORTHY? It’s a Cristian Paduraru thing I guess?” deepsoul3

“Send much love on behalf of Matt Darey!” Conor Arkins

“YEAH! Thank you again Christian. I am glad I have discovered a solid and positive foundation of a music group like yours!! Unconditional Giving is such an excellent tune with a deep and hypnotic vibe.  It’s groov’n’, and I give it FULL SUPPORT. Keep producing those minimal groovn tracks, really great to play on the floor 🙂 “The Autumn Breeze.”  It is incredibly soothing to the ears.  I love the progression and deep sectors throughout. You have a proper selection” Brandon A. Godfrey (Las Vegas-Nevada,

“YES im really loving some of your tracks…. particularly Sharing Confidance….:)” Ed Davenport (Germany)

“i wanna play!!!” Tommie Strom (Sweden)

“Some nice tracks there” Keith Downey (Dublin, Ireland) http//

“Nice trax very groovy!” Peetz (Berlin, DE)

“The track ‘Recognize Hardwork’ on your long mix is the ABSOLUTE BOMB!! what a tune… really deep vibe! VERY LOUD on my sound system: this is one
EXCELLENT record! (best i’ve heard in a long time!)” Andrew Rawnsley  (St Andrews-Fife, United Kingdom)

“Unconditional Giving” is the piece I Liked..I am more into soulful smooth beats…” Markus Rice (NY, USA)

“Your music received airplay on FM radio and the web this week!! Your songs aired on the Mixdown this Saturday on
WRVU, 91.1FM in Nashville” DJ B (Nashville-Tennessee, USA)

“”On AIR on RTin Radio & Magma Tracklist & Charted: Developing Creativity, Minimal Perspective, Unconditional Giving” Massimo D’Amario (Italy)

“I really like your music” Deak Laslo (Serbia)

“i just downloaded Power Of Intimacy and Unconditional Giving…. oh man, im loving these tracks! amazing groove! 10/10 for both of em!” Gerardo Boscarino (Argentina)

“I have bought few track from beatport made by you: Born Again and your mix of Life by Opencloud. I’m big FAN. Keep up amazing work!!” Svetozar L (England-North)

“Liking your sounds dude!” Marc (United Kingdom)

“I enjoyed your tracks very much and have played them out as well!” Kiriakos Kappa (Greece)

“Something for your mind, your body and your soul ! Thanks ;-)” St‚phane Dri aka Scan X (Paris, France )

“My favourite is ‘Unconditional Giving’… cool groove!” Tommy (London, UK)

“I like what i heard on y0ur page!!!” Saint Louis-Missouri, USA)

“really like your drive and beats” Poll A Rock (Ljubljana, Slovenia)

“very good sound ! ! ! I like the energie and atmosphere…get them with a good quality to play them in front of all the WORLD ! ! ! ! !” Tom (Montepllier, France)

“LOVE YOUR WORK! particulary “Bell Beauty” and “Made In Wishland” which I am using in my sets – very fresh and foward thinking:)” Damian Nixey (London, UK)

“Yes, I heard it! I like it all! I’ve signed up to your Yahoo group, see you soon :)))” Barry Blade AKA Iacobhouse (Pescara, Italy)

“I like your music as well as the divercity of styles that you cover. We could do some serious contact for future exchange gigs if possible” Radvuc aka Dj Rade (Belgrade, Serbia)

“i cheked your myspace and i LOVE your tracks!!! 🙂  i would love a remix in the style of Where Do U Fit? and Sharing Confidance” Helder Camberos aka Isis Signum ( Guadalajara-Jalisco, Mexico)

“Excellent songs on your site. I’ll keep checking back for updates :-)”  Ken and Ann from Belfast Unbound Club (Belfast-Northern Ireland, UK)

“Cristian Paduraru re-points `1.1.168’ into the progressive arena. A stunning job he does too, all low throbbing bass, tight percussion lines, undulating synths and a totally uncluttered arrangement” Richard Tulip from M8 Magazine (Scotland, UK)

“YES, i like the music on your site.  it’s SWEET” Karl aka Konrad (Brooklyn-NY, USA)

“I really enjoy your work. I’d like you to send me your most recent tracks” Izak from Amniotik Recordings (Marbela, Panama)

“I swear this guy is gonna go TOP TO TOP. This is unbelievable, feel like I’ve found a gold cave” RaV3N

“Yeah cool, nice music!! Kind regards from Argentina” Dj Magico – Matador (Argentina)

“The promos are very WONDERFULL……a presto” Danny (Italy)

“I following your relases on Juno Rec. VERY nice sound man!” Matthew Lions (Milan, Italy)

“Thank you for the gift of music…”  Kat (New York, USA)

“I look forward to playing your songs in my live sets” Steve Smith (Birmingham, Alabama, USA)

“I have only just heard and read about your music and really enjoy your Autumn Breeze set. I checked out your Christian Records label web site and agree with just about everything you strive to achive. Well done. I am almost completely obsessed with electronic music and mix from home just about every night for pure enjoyment. I’ll look out for your beatport releases” Adam

“”Unconditional Giving” is wonderful, pure classy bass” Jeff Knowler

“Yes,thanks for your promo! I play it @ club every weeks 😉 !” Floy (France)

“I just recently downloaded two cuts from your Power EP I really liked ” The Power of New Beginningss” and “The Power of Intimacy” the best! I also downloaded one of your songs that you did around Christmas time called “born again” of of beaport, love it! Keep up the great work!! Apreaciate your music and support..Thanks again” Raymond aka DJ Spectrum (Denver, USA)

“Sharing Cooperation is the last one of yours i friend of mine turned me on to….. nice production work , keep it up!” Hunter (Tampa-Florida, USA)

“I’m appreciative of the people who make this scene possible! I put them in my next set that I spin out” Matty-D (Chicago, USA)

“we are happy to help you and your music….” Danilo D’Andrea (Italy)

“Great tunes Cristian!! I liked too much “developing creativity”, expecially at the third minute when the bass synth starts….devastation on the dancefloor, sure!!” Lorenzo Venturini Dj (Italy)

“Thanks for your lines. Its GREAT coming 4 you…” Oscar Bohorquez (Lima, Peru)

“Thanks for sending the tracks!!!!! Can you sort me a copy of “Bold to Sacrifice” PLEASE” Scott Carrelli (San Francisco, USA)

“Thanks a lot! Great Tracks:)” Eugene aka DJ Sender Eugene (Kiev, Ukraine)

“Thank you for your promos, i like them especially the techno one…” Dj Tape (Portugal)

“Really like and have been playing ‘Unconditional Giving’ and ‘The Power Of Intimacy’ on my internet radio show on” Conor L (Ireland)

“I’m liking your sound.. Techy & Funky!!” Tom Vollebregt (Netherlands)

“Nice tunes, great charts!!” Vadim Lankov (Russia)

“I prefer the Unconditional Giving” Blue Sparkle (NL)

“Yesterday I was listening to some of your tracks on and I was thinking: This Cristian Paduraru is good!!” M1nd (Sofia, BG)

“Es solo para decirte que me gustan tus producciones.  Las he estado tocando, Born Again es de las mejores.  Gracias por enviarme tus promos” Jorge Ledezma aka Izak

“Cristian, Just wanted to let you know that I really enjoy your music. Keep up the good work! Do you ever tour in the states? It would be cool to have you come to Alaska sometime. Well, have a wonderful day and keep up the good work with the music” Daniel aka Dizzan (Alaska, USA)

“Like your track!”  DaLukas (Italy)

“I stumbled onto ur stuff through ur mix on Zerinnerung. Your mix really blew me away!!! I notice a unifying element or theme in your track titles. I really dig your stuff. Its very refreshing:) Well be that light walking through the darkness, carry that torch” Charlie Hotel (New York, USA)

“I like unconditional giving!:)” Andrey (Latvia)

“Pas mal du tout le ‘Unconditional Giving’…Yes good track ! I will play it on my emission on FGDJRADIO!!” Dj Dan (Paris, FR / Prague, CZ)

“Neybotha mate,liking your tunes ALOT man,if you have n e more promos man let me know” Jase (UK)

“I would love to hear your tracks and try to fit them into my five hour set tomorrow night. Thanks for all the good vibes and good tunes” Jimbo (Santa Fe, USA)

“Feeling all of the tracks/mixes. I like it…techy but still funky and groovin. Like the style!” Aaron aka Boy in tha Bubble (Los Angeles, USA)

“I was listeng to your tracks and they are very nice!!!” Fernando Poo (Russia)

” Hey 🙂 I LOVE YOUR MUSIC AND ATTITUDE! Nice… music that MOVES ME INSIDE AND OUT. Let’s stay IN TOUCH! I will get to work hard on promoting and being more involved 🙂 KEEP doing what you’re doing! Stay real!” Shana Christine Gray (Toronto, CA)

“Man, YOU ARE THE NICEST GUYS!!! Nothing but good things to say about you man!! PURE CLASS!! Respect” Sean from KVK (North Carolina, USA)

“Thanks for the tracks!” Brian Smith aka DJ Exacta (New York, USA)

“I liked what I was hearing especially “power of intimacy” the other tracks were also very good and sounded very well produced!” Glenn Storey (England-North)

“I like the new promo you sent, its a bit CHILLED. I thought maybe we could sign it, and get a nice remix.. as the first release on the new label” Andrew (Texas, USA)

“I like The Power Of Revival and New Beginnings!” Fred Numf (NL),

“Good tunes! The Power of Intimacy is very good in a classic records quirky way. I like the female vocal saying “connected” and the highly swung rhythms makes for a good interlude track. I can see myself doing a quick mix with this one” Shiuan Liu aka DJ SL (Taipei, Taiwan)

“Your music is really good, thats the kind of music which I like..:) I like it SO MUCH..:)” Agniezka aka Starka (Klaipeda,

“Deep music…reminds me of my free party days back in the mid 90’s. Like it!…”  Clivert aka Dr Meaker (UK)

“We have been BLOWN AWAY by nearly all of Christians productions. They work extremely well on the dancefloor. Unconditional Giving and Sharing the Dancefloor are our Favs. Hes gona BE BIG!!!” Mark & Richard Thompson from Advanced Records (Ireland),

“Thank you for de music!” Jeroen Visee from Eurosound (NL)

“Yo! Thanks for you music Cristian. Keep in touch ;-)” David Gausa (Barcelona, Spain)

“Heeeeeeey! Thanks for the promos 🙂 I’ll make sure to reply with a review to u ASAP! Cheers and thanks again” Morad Kalice (Amman, Jordan),

“Thanks for the link to your music. I will play over the weekend and let you know” DJ Mark Lewis (UK)

“Really nice tunes u did;)” Kevin (Greece),

“`Revival changes’ is a wicked tune!! Good luck with all your upcoming releases!” Andy Butler

“Thanks for sending me these tunes… “Unconditional Giving”  is HOT!!! I will be playing it at my gigs this weekend for sure” Nelson (Belgium),

“Erika + Cristian, Thank you for the freebies, as well as the songs we’ve purchased! GOOD STUFF AS ALWAYS! :-D” Jon + Eric (

“I play your music on my radio show and the listener say is nice!” Oxomoron (Germany)

“Brilliant!!! “Unconditional Giving” is great”  Matthew (Germany)

“This is great stuff!” Charles Fields (Baltimore/Washington DC, USA)

“Loving them promos cheers…there r RIGHT UP my street keep up the good work mate! Speak soon:)” Damien (UK),

“I’ve been hearing more and more about you on the net in the underground… I am really digging the “Unconditional Giving” track…Great work man…simple, clean, moving, and very sexy …. should be on a Global Underground or Renaissance CD… ! Nice work on “Autumn Breeze” as well, great mix man! That first track just speaks to me on a spiritual level man…” Donald Wilborn (Texas, USA)

“Hey i really like the Unconditional Giving alot, VERY GROOVEY!!” Dan Catron (USA),

“I really dig Unconditional Giving!! Maybe we can team up later in the year and collaborate to present a wicked show!?!” Matthew Craig (USA)

“THANK YOU!  Your stuff has been IN MY ROTATION for a while now. Keep up the great work. I play some pretty big PARTIES in Florida” Dan D’mantra (Florida, USA)

“You’r tracks sounds VERY GOOD!! I’m very sorry I can not include them in my sets cause I play only on vinyls. We can work in future :-)” Kevin (Germany),

“Just got a listen to tunes on ur space, liked very much Education & Where do i fit – these tunes sounds cool for my ears! Would love to spin them in the club:)” Mishka (Lithuania),

“At this moment i use 2 of Christians tracks RightSideUp & EquippingEducation on my podcast reguarly, mainly as background tunes when i talk. I want to make one with a complete track! Love to get the updates:)”  Rob van den Bos (The Netherlands),

“Cristian Paduraru is FAST BECOMING a name to watch in european TECH-HOUSE circles – BUILDING a great groove out of many elements & CREATING a very cool vibe” Steve Parry (UK)

“Unconditional Giving is nice, good atmosphere” Chris (USA),

“Wow thats so cool that your so high in da chart n ur tunes are selling so well – praise God!!!  Im sure ur success will grow n grow.  Can’t wait to hear your new tech track” Nathan Cheeseman

“Great tunes, all of yours. Just went through them on Beatport and I AM IMPRESSED! Keep on doing this wonderful music, mate. THE WORLD IS LISTENING!” Thomas Ullrich (Dusseldorf, Germany),

“Just got your “He Knows His Creation” track. Fab! I also choose music and write for our KCTV webzine”  Tatu (UK),

“Hi mate, I like “the power of intimacy” Thank u for the link  :-)” Andrea Cerutti aka Fuzzy Hair (Italy),

“I LIKE the tracks you have up on beatport, Pentateuch and Developing Wishes…..good stuff.  KEEP ME posted on whats new” Naveen Gumpeni (New York, USA)

“Cool tracks! Production is very good and would probably play some of it in my sets… particularly like Light Or Darkness” Moussa Clarke aka Moose (London, UK)

“Awsome work on “Unconditional Giving”. Best work from you so far imo. Will be nailing it to the floor next few gigs. =) Keep up the good work mate!” Yan Sinus,

“Having a listened to some of your tracks on line, some i quite like. I dj in clubs and guest on radio from time to time. I’d be grateful if you send me some stuff” Eoin Banahan aka Dj Banny from Dublin, Ireland

“Unconditional Giving is such an excellent tune with a deep and hypnotic vibe.  It’s groov’n’, and I give it full support” Brandon A. Godfrey,

“Congratulations on your overwhelming success!” Paul from US,

“Hey man!  GREAT tracks.. i really ENJOYED the Power Of Intimacy… a bit more techy!.. great tune! KEEP up the good work!  It’s always good to MEET producers of FINE music!” Loic from Costa Rica (now in Dublin, Ireland)

“I buy ONLY good music, and your music IS really great!” Tom Beltor from Germany

“We are currently playing Minimal Perspective ALL OVER THE PLACE it’s a killer tune!!!!!!!” Dan (Spain),

“Beautiful synth sound! very cool! Charted very good!” Hiromi Ogata aka DJ Hano from Bounenkai (Japan)

“Cristian Paduraru – Unconditional Giving = Superb!!!! Keep up the great work!!” Matthias Frick,

“Just had to stop and say that your music is firce keep up the good work Im a dj in NY and would love to play some of your tracks in the club. Where can i get em?” Tom from New York (USA),

“I wanna play!!!” Tommie Strom from Sweden

“Lovely stuff dude!!! Theres a track early in the mix with a dude humming to the tune…awesome stuff” Ryan,

“Oh very nice one dude…keep it up. i bought What’s your vision last week cuase i jsut love that track man…and Step forward on friday…very very nice man.!!! You better KEEP RELEASING tracks man…” Andre aka Fahrenhite,

“You have been producing some amazing stuff lately. I look forward to hearing some new material” Jake from Massachusetts (USA),

“Really like ur style Cristian. Keep up the great work and ill keep buyin ur tracks 🙂 ps. “If You Want” is amazing!”, Nathan Hall from Canada,

“I watn tell u about ur exelent productions.. Nice sounds, Nice beats.. CONGRATS bro.. I have any productions and when i can I PLAY on my sets” Ivan dj from Mexico

“Excelenta piesa “He knows His Creation” Felicitari!” Radu aka Dj One, Radio VOXT Iasi

“Dig the tracks! I play tech and electro house and your songs do make their way into my sets” Mark Wright from Perth, Australia

“Very groovy deep and funky!” John,

“He Knows His Creation, Yea! My fav! I play it” Sasha,

“Your music is pretty good” Jeff,

“Got a listen/reviewed a couple of your tracks : Bold Sacrifice ( great stuff ) , Minimal Perspective ( luv it, a big big fan of good industrial abstract techno 😉 ) and also Spring Refresh very nice too. I like and am impressed! It’s all good! ” Ade,

“Yeah I really like your the music its great soundtrack material” Curtis,

“I have alot of respect for you. I really enjoyed this sound!!!” John Avenida,

“I have listen to your amazing Electro – Techhouse Mix on Zerinnerung! Wonderful groovy Basslines,deep and dreaming Athmospheres. I like it:-) These Tracks are very good.Top Produceing!!!!” Tom,

“Cristian Paduraru – Developing Creativity – This track itsss greaattt thx;) Turn In On:” Rodrigo (MX),

“I’ve Enjoyed 😉 ‘Developing Creativity’ is a realy nice track, I like it very much! I would  realy like to cooperate with YOU 😉 KarPe,

“I picked up one of the tracks from beatport. I got you on myspace as well. Keep up the good work!” Bis,

“Cristian, i LOVE your stuff and PLAY it in almost any of my tech-house sets. Wicked work, keep it up. May the LIGHT always shine for you and your wife!” Ingo,

“I love your trax called ‘Where Do I Fit?’ ……Congrats…” Alex Costa,

“Hey man, loving the grooves,will most definitely be spinning these at a party soon.
Groovey, techy niceness! thank u very much!” Stephen Porter,

“It will be on my play list of g.d.c.(girls’s dj club) on m2o” Chiara Robiony from Italy,

“Great play list!!! I like very much the Minimal Perpective track and I will download on Beatport with *.wav  quality !!!” Denis aka Dj Atom,

“Thanx for the tracks,sounds very good!” Kevin Calleja from Malta,

“I love your productions, specially the progressive ones, thanks for sending me this promo, i apreciate this, regards and hugs!!” Ianiv Lutzker, Argentina

“I love ur mix m8!! housy minimal techy… i play it in my show soon…” Jordi Riera,

“Really great production. I prefer “developing creativity”. It gives me a feeling for late summer-party-sessions on a beach. I like it. Thanxx” Zdenko Grbavac

“It’s my style! Great!!!” Marcel aka Datasend,

“Love the 2 tracks and i think Dom is putting them in his nxt set on Proton Radio” Nic Carrington,

“I like it,and i will put it on my top 10” Dj Electro One,

“Based on the breadth of your production catalog, you definitely have the needed dedication. Props for that.” Niko Nyman,

“I really enjoy a lot of your productions.Keep it up” James Dupree,

“Good stuff.” Justin,

“Minimal Perspective is great track, drop in a warm up set” Andy Coleman,

“Minimal Perspective has got some nice hooks and groove in it. More of a warm up track for me or for a 6 hour marathon set.” Steve Linney,

“Hey mate, thanks, I have been playing Minimal Perspective out quite a lot to some great reactions!! Keep it up J” Jon Gurd,

“Nice chart plus the Minimal Perspective track is pretty cool too” Mym Tokyo,

“Minimal Perspective is cool, gonna try it out on saturday in th’ club!! Nice and smooth clicking beats!” A’dam (NL),

“The Creative one is quality! The idea is well executed so I can hear a couple of the guys being able to use:) Liking the tunes, Thanks dude!” Chris Gaines,

“I like ‘Minimal Perspective’ better because of it’s deeper and better groove. You have a punchy sounds in your tracks. I look forward to hear more.” Timo Rozendal from NL,

“Top marks for the new track ‘Developing Creativity’. Will definitely be playing this out on sunday in the UK and putting it on my new promo mix” Ryan Gibson (UK),

“Nice traxx, mate. Good work. Enjoy yourself!!!” Sergio Matina,

“Very very cool your releases” Valerio Conte,

“Congratulations for Sharing Confidance and for Born Again” Angelo Battilani,

“We are more than happy to support your work on PlasticAge Radio Australia” Ned Karagich,

“Sharing Confidance is amazing, great track! Will chart it for sure next month… 🙂 I really like this kind of tunes… 🙂 Great job!” Manuel Sofia Sainz”

“HouseMusic Loves You!!” Wally Callerio,

“Miminal Perspective is an ACE record. Been playing it loads. Minimal but remembers to be groovey as hot and builds and builds and builds!! Will play it tonight at The Key (awesome sound system) and the main room of Turnmills in the morning at VVVWI :)” Dan Catz (UK)

“Very deep emotive music. Loving both pieces. Both tracks sits safely on top of my pile of this genre” Demi,

“A very very very good production… Disco Bomb!!!!” Mirko Paoloni,

“Just wanted to tell you that I thought your intelligent electronic musical style mirrors my own in many ways.” Mazin Darghous,

“I especially liked “Sharing Confidance” wicked tune! “Developing Creativity” is a cool track, like the vocal samples.” Joe Romano,

“Minimal Perspective – A lot, much beautiful one… Much particular… ti door in a travel oniricus, made of sounds and surrealistic atmospheres… I make mine you compliments” Ale Danzi,

“I like Developing Creativity and will be promoting it on the show.” Barry Rooke aka Dj Ampz,

“Good and very deep stuff. Going to nominate that for april vinyl top 50” Ab van Haren,

“The tunes are great, specially the first one!” Marcin Zajalc aka Poziom-X,

“The tracks are great. They will defiantly be on my play list.” James Tobin (Denver, USA),

“We will play one of your tracks on our monthly webradioshow “the trip” on Frisky Radio. It is truly a pleasure to enjoy your music! Great groove” Feodor & Frango,

“Congrats for the efforts and the recent DeeplyDeep release… keep up the niceness…we’ll spin those for sure!” Peripherial Crew,

“I just played your tune “Sharing Confidance” as an intro in the early hours of my 3hr set. Recieved a lot of head-turners, meaning…they’d look at me and smile and nod their head. Great job ;)” Praveen Achary,

“Great stuff!! thanks mate :)” Aleks aka PsyCodEd,

“I will certainly play those tracks on my shows, it is high-quality material!!!” Giorgio Ponticelli,

“Oooo i loooove your trancy stuff can i have some to go… that born again track sounds spiffy? I will play on KGLT fm on saturday night” Dj Dunamiss,

“Nice tracks I like them :)” Greg,

“Spring Refresh supported in There’s glitch in my soup” Andres Escallon aka Dres,

“Charted Recognised Trustworthy no.1 and supported in The Enlightened Mind show on” Dj Alex Kerr,

“Cool tracks…” Rui Da Silva,

“The first time i ever heard of u was on Audiojelly… I fell in love with a track called “Free To Choose”. Your style is the perfect blend of techno i enjoy. Keep working the magic…” Frank Marquis (Midway, Georgia, United States)

“Really nice one the Minimal Perspective song. Will play and support this. Hope to hear more from you soon!” Jorge Garcia aka ClubberVision,

“Love your work! Just bought about 12 of your tracks. You’re a great producer!!” Henk aka Dj Maslow,

“Excellent productions Christian. Your productions are brilliant mate, bought some from EDM before it closed.” Nightshift (NL)

“Just having a listen to your tracks now and they sound wicked. Would love to get a copy of them.” Andrew Wright aka XI,

“Really enjoyed the tracks!!!!” Jason Hill,

“Developing Creativity was charted no.1 on Down Shift Radio for April 2006” Dan Bino,

“Very nice and minimal 🙂 Great deep sounding vibes from the black sea, sweet. Stay tuned” Catalin Faget (Canada)

“Very nice stuff. keepem comin :)” Saeed,

“Congratulations, respect and we wish you a good work.” Cloudz Factory Project,

“Developing Creativity is a really nice tune with a great feel… definetely will play this one” Hardy Heller (DE)

“Great stuff!!” Aleks,

“Sounds cool!””Martin H,

“Developing Creativity…Nice one!” Tracy,

“Nice tunes! Developing Creativity is my style.” Tarkan,

“I would like to receive your promos. I really like your stuff I checked on Beatport.Thank you and keep up the good work!”, Terry Bones

“People will enjoy your stuff (I liked it), I went to your site and listened. Nice deep techy house.” Nick Nice,

“I really enjoy listening and spinning your tracks. Keep it up, you’re style is very fresh and a welcome change. thanks” Marz,

“Thanks a lot Cristian, your tunes are awesome!!!!” Gabe de Wielen (Hungary)

“I really enjoy your demostuff an perhaps i would like to release it on karateklub” Steffen,

“I’m a real fan of Cristian works. I like very much his groove and overall the sound quality….Very professional….I have purchasd all his production” Alessandro Nico, Alectric

“Very nice!” Sender Records (Germany)

“Lots of love!” Damae (Germany)

“Really nice stuff! I liked “dancefloor sharing” and “thinking included” the most. Really cool!” “good overall sound and quality of
production” Jussi-Pekka Parikka,

“I really enjoy your stuff” Steffen,

“I have had a brief chance to check out the material and I though there was some really interesting. I would be very interested in hearing more!” Will,

“Good tracks.” Oliver Goedicke, Unlimited

“Thanks much for your music. It’s quite good!” Sean O’Neal,

“Minimal Perspective makes the dancefloor WORK! =)” Blake (Texas)

“This guy is on fire, the bomb! When ever I am on Beatport his tracks always get pulled down. Great stuff!!!” Richard Martin aka Merlyn Martin (LA, CA)

“If You Want” is outstanding and this unearthly vocal…. eek I bought it immediately” Phil Jensky

“I’ve listened to the tracks, I was really impressed and totally dug them. I was gonna say I liked one more than the other but I dig them both the same” Summerjoy from Philadelphia,

“There is some intriguing material there – It would be great to link up and get some of your acts featured on our site!” James Hargreaves,

“Awesome, jam-packed, interesting, cool website you have here and I totaly dig it !” IML,

“Your music is crazy :)) I love them. Thanks!” Snake Sedrick,

“Ur music is fireeeeeeeeeeeeee thnxxx all keep on the rythemmmm ;)” Controlll Music

“I am liking what I’m hearing (currently listening to tunez) thus far.” Lisa (aka dj Rimzi)

“Nice tracks, thank you” Andr‚/Apoll,

“Cristian really knows what he is doing. Any of these could be massive in the right hands.” MATTHEW HISCOCK, Bootleg Sounds

“If You Want” track played on Proton Radio by STEFAN ANION and JORDAN DANIELS in the Blue Industries Showcase.

“My favorite has to be “Bold To Sacrifice” – some beautiful sounds and a great loop…” “Sharing the dancefloor, again another very good tune with some lovely elements” Ryan Ashmore (London, United Kingdom)

About “Renewal Chance”: “I like the sound of this track – cool bassline!” – JUSTIN GARRETT, Plastic Fantastic / Harlem

“Your tracks are great. I like some of them a lot. I love: Are You Fighting, Born Again, Express Yourself, Minimal Perspective. We are very interested to work with you.” ANDRE, NEUROTRON / Night Drive Music

“Nice touches. You can use lift and hands in the air for a build up towards a massive break and to incorporate a bit more techno influences in order to achieve tempo and drive in your production. Good luck!” DUCO, TSUNAMI / Purple-Eye

“The tracks we like the most are: Connected, Walk In The Light, Unleash The Comfort, Unconditional Giving” ERIC.B,

“Pretty good stuff.” STROUD (SF, USA) Mining Vinyl

“There were some great beats and pieces on here, and i particularly like some of the fake style click-house.” Cass (London, UK)

“I like youre tracks very much!! Just the same style i spinn 🙂 Greetzzz” Jarzinho Nobrega aja Dj Jar (NL) htttp://

“Dude, you got skillz. I really liked all your tracks listed there, but I really loved “He Knows His Creation” and “Pozitive Education” as a B-side. I would like to buy all the tracks.” DJ 4o4,The Blend

“Jaimy and i listened to your samples and def like it:) We both think your productions are very good and very musical. You definitely have talent.” IRIS, FATAL MUSIC / Drum Mode

“Nice to see you doing so much different music.” STEFAN RIESSEN, MORRIS AUDIO

“I am very impressed with your work and sound. It would be a pleasure to work with you and see what we can build together.” JOHN FRANCIS, DanceBEAT

“I LIKE most of ur tracks. Metanoia, Free To Choose and Connected are my FAVOURITES” Ben Brierley (USA)

“I really enjoyed He_Knows_His_Creation. Nice techy groove there.” David Ekenbacks (Sweden)

“Lovely stuff!!! Born_Again, Metanoia, If You Want. Top my list of faves.” Marc Deon (USA)

LANCE CASHION (PROTON RADIO) said this much about Cristian “This guy is on fire!”, “‘Awesome stuff”.

“I like Shareing The Dancefloor” very much:)” SATOSHI FUMI, C.P.Asil Prod

“Great music you have there… ;)” MIKE-HUNTER

“Cool tracks: He Knows His Creation and Pozitive Education. Some great DJ-food 🙂 MARTIN SCHROEDER, De Grooves

“Yeah man – your stuff is really good. I like the diversity in sounds that you offer. Good stuff.” SAM GRACIE, Resonant Vibes

“Open Minded will be sure included on my next mix !!! I don’t know how to thank you for such great deep music” Mitch (Italy)

“I’m really happy to see you are doing well with your music:) The funny thing is, last week I received Jaimy’s chart for Beatport and he charted “Step Forward” J He was also very surprised to receive this promo and then I told him we already were in touch since a year or so ago. Luca Ricci is also a great fan of your music!” Iris (NL)

“Cristian, I am loving your tracks:) I’m playing all 4 that you have sent me: Developing Creativity, Minimal Perspective, The Power Of Intimacy, Unconditional Giving… Excellent tunes, All going over well for me! Your style is right up my alley. Thanks again for the incredible music” Jerry Bonham (San Francisco, USA)

“Ive been playing “IF YOU WANT” OMG AMAZING” Richie Santana (New York, USA)

“You are exploding! Congratulations!  I can’t wait to play the new songs at my gig next weekend:)” James Tobin (Denver, USA),

“I love the Unconditional Giving track. That one is awesome. I love your music :)” Etain (Denver, USA)

“The ‘Developing Creativity’ is the LICK! This is what i am looking for. LOVING this” Robert Paine from Philadelphia,

“Hi Cristian, sounds good breakier and electro stuff. Love to hear it in its FULL FATNESS” Adam Freeland (Brighton, UK),

“You have talent man! Thank you for being you! You can contact me anytime” Kris (Los Angeles, USA)

“Wow! This are awesome funky rhythms with amaizing hooks! Thank you for this tracks.” JONDI, Looq

“First of all thanks a lot for the professionell way to represent you and your music. I think there is a big potential and good chance to work together.” TOM VERTIKAL, Vertikal Records

“My best compliments goes to you guys for a so rich and “wide range” quality production. Keep on doing that good music 😉 ROB, JOSE AMNESIA

“Production is very good and would probably play some of it in my sets… particularly like Light or Darkness” DJ MOOSE, Oven Ready Productions

“I enjoyed listening to all your tracks. You are building up quite an impressive Discography of material!” Olly Sterio (UK)

“I love your tracks. I think ‘Pozitive Education’ is my favourite…” Mike Koglin (UK, Europe)

“Your production and sound is outstanding, and we love the fact that your tracks are minimal. ‘Open Minded’ is wicked. Please keep up the good work, your tunes stand out.” PIG & DAN,

“Yoooooo man great tracks I love your style.  I will definetly rock some of your tunes at my next gig in hollywood!  I am really feeling Sharing track” Charlie (California, USA)

“I love ‘What’s Your Visions?’ I have seen Judge Jules buys your tracks” Tom Neptunes (Dijon, France)

“Sending big support and respect from Slovenia!” Ian F (Slovenia, Europe)

“I play Open Minded in warm up. nice and techy. has a good dubby vibe. nice detroit stabs! I like If You Want a lot. i wish there was no vocal. i’d play it loads. its really pretty synths and simple sounds. nice drive. gallops. i like it. Charted” Chloe Harris (Seattle, USA)

“really a kool tracks!!!” james benitez

“I bloody love your tunes dude!! havnt heard a single one that I dont love.Sorry for the ass kissing-but its true!” Tim Green (UK, Europe)

“Yesterday evening at Barcode I have played Elisa_Burchett_&_Cristian_Paduraru_-_For_Believers and the people like this :o)” Sebu

“We here at masspool is a hugh supporter of your music, keep up the great
work! It’s a pleasure work such great tracks and the masspool members love it. Your mix was rocking here in Boston” dj Gary Cannavo (Boston, USA)

“I really appreciate your work really cool track, I buy some on beatport and regular play at my show live in club or on radio” Dj K2 (Italy, Europe)

“Your last production, “sharing confidance” is great ;-)” Dave Hyde (France, Europe)

“For Believers”  good trax from Mr Paduraru… 33,3% Deep Influence + 33,3% Power Electro House + 33,3% Eclectic Burchett’s Vox  = 100% Crowd Insane Reaction!!! “Christian In The World”  sinserely I dont come crazy for this traxx… but is sure… that is an Innovative Lysergic Trip from Romania!!! :-)” Sergio Matina (Italy, Europe)

“Cristian Paduraru – Open Your Eyes (ROM) Christian charted in Balance Record Pool” (USA)

“I’ll took “Accepting the Differences” and “Light or Darkness” I love all of it.  I just love being immersed in sound.  So nice.  :)” Ryan Vettese aja Dj Mikeryan (Toronto, Canada)

“Sharing The Dancefloor… just like the name says !! Dancefloor hit. Yes, charted Very Good” Darkice aka Elie Salem (Las Vegas, USA) Empier

“Sharing The Dancefloor: I love this track. I love your label. Professionally. Excellent work.!!!! And thanks you!!! Yes, Charted Very Good” DJ Daniel aka Daniil Sitnikov (Russian Federation) K-21, Cuba-Libre, Plaza, Choice, Impreza, Neo

“Your music is 100% welcome for me” Martey M

“They sound so beautiful!! the dub version and it is amazing! I love your music, I am gonna play everything cause it sounds so nice!
greetings and love from greece and london, wishing all the best for you and your lovely family helena my pleasure ive also noticed you are friends with a good friend of mine, anna maria x from swift records cool!” Helena (Greece)

“Massive thanks for your music. For Believers with Elisa is savage played it out last nite and got a great response will play it on my monthly radio spot :), all so Borderline with Jody 10/10 looking forward to what’s coming next :)” Derek Hayes

“I LOVE THE WORD OF GOD! it’s a pleasure for me to  representing the music label and receive the promos!” Sergio D’Angelo (Italy)

“Hey man, cool to meet ya… we’ve got a common friend that recommended your tunes to me, Neil F on, he also gave me “Freedom” and its been spinning on my sets even since 🙂 much props for that tune! 🙂 talk soon again, i did like your sound very much!” Reza from Dirtyworx (Stockholm, Sweden, Europe)

“I am pleased to inform you that “Inclusive Mindset” made my playlist for the Tuesday, September 5th, edition of UCHRadio! The UCHRadio playlist will also be listed on Downshiftradio and” UCH (NY, USA)

“Reality” got #1 on  Genres Top Ten for Prog/Tribal in September! i rocked a couple of your tracks, “knows his creation” and “sharing t,” both went over really well, played “creation” during a more dancy techy house set and on sat night rocked “sharing” with some progressive stuff, had the dance floor looked and poeple were lovin it…. ” Lachlan Scotland (California, USA)

“Follow You (Cristian Paduraru Mix) sounds nice 😉 Andrew K (Greece)

“Really like the groove of “Follow You”.  This is perfect warm up material for us!!!” Jay (UK, Europe)

“Really nice job on Follow You. Great stuff. A bit housey for us but a nice tune” Colin Moreh

“The remixes and Sharing Transparently are both really good…” Evers (UK)

“Love your stuff, keep it comin ;)” Fernando Kriete aka FerK (Spain, Europe)

“Cristian i really like your tracks i would like to make some news and an interview ands offer your mix download on my website. Nice job” Kamran aka DJ Kam (Ecuador)

“Yeah!! i love your tracks !” Mozart Riggi (Brazil)

“I’m listening atm to your new version of “You Can Change Me 2007”. It’s really nice!! It is great mate =) The “Follow You” Track on your profile is also very nice =)” Michael Pabler (Germany)

“I appreciate the support, and I also enjoyed your tunes on your webpage. C’est phat!” Jean-Paul Bondy

“I played Follow You (Cristian Paduraru Mix) on my radio show Digiprana Sounds.  You can view a complete playlist at It is a really great track and I’ve been spinnin’ it quite a bit. Keep up the great work!” UCH (New York, USA)

“You are the best Cristian Paduraru!” Kostas Skretas (Greece)

“Love your cool new tracks, especially that electro tool.” Sonny Woodworth

“Really like your production mate. Keep it up like that” Mass G (England, Europe)

“Thank for you latest promo tracks.I love them, especially your colaboration with Jody Watley for Borderline = Beatiful… Vibes..vibes…vibes.. Great for every djset!! I will include it in my next deep-proggy session” Robero (Italy, Europe)

“Yeah man, diggin your tunes, heard you on, of all places and Lee Burridge, was diggin that toon man 🙂 Take care” Ryan Donahue (NY, USA)

“Amazing promo Christian. Ive seen u have done well. Keep it up cause your name is coming up in so many different websites. Thanks for your kind attention” Ofo Nunez (El Salvador)

“Right Side Up – CONGRATS, it comes as no surprise – your music is AWESOME” Davizm (USA)

“Right Side Up! Turning Up! Really amazing track” DJ Steve K (Russia)

“In my chart your track The Edge is number 1” DJ Steve K (Russia)

“From this little town of savannah, georgia the love and respect has come back to you full circle. Thank you” Nicholas Jones (USA)

“Im diggin the new tunes as usual… keep up the good work.  Hit me up with all the news and I’ll put them in my next mix” Tom aka Sleepyhollow

“First and foremost the music that has changed my life and inspired me to do what i do. Without the music there would be no scene. Secondly its the coming together of people from every differnt walks of life that have come together because of the music and the scene and the friendships that are always made” Nick Liousias (London, UK)

“Likewise! cheers mate, and keep those vibes pumpin, diggin the tracks man, keep em comin” Ben aka Tastemakers (UK)

“That’s a great question! The unlimited possibility of the music and the way so many people can relate to it and experience it. That never gets old. You’ve got good music.. keep on!” Chris Infin8 (San Diego, USA)

“Thank you very very much for the music!” Mark Winston aka Reed & Winston (Germany, EU)

“Maximum creativity… alright!” Jacksin (Alabama, USA)

“Thanks for your open approach to music” Adam G aka Majex (Australia)

“I will surprise you 😉 big huge from this big fan from portugal!! ” C Punk (Portugal)

“It’s so nice to mix your music!” Chille Jr (Crotia, EU)

“Thank you very very much for the music!” Miika Kuisma (Finland, EU)

“Your production’s really solid. All the best” Thor Kell aka DJ Fractal (Canada)

“I grabbed Recognize Trustworthy and Open Minded from Mr. Cristian Paduraru, those are awesome. I’m very interested in your tracks” Haroun Omar

“You rock!” Davin Greenwell & Justin Humber (Canada)

“Accepting the differences & watch my mouth = I am definately feeling this one, very good to swing n’ groove to this, vocals really work well. This should be a big hit with the ladies too! Much respect. Phil aka DJ Zcoda (UK, EU)

“Wish you good luck for the project” Philipp & Patrick aka M.A.N.D.Y. (Germany, EU)

“Just wanted to say that i like your music (everybody says this but ok)” John Hellson (Germany, EU)

“I want send for you BIG RESPECT from me & some my friends… We really like to play and listen your tunes! Amazing style!!!!!!! Loves The Only Drug – this is BIG BOMB for me! What a BASS!!!!!!! what a vocal!!!! all remixes really amazing too.. Borderline – chillest & rocks for me! Your music really amazing! thx for add!!!! All the best for you!!!! ” Sasha Klemckin (Rusia)

“Cristian Paduraru’s “Fire in Water” is a slow burning progressive breaks track that plugs at you until you’re ready to groove away in the bedroom or grind on the dance floor of a club post-3am. It’s got a rich, warm bassline that corresponds really well with the interesting beat structure and techy stabs and Bedrock-esque samples that flow abundantly. After about three minutes, the tune suddenly turns all old school PQM on you and belts out with crazy hats and symbols and inspires absolute madness, whilst the bassline still chugs away. The simple yet smooth melody adds a great dark atmosphere, and the bongo sounds later on remind me of some Paul Van Dyk tribal sets, but with our much-favoured broken beat. If you like your breaks dark, deep and progressive, have a listen to this tune at: ITM/Trackitdown: Christian Paduraru – Fire in Water”  Meester (Australia)

“BIG ups! Keep on making special music, my friend! Luv from Denmark!” Djuma Soundsystem (Denmark)

“Hi!! Cristian Paduraru thank you for the music!” Tomomi Ukumori (Japan)

“Def feeling your productions… keep up the good work” Jose Velez (New Jersey)

“Just got the tracks just now.  lovin the the melodic warmth in the shall we dance track, thought the kick could maybe be a wee bit tougher. My Beatroot night is on the 16th, ill be sure to drop it and give you more feedback!! Ricky Palys (Scotland)

“Techtonic supports an excellent collection of mixes of Cristian Paduraru’s outstanding Inclusive Mindset, featuring remixes that sit at home in the minimal, deep techno, and progressive record bags. Cristian Paduraru is a pioneering producer in the deeper techno and house scene, he has had releases and remixes on labels including Absurd Recordings, Night Drive Music, LDU Records, Proton Music, and his own labels Christian Music and 2Ls 2 Dance. Cristian lays down the original mix in this new Techtonic EP, keeping true to his acclaimed lush sound, Inclusive Mindset is a masterpiece, fusing elements of techno and house into a deep and soulful groove that shuffles along with amazing precedence.” Vortechtral, assaultsystems, dj aura (UK)

“Your techno tracks are really nice in every house set ;-)” Volker (Germany)

“Well, let’s start with “Shall We Dance?”. It’s a dancefloor stormer for sure! It contains all the elements of electronic music which are popular these days – punchy drums, crunchy bass, electronic bleeps and catching female vocal. Who needs more? 🙂 I gonna chart “Shall We Dance?” in February. “Right Side Up” is a cool deep house track. It’s quite minimal but has the nice groove. I started a lot of my sets in january with this track and it works very well for this purpose! Waiting for you new tracks! Keep up your good work!” Pavel Nezamaev (Rusia)

“Heeellooo Cristian Paduraru!!!!! Amazing trax ive send the songs to another dj so he can play it out i will play them out, take care my freind and good luck with you producing my good freind. Good to hear some good music!!!” Jorgen Jonassen aka DJ Drame (Norway)

“I really have no idea who is going to be on fire for this year. my thoughts however….CRISTIAN PADURARU! This guy is a production monster. I was thorougly impressed with the amount of tracks this guy has put out in 2006. How much of that will actually be released??? No idea. I will say that while everything he has made has been nothing short of chartworthy, I’d like to see him really push the envelope this year and crank out a couple standout tunes as opposed to stuff that’s hitting peoples playlists but going unremembered” (washington)

“We like much “rigth side up” to we will include in our Sets, thanks” sergio (Spain)

“This is a solid track. I will be playing free to choose tomorrow…wish me luck!! Thank you for keeping the great tunes coming! I just got an offer for a release on a track, i’m very excited, so thank you for the influence! How in God’s name do you get so much written!?!?” Randy Seidman from Mushroom (LA, CA)

“Good idea.. thanks for sending ur tracks to innovate and sequential”  Matt Samuels ( United Kingdom )

“I would love to be in your promo pool…I would use the promos as any dj would… SPinning the sickness before it hits the streets… It would make going into my email an adventure every week… With the advancement of digital tunes… the music has far more to grow… If you would liek to see how i use tracks i enjoy… Hit up my podcast…” Matt Strutz

“hello cristian .. wel id use it take the track to a nother level and if i love will spin it and include it in my rotations on air and in the club ;)” DJSoul (New York)

“I already get some of your stuff off the release promo site and so far the stuff has been real good. We play every other week at big dj events (upcoming events include: digweed, mstrkrft, hector romero, satoshi tomiie and others) so your stuff gets people bumping  hehe. I really like the remix opportunity the most.. i think thats an great idea. so hope to hear from you guys.” Peter Sajche

“Hi Cristian!  I want to be a part of this special offer because I am a HUGE fan of your music.  I am always looking for cutting edge sounds to spin at various local clubs…and you are always on the cutting edge.  I anticipate that 2007 will be your best year yet.  I want to help push your music to more people.” Jason Winnell (Virginia)

“Free To Choose is a tech progressive breakz with well incorporated chords and nice sence of rhytm.Some cutted and delayed vocals which apear  at breakdown give an extra swing to this track.deffinitelly another goody from Cristian. Yes, will play it and chart it!” Vrcakovski Filip from Gramofon Magazine (Macedonia)

“Warming Up Your Mind is such a nice tech house, really driving rythm and complex sublimat of dozzens of small elements…always support for one of the most hard working guys” Vrcakovski Filip from Gramofon Magazine (Macedonia)

“Thanks for Emotion Comes From Motion track! Very cutting edge and sonic. Great sound.” Bryant Autrey from Audiofase (NY)

“Check this guy out.. Cristian Paduraru! He has been putting out some wicked productions.” DJ Mykee (Washington)

“Awesome:) Thanx for the add! I’ve been waiting for it. Love your music. Great sound! You’re always in my sets:) I most certainly look forward to building relations with you! King regards a great fan of your work” Tobias aka DJ Tobiah (Norway)

“I Like all of the Produced Tracks I have Heard to Date and think you are a brilliant musician and producer.Your minimal tracks are Just the right Form and energy and even if you want to build on it there is plenty of room for expantion thanx to your simplicity and drive Thanx for the tremendous gesture of sharing your work with the world ,and I hope this all comes back Ten fold Thanx again” DJ Will Travel (Catania, USA)

“Man i just have to say… i love your music… keep it going don’t ever stop… respect :)” DJ Amor (Croatia)

“Really digging “Turning Up” at the moment!” Simon Brooks (UK)

“Absolutly!!!!! Yes!!!” DJ Ulrich Van Bell (Belgium)

“Thanx for those two productions, Cristian! very nice and deep work!!!  really diggin’ it, will play these tracks at my minimal residency in Munich!” Bernd Andergassen

“Cheers, great tracks” DMS12

“Cristian Paduraru – Fill You Up Remix is very tough, bass runs nicely and when the acid sound starts to filter in you get a feel of urgency and when the beats are quatized and the just get smaller and smaller really worked for a 4 beat fill. Also when that lead kicks in it jus makes the track what it is, absolute filth. All in all a very well put together and very nice track” Tommy MC aka DJTEE 2003 (UK)

“Thank you, great productions tho I like my tunes more driving!” Les Hemstock

“Thanks for the great material: Tonic 02 I liked a lot both the original and DJ Aura’s mix. nice work on the vocals.
minimal and effective on the dance floor in different ways. and i’ll play them for sure Assault Systems is a good teck house mix as well, but less innovative than the above 2. vortechtral’s mix is energetic. Overall, is a good package, that will offer something for everyone.” SIRION001 i like voltek’s mix better than others. the original version has great sounds, but it doens’t pick up speed at any point. too deep. sonic’s version puts some energy in the release. please keep sending me stuff.” Milly

“As always quality tunes by christian!!!!!!!thanks a lot for the promos, im sure im gonna enjoy them a lot!” Pablo Roma (Argentina)

“I really like the Greed mix of ‘Fill You Up’ which I will play. The guys from Techtonic live a few minutes away from me and I know them well. Small world!” Danny aka Dj Dan Oliver (United Kingdom)

“Hey Cristian, what’s up, everything cool here in Costa Rica, thanks for the promos, your E.P. on Sirion is very good, my favorite is the Sonic Cube & Greed remix, nice uplifting groove that will make people dance for sure, good peak hour track, wicked remix; your other release on Techtonic rocks, my choice there is the Dj Aura mix, nice minimal madness, dark feeling all over.  Ok brother, thanks for everything, God bless you….” Fernando Jose Ortiz Soto (Costa Rica)

“Hey mate. I really like Fill You Up (Voitek Mix) . Great funky but dark vibe. Not too overstated. Thanks for sending them through!” Matt Rowan (Australia)

“Cheers!!!!!!!!! Very Sheek Minimal Tech Records………Good Work Gets My Support…….Peace ,,,,,,,,,,Keep Rockin” DJ Sted-E

“will be caining both original mixes of inclusive mindset and fill you up. The basslines sound great on the huge systems and the grooves are fantastic & deeeeep!!!  great work cristian, more please!” Chris Nobles (UK)

“My most fav track by far is Vortechtral’s Sunrise Remix. This is just my honest opinion as a female dj – producer and is written with respect to you and your music journey…” Brenda Macintyre aka DJ Kwe (Canada)

“i have listened to some tunes and they are nice” Mike Cowie aka DJ mcenergy (New Zealand)

“Simply Awesome… Cant wait to play these out, loving Vortechtrals rework of inclusive mindset… can see that being a rather big number on the dance floor, also loving Aura’s remix… Very minimal but loving that bass line, Sonic Cube & Greed have well and truely scored a master piece of a rework on Fill you up, can see this instantly being a hit in our place… Will be adding these to my ipod to get very familiar with them… Good work again Cristian!” JaiB! ( United Kingdom)

“10x a lot i ll play in my mix in my show dark senses next week on! best regards bro ! take care ! perfect sounds !” Georgi Nikolov (UK)

“Hey thanks for the Tonic EP! I liked the original, assault systems & DJ Aura remix. Really good deep stuff 🙂 I also received your other EP from Sirion, that one rocks as well. Keep it up :)” Eelke Kleijn (NL)

“Great set of mixes!!! FILL YOU UP:  Great tune.  Should move the dancefloor brilliantly, love the Mondunique mix.  Very Deep with the electro baslines.  A real late night arse shaker!  (not too keen on the Cube & Greed mix though) INCLUSIVE MINDSET:  Better again.  All about the after party on this one!  Original’s a real deep one and good as a building block but stand out track is Vortechtral’s mix.  Really goes well on the dancefloor and people seem to check it.  Assault Systems is good but a bit to dark for normal hours.  Its more of an afterhours thing” Jason Pepperell (UK)

“Thanks for the promos. Tonic02: I’m going for the original here, with Christian’s minimal, slow groove, with some twisted effects. Minimal & electro is cuting edge right now, and this is a great tool. Also on a minimal tip, with a more laidback and old-school sound, i’ll also play Assault System’s mix, and Dj Aura’s very techy mix, with a jumpy bassline and weird synth effects that i like. Sirion 001: Original mix is well produced, minimal with deep feeling, 7/10 And Voltek’s mix got a killer groove that will sure please the crowd 7/10.” Rogerio Romao aka Dj Groovy (PT)

“Hi Cristian! Your Fill You Up track is on Soundfront Underground this week..great sounds and mixes. hugs” Megan Taylor (USA)

“Thank you for you the update lovely music absoloute stunning stufff” Jorgen Jonassen aka DJ Drame (Norway)

“Thanks for sending me your latest tracks. I like both of them and l will be playing them out. “Fill You Up” is a cool tune. My favourite mixes are the Original Mix and the Modunique Remix. “Inclusive Mindset” is also good. My favourite mixes on this one are the Original Mix and the DJ Aura Remix. Thanks again for the tunes” Anthony Pappa (UK)

“Thank you for having me in your promo pool. Always happy to receive and play your music.” Tolis Q from Quantized Music (Greeece)

“Cheers for the two EP’s they are wicked right up my street, I’ll definitely be charting and destroying dance floors over the weekend with these :)” Derek Hayes

“I loved the new tracks.  I left my harddrive at work, so I can’t tell right now which ones they were, but there were two mixes in those releases that blew me away. Keep making music man!!! I’ll keep playing it” Jonathan Burnham aka Rev Jude (North Carolina)

“Love to recieve your promos” Nicholas Van Orton (Argentina)

“Play all your tracks in this area 🙂 Manolik K (Romania)

“Hey buddy. Keep sending me stuff upfront…. Been playing it a lot.” Tim Andresen (Denmark)

“Thanks for the lovely music! Shall We Dance – Rocks!…works for me everytime…and I play 6 Nights a week in Phuket Thailand! The new track – Fill Me Up is quite good, though a bit on the slow bpm side. The Original mix is right up my alley but, the Modunique Remix has been finding it’s way into my sets due to it’s punchy production! Thanks and look forward for more to come!” DJ Mikey Mike (Thailand)

“I like your stuff!” Paul Kanevsky (UK)

“Very cool cristian. I really dig the variance on both EPs… ranging from stark minimal to almost melodic electro… Both EPs contain definate plays, whether it be starting a set off or destroying it at peak hour….” Matt Strutz aka and also the pilot (Pennsylvania)

“Good production!” Dan Bino (New York)

“Fill You Up has some great remixes in there. I’d give this release an 8/10. Very good work from all! Inclusive Mindset has some great remixes too and also a 8/10” Ariel Cybana (USA)

“Really digging Inclusive Mindset…remixers did a great job! I really like Fill You Up…the original and Modunique mixes are my favorites.” David Christopher aka Deviant from Headrush Music

“Like the dark twisted Fill You Up mixes for adding some distinctiveness to my sets — in my bag!” Megan Long for Spesh (San Francisco)

“The inclusive mindset EP is awesome. I Techtonic returns with an excellent collection of mixes of Cristian Paduraru’s outstanding Inclusive Mindset, featuring remixes that sit at home in the minimal, deep techno, and progressive record bags.
Cristian Paduraru is a pioneering producer in the deeper techno and house scene, he has had releases and remixes on labels including Absurd Recordings, Night Drive Music, LDU Records, Proton Music, and his own labels Christian Music and 2Ls 2 Dance. Cristian lays down the original mix for the new Techtonic EP, keeping true to his acclaimed lush sound, Inclusive Mindset is a masterpiece, fusing elements of techno and house into a deep and soulful groove that shuffles along with amazing precedence.
Remixes from Vortechtral,Assault Systems & DJ Aura.” DJ Jack (Belgium)

“Nice work!” James Smith from Richmond Records (Canada)

“Good work, Cristian Paduraru” Joachim J (France)

“Promos will get exposure in New Orleans, Louisiana. ’nuff said, right?” Gio Graphix aka DJ Lepus (USA)

“Like the lush sounds in Vortechtral’s Sunrise remix of Inclusive Mindset. I will be playlisting this, great track.” Karl Sankey aka Nem (UK)

“Thanks guys, some dayum fine trax specially that vortec mix ” Lee Stubblefield

“A big thanks from italy for the 2 releases. I really love them!!! I play them on my radio show” Joy Kitikonti (Italy)

“Nice tracks, especially the Cristian_Paduraru_-_Inclusive_Mindset_DJ _Aura_Remix” Sander van Doorn (NL)

“Producer in the deeper techno and house scene, he has had releases and remixes on labels including Absurd Recordings, Night Drive Music, LDU Records, Proton Music, and his own labels Christian Music and 2Ls 2 Dance.Once again here is the darker side of housemusic.Only for the open-mind. Cristian Paduraru – Inclusive Mindset (Original)  *Very Minimal and Dark* Inclusive Mindset (Vortechtral’s Sunrise Remix)*This mix has that Euro Tech sound to it,might not be your cup of tea unless you want to be unique in your set. 7 of 10 Inclusive Mindset (Assault Systems Remix)*Electroinc voices and sounds that can work on your dance floor depending which crowd can handle deep chords. 7 of 10 Inclusive Mindset (DJ Aura Remix)*This mix is hot!!The Best Mix on this EP.Dark Hard beats with a jackin Chicago feel to it.I’ll play this anytime! 8 of 10” Sammy Rock aka Soul Oasis (Florida)

“Great tracks! Thanks for the promos WIcked stuff!” Dan Carton (Missouri, USA)

“Sonic Cube & Greed Mix is banging prog-electro tech. What an awesome warm-up track !!!!!! 8.5/10 Original is top-notch stuff as well. Thanks much for the promos!!!” Varun Prakash (Thailand)

“Fill you up – Modunique Remix – Cristian Paduraru – Sirion Records is mine ! nice vibe. thanks” Rolandas aka Uncle Roll from Organzza Radio (Lithuania)

“I love the Sonic Cube & Greed mix of Fill You Up!  Really nice bassy, groovy house.  Will definitely be supporting on my radio show and at my housier gigs.  The other tracks are really well made, nice to listen to at home but aren’t the kind of thing I’d play out.” Stu Cox (UK)

“Thanks for the tracks! I’m enjoying the Voltek Remix of Fill You Up. The DJ Aura Remix of Inclusive Mindset is the one for me. Will play these out.” Ryan Sullivan (Africa)

“Enjoyed the first two promos, used the originals in my latest mix, check it out on my profile!” Chris Meadows (Atlanta)

“I use the promos in my webradio program and DJing” DJ Bell Mesk (Brazil)

“I really like your music nad I use to play a lot in my djsets” Elias Tzikas from Deep Records (Greece)

“Your music ends up in my sets and thats just good for you and me” Keith Alexander Shelby aka K Alexi (California)

“I like very much lot of your productions and so I sometimes play that tracks and the dancefloor gives good feedbacks and sometimes asks about author and title.” Marco Butini aka DJ Fumo (Italy)

“I Would Really Like To Join Now The DJ Friendly Private Promo Pool, cause I admire your work” Zarez from Kondukter (Yugoslavia)

“I will support them in my DJ gigs and radioshows” Iulian Cuculea aka Digital Nature (Romania)

“Used on our weekly radio show” Steve Marx from Loop Music (UK)

“You have been putting out some great beats as of late.  I would like to continue getting your stuff.” Bo Johnson aka DJ Vox from Bassmint Recordings (USA)

“Love to receive new bits from you” Georgia Girl from Unknown FM (UK)

“I will use your promos in my Internet Radio Show” DJ Eros (Greece)

“Playing the labels track in my radio show from Argentina. I dig the kind of music you are releasing ;)” Facundo Cruz (Argentina)

“Really great stuff !! Keep up the good work guys !!” Alex from  Deep Horizons Recordings (Cyprus)

“I’ll use the tracks to play them on my dj sets, and make people dance like crazy ;-)” Alejandro Rivera aka Electro Boy (Costa Rica)

“I would spin your new tracks at my events. I like your style and would love to receive more” ZAD from Signal Control Inc (California)

“I love sifting through your stuff and would love more material for my radio show!” Adam Strohl aka DJ Trolld (Hanover, USA)

“Fill you up – Modunique Remix – Cristian Paduraru – Sirion Records” Nice production will play and will chart it” Kamisshake (United Kingdom)

“Does crowd rocking, ass shaking, booty bouncing, hard knocking party people ring a bell? ;-)” Tony Flexx (Netherlands)

“I wanted you to know that all of the tracks are fantastic and are already in my sets and receiving great response. Thanks for having me on the mailing list.” Nigel Best (Canada)

“These are both very cool” Loukas Pour-Hashemi (UK)

“I´ll use promos to make people understand how is and how we move in this culture, what is about, and how to be in it!!” Alvaro Figueroa aka Vaaro (Mexico)

“I would play them out at each event I will be playing at also add them to my latest chart which ones are doing the best rounds in the club and also use them for promo mixes and podcasts.” DJ Traxxz (UK)

“Just wanted to let you know I am really liking “Fill You Up” I am playing on house-pacific if live and it will be up as a podcast. As-well I willbe playing it @ Stereobar Montreal” Jeff Gold (Canada)

“Will use the promos on my radio show!” Lisa Watkins aka DJ Blush from Dyer Whitechurch (New Zeeland)

“I will use the promos on my mix shows at Party Radio USA friday nights, at the FM station where I mix as Guest DJ on saturday nights and at the club where I’m resident DJ (Van Gogh Chateau Pub).” Richard Perez aka DJ Doctor Style (USA)

“I wanted to tell you that I appreciated the promo. I liked the fact that you provided some remixes of your tracks.  I played “Fill You Up (Sonic Cube & Greed Remix)” on my weekly podcast, One Nation Under A Groove. I thought the remix had a unique energy that was different from the feel of the original.  The original mix reminded me a lot of your other tracks – like Renewal Chance. Keep the tunes a coming!” Ben D Stewart aka Disco Stu (Washington)

“I will promote and spread the promos and releases.” Alfredo Lopez Robles aka DJ Shock_o (Mexico)

“I use promo for guest internet show and clubs and let people hear the good stuff music” Marino J Pincay aka DJ Soul Heaven from Deep Soulful House Plus Gospel Radio (NY)

“The original of ‘Fill You Up’ is pick of the bunch for me. A beautifully atmospheric track with some tasty glitchy production.” Gareth Davies aka Grid System (United Kingdom)

“I love djing your fantastic music you guys have been delivering for the past year and a half” Damian Reds (Argentina)

“I’m playing in Germany (Cologne/Wuppertal/Dortmund) clubs and like your Concept and know much of your releases on beatport. Good stuff!” Patrick Tejedor Gil (Germany)

“I’ll play the promos at 2 radio shows & playing here in greece, athens in diferrent bars/clubs” Chris In Da House (Greece)

“Have links withing the industry to pass bombs around and have them played worldwide, on some fo the best dancefloors…simple as…” Craig Goodwin aka Subterfuge DJs (Pennsylvania)

“I am going to play them on my gigs and on my radio show” Tom Blacksoul (Croatia)

“Thank’s for the special mix idea and mix2r remix programm…You are an excellent producer” Stefano Willow (Switzerland)

“Playing them at one of the uk’s busiest, biggest, successful and most long running nightclubs around, PaSSion!” Chris Nobles (UK)

“I will promote music in my dj-set and not only (radio broadcasts and yet more)” Damian aka Jan Rox (Poland)

“I love your tunes Cristian, and I love to be on your promo list.” Ryan Vettese (Canada)

“I will use the promos in my sessions, in all the country, also in the radio programs which constantly I attend like invited DJ and in my club, where normally I play 3 times per month.” Eduardo Javith from In Progresso Records (Venezuela)

“You know that I enjoy everytime your release and I respect your works. I like your way of life” Joy Kitikonti from Radio m2o (Italy)

“Just had to drop in and say Mr. Paduraru is the shiz-nit. His remix of Ultra Nate’s “Love’s the Only Drug” is super dope. Keep up the great work!” Tronic (Portland, OR, USA)

“I’d be using the tracks during my live performances, which is everytime I dj.” Dj Lisa Silver (USA)

“I’ll play it on my residency (Le warmp Up – Marseille)  and at radio Fm (Radio star – Marseille 92.3FM)” DJ Lazz (France)

“I have seen your chart on the top 10 at beatport which I must say its a very good selection of tracks. Listened to your productions and they are really good have a great vibe in it.” Ofo Nunez from Istmo Music (El Salvador)

“I just joined the DJ Friendly Family. Just listened to your track Fill You Up, and i LOOOVED IT! Can’t wait to hear the 1.5 GB, very curious about it!” Peter Muusers-Meeuwsen aka DJ Peter Presto from Opaqo (Amsterdam, NL)

“I will use the promos on the dance floor to pick up the beat, and make the disco a really great place to be in” Dj Nicolas Espejo (Bogota, Colombia)

“I love to be part of your promo pool. I have a lot of tracks from you (I buy tracks in Thanking you” Mario Basso (Venezuela)

“WELL DONE MY FRIEND!!! just seen your “christian” records has just arrived on KOMPAKT!!! That’s BIG, maximum respect son, guess you have made it now if you had not before ay” Tab from Slightly-Twisted (UK)

“This man is gonna rock. Don’t reply, just take my word for it. Don’t know whether this man has done the same to any of you lot but he has requested to be my friend on myspace. To be honest, the name intriged my as to wheteher I knew who he was and his profile shared all I need these tunes. This is bliss!!!” DJ Luke Benjamin (UK)

“Cristian Rocks. Top notch stuff every time.” Dave Richards (Atlanta, Georgia, USA)

“Whohoo! New mix you say by the great Mr Paduraru?! Or just a new tune?! Either way, i’m grabbin’ that! I don’t throw out accolades very often (actually, i probably do to be honest HA!) but this guy is off the hook! If any of you lot out there haven’t got his “Autumn Breeze” session he did last year and you love deep techno/prog as much as I do, then you NEED this mix in your lives! This ain’t some kind of promotion tactics/plug (he and his cronies seem perfectly capabale without my help) Razz! But seriously, it’s in my top 10 mixes of ALL time. It’s that good. And I think my taste in quality, forward-thinking electronica is unsurpassed, so there! MUHAHAHAHA!!!! (seriously, it’s a blinder lol)” Steve Found (Essex, UK)

“For me Sonic mix really rocks.” Fred Numf aka Fred van Eck (Netherlands, EU)

“Excellent stuff, really like it, deep dark groove. A track for the proper progressive crowd! I really liked Your Material Body. It’s such a great tool to drop at the middle of a set to create some tension and get people eager for more. Thanks!” Rogerio Romao aka Dj Groovy (Portugal) or

“Your material body’ is great, perfect to open a set with! Thanks for sending :)” Mark Sun from Sedition DJs (UK)

“Cheers!!! Very Cool Works… Emotion Comes From Motion Works For me!!!!!!!! Be Cool …See u in Miami” DJ Sted-E (NY, US)

“Massive respect!” DJ DB (UK)

“Cristian Paduraru – Inclusive Mindset Remix really did it for me, nice big bass and a nice little riff. More to
the cheesey side of things. This would do very well in Liverpool” Tommy MC aka DJTEE 2003 (UK)

“I’ll use the tracks for my radio show @ danceradio greece” Yiannis Savvidis (Greece)

“I will use it on my dj live sets!” DJ Charlie (Portugal)

“Your promo pool is Great idea! I will promote your work by playing the best tracks in my club and the radio station i work. Looking forward to collaborate” Vasileios Kald aka DJ Vaskal (Greece)

“I am going to use your promos to play on clubs, bars, pubs and every other parties that I do” Marius DJ (Italy)

“I keep them spinning!” Micha Rouwendal aka (NL, EU)

“If this is Cristian P then I love your tracks – please keep me in the loop. Many thanks” James Bullock (UK, EU)

“I will use promo’s if send in DJ sets in clubs wordwide!” Piet Bervoets (NL, EU)

“I play in different clubs and radio stations and I’m always looking for good promo” Paola Peroni aka DJ  Miss Groovy (Italy)

“That’s pretty awesome, i’ll definetly take a crack at this.” Paxus (Baltimore, USA)

“I’ve loved your promos in the past like The Power of Revival and My Freedom.  If you are offer more, I would love! Thank you for great music!” David Siddall (California)

“Cristian! I will play the tracks at my live gigs / chart the ones I like / play them on my Proton show… Thanks for the consideration … keep up the hard work, you’re kickin’ ass !” Brett King from Proton Radio (LA, USA)

“The crazy loops. It is most important for Electric music to have the loops everyone can be absorbed in. Emotion Comes From Motion has such a good synth sound, good work!”

“I just listened to those DJ-Friendly Records and they are fantastic!! Any chance of getting hold of these on Promo? Emotion Comes From Motion & Your Material Body” Gary Mansfield aka DJ Seffi B (UK)

“Cristian Paduraru’s style is progressing nicely as a producer. Will def. get some play. Right Side Up was featured on my Groundhog Day mix here!” Ryan aka DJ Inc from Proton Radio (Atlanta, USA)

“You have good production skills and some solid tunes. Your tracks might be a good base for vocal mashups. So if I am inspired, I’ll give it a try. Keep up the good work and congrats for being signed on GU’s Afterhours!” Corentin Emprou from ETN (Germany, EU)

“Liked these!!…played them at my night here in Charlotte NC USA 7 of 10!” Chad McNeely (North Carolina)

“Thanx for all the cool tracks! Some awesome tight production for sure. I have been canning the Aura remix of Inclusive Mindset, also feeling the deeper vibes of the original and also original Fill you up. Nice one! Keep em coming” Paul Bardsley (UK, EU)

“You are a great producer of music …Gracias por tu musica!!!!(thank you!!)” Mr Romero (Argentina)

“Always great stuff from you! That is groovy, dirty, sexy, elegant rhythms that would make anyone dance no matter what taste they have… Thanks for considering me, really appreciate it!” Cathrine aka DJ Firuz manager (Oslo, Norway, EU)

“Nice really good, keep it up guys, you rock!” Thomas Demey (Belgium, EU)

“I will definetly be rocking your tunes at my gigs and radio show at ADN alternative. Its an honor to have one of your tracks with us at BRM! Thanks for the great music, we really enjoy it!!” Alexandro Aguilar from BIT Records (Mexico)

“Your Material Body is so hypnotic amazing track! Oh my gosh – this elements of nature – unbelivable! I understand – this song must be on Global Underground compilation! 🙂 So pure, so nice… I would like to play in my radioshow @ Radio Akropolis!” Michal Poncar aka Myclick aka DJ Face (Prague, Czech Republic)

“The promos will get exposure at my club events at pacha london cross key egg and also on radio” DJ Shuey Aurora from Promised (UK, EU)

“Top top records christian, will be supporting these heavily at the club. Pure dope records… just keep producing the deep house vibes with deroit synths and chords… an absolute must for my cd wallet – every track i play is by you!! lol!!” Chris Nobles from Passion, The Emporium (UK, EU)

“My residency at The End needs this music!!!” Duncan K (UK, EU)

“I love Cristian Paduraru’s sound & tracks and I play everytime them. Your remixes are hi class! I play them a lot everywhere!” Szabo Laszlo aka Randall from Bodytalk (Hungary, EU)

“Check out this tech house release from Cristian Paduraru, “Essentials”? I am really digging his minimal/tech house stuff… Tracks aren’t so remarkable on their own, but makes for very cool layering… I’ve just been on the lookout lately for some minimal rhythms to set mood and space out a mix, and some of his latest releases fit that bill” Loren Lindsley aka Poloralphloren (Boston, MA, USA)

“I love your music!” Claire Ripley (UK, EU)

“Love your tunes! Just found Cristian on myspace after hearing a bunch of his tunes from releasepromo. Man he makes alot of music! 🙂 Thank you so much for your continued efforts to share & create music! I appreciate your good vibes & thoughts” Adam Gillett aka Majex (Australia)

“Good music” Ryan Raddon aka Kaskade (SF, CA, USA)

“I’d love to add some more tunes to my arsenal :)” DJ Jason Jenkins from Hypersonic Radio Show (Texas, USA)

“Liked your stuff… looking forward to see what I can do with it in the mix” Tranqui (Poland, EU)

“I’ll use the promo’s in my mixtapes, for my gigs at Hemels! and all other gigs i can score 😉 keep um coming, these hot tracks.” Bram de Winter (NL, EU)

“To bring the newest tunes in a mix is something spectaculair. If I go to the club there are always the same tunes. Especially now here in Holland. I think its great to receive promo material to make the people wondering what track this is and to introduce fresh house music to the public.” Jos Bouthoorn (NL, EU)

“Hey, I’m a big fan of your work. Defininitely enjoy the dark deep stuff! I’m here to to join the contest to make the special mix with your tracks” Johan Antlov aka Swedish Vodka (Sweden, EU)

“Your promos will be used in my radio show everyweek and in the parties I dj.” Emerson Oliveira from (Brasil)

“I got some tracks from you from beatport 🙂 You have a great sound!” Francesco Pico (NL, EU)

“Will be playing Emotion Comes From Motion & Your Material Body this weekend” Greg Newton (UK, EU)

“I’ll use the promos on internet radio to help promote tracks. I’ll use them playing out at my gigs. Thanks for the inspiring house music!” Jon Lemmon from Viva Recordings (Seattle, WA)

“Djing 8 years and love your stuff” Sasha Pidann (Canada)

“Cristian Paduraru’s excellent track Minimal Perspectives coming out on Bit Records Mexico. I am playing out :)” Thee-o (California, USA)

“It wiil be a reel honour and pleasure doing a special mix with your track! Hugs and kisses” DJ Fist (Colombia)

“I LOVE Material Body with it’s subbass and deep sounds and I’ll def. play it!! Thank you very much.” Esther aka DJ Estroe Roozendaal (Amsterdam, NL, EU)

“Super fantastic idea bro, with your special mix! Greetings from Cluj;)” DJ Soul Play (Cluj, Romania, EU)

“I’ll drop ’em in the NYC clubs and everywhere else I play :-)” DJ Ebar aka Eric Reithler-Barros (NY, USA)

“Your digital releases are tasty, Cristian, very much appreciated J” Robin Burt (UK, EU)

“I’ll play it on my sets and I will put the tracks on my charts” Gaetano Parisio (Naples)

“Warming Up Your Mind is such a Hot Track as usual from Cristian! Charted” Chris Udoh from Tigerhook Corp (Pennsylvania, USA)

“I’ll use the tracks when I’m dj’ing at party’s anywhere! :-)” Hooch (Belgium, EU)

“Good work cristian Smile! Loving your music Smile” Stephen Porter (Ireland, EU)

“Excellent stuff Cristian, I will give the special mix idea a go, cheers Very Happy” Richard Donaghy aka DJ Rik D (Ireland, EU)

“I thought both tracks are nice, more likely to be playing Shall We Dance” Leigh Morgan (UK)

“It’s a little story 🙂 when i played last week with myclick, i was played one of your tracks and myclick says: “nice track, what is it?” and i said: “yes nice, this is cristian paduraru” and he: “i know this guy via myspace…” and he told me about your “call-up” for the special mix idea:) cristian, i’ll be pleased with this “work” for ya ;)” Jan aka DJ Biscuit (Prague, Czech Republic, EU)

“Personnaly I really like the atmosphere and the quality sounds of this track” Joachim J (France, EU)

“Thanks for the tunes Cristian, can’t wait to mix them” Savage Garritt (Canada)

“Hey nice work on the set. I made the connection and realized I’ve bought a couple of your tracks before. I really like your stuff. Keep up the good work! I got Pentateuch and Free to Choose” Maclintok aka DJ Clinton M from Union Progressive (Vancouver, Canada)

“I will support the tracks.” DJ Brian Cross (Barcelona, Spain, EU)

“I just bought some really good tunes off beatport that I strongly recommend to any of you progressive house fans. Cristian Paduraru – Open Your Eyes” Aokin (Austin, TX, USA)

“We will use the promos on our upcoming tours, radio shows and residency club nights.” Ian Pinnington aka Beta Blokka (United Kingdom, EU)

“I’ll Use this promos in my djset In France, Uk & why not Around The world ;)” AnGel’us (France, EU)

“Well this is certainly a nice surprise 🙂 I love the idea, and I’d love to work on this. Just the other day I was downloading your tracks through Releasepromo like He Knows His Creation, Letters From The Edge and so on” Pavla aka Daemia (Zagreb, Croatia, EU)

“I have to agree with your bulletin today about how great thing is spending time with the family…been with my wife for 11 years…can’t think of better person to share it with. Thanks for allowing me to be part of your circle, plus the music that you have passed along via promo are outstanding!!! I will get a better review down of this months tracks and email it to you. Looking to make things happen this year…plus wishing you and your family all the best. Peace & Respect” JB (California, USA)

“I’ll use the promos for using in my set while im djing this summer in ayia napa” DJ E6969 (Belgium, EU)

“Hey bro, first of all I wanna thank you for your remix, it’s exactly what I wanted! 😉 Great work! Im really feeling your “Focus”! We would be glad to release another gem from you!! When you want mate… ;-)” Enrico Mantini from Groove Sense (Italy)

“I will use the promos in my dj school and i’ll spread & play they in the clubs with the support of the dj community associate with my studio.” Gianpiero Fatica aka DJ Gianni Mannucci (Italy)

“Thanks very much for Emotion Comes From Motion & Your Material Body, both tracks are excellent as usual!  Keep up the good work!” Iain Frenchy (UK)

“Hernan Paredes’ Minimal Perspective remix is a awesome remix. Charted very good” Boris Gutierrez aka Boris Gluck from Club Five (Washington DC, USA)

“I will use the promos at every party i will be djing.” DJ FND (NL, EU)

“Paduraru I love U, your tracks sound so well! Charted Excellent” Cynthia Leclerc aka Sweet Shiva from Terminal Nigth Club (Quebec, Canada)

“BIG thanks for your great tracks I think your love you have in your soul is the hole inspiration for your music.” Apostolis V aka Supermode from (Greece, EU)

“Your music is very nice” Anastasia from Ukraine,

“I like sharing transparently! Very good sound! nice to mine… like very much…really all my ammiration;)” Silvie Loto from Italy,

“Please send your promos. I will be playing it tonight with Timo Maas. Thanks :)” Rob Passow from 24 Management (UK)

“Loving your tracks” Jan & Nick from Bodyrox (UK, EU)

“Your music and your generosity is inspiring! best wishes to you and those close to you!” Just Phil aka Bajenska (Poland/Canada)

“Great to see your remix at top of charts. Keep up the good work” Benny Walsh (Waterford, Ireland, EU)

“I used ‘Your Material Body’ to open a tech house promotional mix for the upcoming Santa Fe Music Festival, were I will possibly be opening up for Sasha & Digweed. I also used “Emotion Comes From Motion” consistently in each of my two weekly parties and it was consistently a crowd pleaser with its ability to build momentum leading into the peak portion of my set.   I am extremely fond of this track and had to put it on a mix of mine that went on the radio recently, your music has fit perfectly, and consistently inspired a more intelligent direction in my sets. I always play your music proudly for the people!” James Stephens aka DJ Jim Stephens (Santa Fe, USA)

“Cristian Paduraru – Minimal Perspective – nice and twisted with a trippy edge, kudos to one of the hardest working cats in the electronica business” Saeed Younan (USA)

“Thank you, i will play and tip most german charts ddc. Big tracks on the remix label. Support with happyness!” Blondz Clubbing (Germany, EU)

“Awesome!!! Check out his myspace/cristianpaduraru page for samples of his tracks… good stuff!” Matt aka Abzauris (Florida, USA)

“mmhhhh hhhhhmmm ahhhhh haaaah check you UP! keep doing my ear” Freund & Kupferstecher (Germany, EU)

“Cristian Padararu – Unconditional Giving – Dark, dubby and hypnotic. This is deep progressive done the way it should be. This was the Tenaglia-tastic tune of 2006!” Rob Warner (Australia)

“Great productions” Sander van Doorn (NL)

“hahahaha! I think Cristian gets more of his tracks played by the us than We play our own label’s tracks!! lol!!! Keep it up Cristian! Cheers” Tim Mills from Source of Gravity (UK)

“I played your Emotion Comes From Motion track in Miami at a poolside party and it was a fantastic opening track. Thank you for it!” Chris Meadows from That Exposure Show (Georgia, USA)

“Thanks for this great release! I really like Where Do I Fit and will definitely play it out” John Kennedy (UK, EU)

“My man Paduraru is always busy in making new tracks!! I just luv his track Bell Beauty & also his mix of Borderline!! Sweeeeeeeeeet” VSide (USA)

“You Rock” Crown One (Washington, USA)

“This track remenber me time ago when the deep house music take me to with elegance and sensuality.
Nice deep tech rhythm, groove bassline and old school synths. Feel the female sampler. Charting Very Good” Gare Mat K from Frisky Radio & Progrezo Records (Colombia)

“Minimal Perspective – Brilliant! Very good”  Tarkan Ors aka DJ Tarkan from FG 93.7 (Turkey)

“Right Side Up is a great track with nice vocal and cool minimal approach” Paul Kwitek (UK, EU)

“Heard a couple on your myspace/cristianpaduraru, some good stuff you got there mate.. well done. Here we go, ready to rock… I hope you don’t mind , but i tend to really rip tracks up when i mix.. hope you like it” David Galea aka Dizzy (Malta)

“Reality = awesome! Top man” Paul Bowen (UK, EU)

“Lovely productions. I like your tracks. Open Your Eyes….very nice proggy track. this type of track i could play in a warm-up set and i like Pozitive Education too! Well thank you so much. It’s very much appreciated! I will enjoy this!” Tania Mann (EU)

“Yes oh Yes it hits !!!! Charted excellent” Ed Howk aka DJ Edge Howk from (USA)

“I would be pleased to do a remix for you. From those tracks on Juno, I liked “If You Want” the most.” Chris Sadler  (Czech Republic)

“Warming Up Your Mind is nice stuff as always Cristian!” Geoff Roberts from 365Mag (USA)

“We’ve hear your latest track Emotion Comes From Motion and it’s very good! We are thinking of making a remix with your superlative track. Also we will play your track on air on Toysnoise” Moma DJ & Gidan (Italy, EU)

“Oh fantastic Cristian! I would like to have the chance at remixing “Emotion Comes From Motion” if possible, as when you had it on your page i fell in love with it then!” Angela Jarvis aka Missperception (UK, EU)

“The moody and dark remix of Jody Watley’s “Bordeline” by Cristian Padaruru is a super dark bottom heavy take on the original. As with much of Cristians great recent works this is understated and has a great build to it. Jody Watley’s sultry vocals suit this style well, surprising there havent been more futuristic mixes of her works. Due out soon on Ultra Records” Rob Warner (Australia)

“The good thing of yours is the remix projects” Freddy Musri (Chile)

“You have my support. I like your stuff! Your productions are getting better and better” Ilija Rudman (HR, EU)

“Sirion’s first release, Fill You Up, is the latest groove-fuelled track from Romanian producer Cristian Paduraru. With in-your-face percussion, a deep tech-inspired bassline, and a haunting “fill you up” vocal, this track will certainly go down well in the deeper, darker corners of clubland. Think delay, jack, and plenty of groove and you’ve got Cristian Paduraru sussed” James Theaker aka Pukka Up (UK, EU)

“I like what you been doing, like your tracks. Keep Up The Good Work” Sir Jeffrod (Dominican Republic)

“I feel honored to be honest… thank you so much and you can feed my brain anytime with your UNIQUE progressive sounds!!! All the best” MJ (Hong Kong)

“Thank you for your great music” Alexandru Balan aka El Nino (Romania, EU)

“Liking the tracks! I dunno where I remember reading about TreeHouse Musique doing remixes for Cristian Paduraru… maybe on a related blog…. I’ve been really digging Paduraru… looking forward to that!” Fritz aka Dave (Canada)

“I’ve downloaded and listen your promo tracks and i think that are great productions, expecially ‘For Believers’. I’ll play those tracks in my dj set” DJ Alex P (USA)

“Thanks for Emotion Comes From Motion, i love it very much! I want the immediate licensing for playing this songs in my dj sets” DJ Charlie (Portugal)

“Thanks a lot for these package. I really dig the Paduraru remix of A New Beginning. Will play this remix for sure. Thanks again” Jacco@Work from ETN FM, PureDJ, Dynamix-Radio (NL, EU)

“Thanks a lot for these package. The remix of Bobby Deep is a superb winner followed up by The Michael&Levan remix. Will play these two beauties of course J” Jacco@Work from ETN FM, PureDJ, Dynamix-Radio (NL, EU)

“MAGMA is with u! :)” Slok from Radio Magma (Italy, EU)

“Nice set of remixes. Thanks” Style from Knob Records (USA)

“Express Yourself Remixes – Cacique Mexico – quality release, will support it! also that there are WAV files available is very nice” Oliver Prime (Austria, EU)

“Thanks guys, some really cool stuff here – I particularly like the Cristian Paduraru – Express Yourself – Bobby Deep mix”
Robin Brinkler

“Thanks guys, some really cool stuff here – I particularly like the DomAlmond_-_ANewBeginning_-_JezClover_-_BevoxMix” Robin Brinkler

“I love Padurarus mix of “A New Begining” its the best of the remixes. Pretty techy house sounds and i love how it grounds to
that acid vibe.” DJ Jordi Riera from Fast Forward (Mexico)

“I love your music! It’s great! And I suport your idea and keep on spreding the love! I hope to meet you some day in person!” Marina aka Miss Soulfly (Croatia)

“Thanks for sending the promos, this one has made it into my record bag: DomAlmond_-_ANewBeginning_-_CristianPaduraruMix” Lee Pennington from riffraff & Source of Gravity Recordings (UK)

“Express Yourself: Excelent productions” Sander van Doorn (NL, EU)

“This Promo is Top Notch! All of the mixxes are pumpin! Express Yourself & The New Begining” Chris B aka lunaticflange (Seattle, USA)

“Thx for the new music, i like much of it, cool style,  my favourite is mark webb  dub, it’s the best version” Morten aka DJ Montana (Denmark, EU)

“Thanks alot for the promos still quailty tracks keep them comin!!!!” Dan Catron from VelocityStLouis (Missouri, US)

“Thanks for the tracks! My favorites are the original mix of A New Beginning and the Bobby Deep mix of Express Yourself” Amit Shoham from Tarantic (SF, US)

“Thanks for sending these!!  Really liking the Express Yourself (Bobby Deep remix) and will be definitely be playing this at upcoming gigs!!” Chad McNeely (NC, US)

“A New Beginning & Express Yourself Remixes” are a really interesting projects… All mixes “of two productions” are good, very compliments. Good charting! Total support for CRISTIAN PADURARU RULEZ… Peace & Love!!!” Sergio Matina from Keepers Of Melody Prd & m2o Dance Radio (Italy, EU)

“Don Almond “A New Beginning – Cristian Paduraru Mix” present in Dave Mothersole’s Cosmic House Show Playlist 05/06/07 & 29/05/07 (UK, EU)

“Love all the tracks you sent, so u’ll have all my support on these ones… all the best & thanks again for those songs” Nick Crowe from In Porgress – NetFM (Belgium, EU)

“Cristian Paduraru – Express Yourself (Bobby Deep Mix) & Cristian Paduraru – Emotion Comes From Motion (Hirshee Mix) presented in Sasha Le Monnier Pres Coulomb Muzik @ June (UK, EU)

“Thanks Christian, sounds excellent, i`ll shall be giving this a go” Richard Jones aka Dj Aura (UK)

“Great promotions! Good job, keep up the good work and i wish you all the best” Antonio Ocasio from (, P.O. Box 753037 Bronx, NY 10475-0761)

“Cristian Paduraru – Sharing Transparently (Roby Mannarini Minimal Mix) is a Nice Easy Min Tech Groover! Charted Good” David Shaw from Coldharbour / Knob / Freek  (United Kingdom)

“Where_Do_I_Fit_(Roby_Mannarini_Minimal_Mix) The vocal processing makes this track for me. Anytime there is a tweaked and gated vocal, its in my bag.” Crown One (Washington, USA)

“I did get alot of replies about one of your tracks I played on my downshiftradio show. They liked it very much. Keep up the good work. The Politics Of Movement: Step Forward, Free To Choose, Layer Of Awareness (4 Stars)”  DJ Savage Blend (New Your, US)

“am enjoying Beatport, Walk IN the Light & Team Build. Top Notch stuff! Thank You :)” Lunic (NY, USA)

“Thanks, Cristian Paduraru – Made In Wishland (M&D Substance deep electro house mix) is really awesome ;-)` I will resend it to DancePress main editor.” Eugenio Garcia aka Egar Omm (Barcelona)

“tnx very much! Beatport, Team Build, Inner Guidance, Walk In The Light, great mixes!!!” Splashfunk (Italy)

“I LOVE your records!! Keep them coming ;)” Marc de Laat

“Thanks for these lovely minimal and electro housey tunes. All quality stuff and I suspect most of them will go up on rotation here on 🙂 Thanks!” Johan Nilsson the VP of Advertising & Program Director from Digitally Imported (New York)

“Hello friends, how we are? im cool 😉 thanks for the promos, Beatport, Team Build, Inner Guidance, Walk In The Light, all your tracks y have now in my dj  bag!! Thnakssss, Have a nice summer, Chaoooo” Adonis Alvarez from

“Hey Maestro, thanks for the music!” Mike Dierickx aka M.I.K.E. (Belgium)

“hi mate, cool sound over here, wish you to climb all charts” 989 (Italy)

“Thanks for sending so much good much our way – we’re having a lot fun right now with your remixes and are looking forward to
spinning some of the July promos” John J Brassil aka DJ B host of the (USA)

“Cristian Paduraru – Sharing Transparently, Amnesia minimal mix is wicked mate! Will use it for warm up Derrick Carter in Bali 🙂 Cheers  mate!” Erik Sahl (Sweden)

“Sharing_Transparently_(Amnesia_Minimal_Techno_Mix) should be quite popular, with that massive big room feel and thumping kick and definite Ibiza sound.” Crown One (Washington, USA)

“Thanks!!  Will be playing the Cristian Paduraru – Made In Wishland (M&D Substance) and the Paduraru – Beatport track!!  Top Stuff!!” Chad McNeely (North Carolina)

“Ide just like to say brilliant tunes top production work  Made in Wishland is the bomb for me i will be canning this track in my sets :))” Steve Stratton  (Australia)

“Thank you for the headsup with your release 😉 Best” Mike from Tokyo Digital Music Syndicates (Japan)

“Thx for the promo’s. I receive them in my traveling schedule, I pick them up everyweher i play;)” Fred Numf (NL)

“Thanks for the promo! Like the “Where Do I Fit” song” Sander van Doorn (NL, EU)

“Thanks SO much for the great package ! Thanks again, and will definately play your music out, Cristian ! Summersummersummersummer that’s what it says to me awesome tracks. Thanks and respect” Adel A.R. Jamal (Bahrain)

“Thanx for the trax. Have to say I really look forward to the releases each month. Brilliant. Cheers, peace and respect” Nigel Best (Canada)

“Hey Cristian!! I’m really liking that Made In Wishland track, and Sharing Transparently! I have send them all onto Matt Darey 🙂 Many thanks, keep up the great work and have a great weekend!!!!!!!!” Conor from Matt Darey Products (UK)

“Hi Paduraru! As usual u gave nice ones 🙂 Love the “team build” track. Dee-licious vibrations from DJDeev” DJ Deev (Portugal)

“Express Yourself, nu am mai ascultat demult o piesa asa de buna. Tine-o tot asa Cristian! Foarte, foarte, smechere piese, altceva decat se face in Romania. numai bine, Cristian” Aurel Rico (Romania)

“Love your philosophy man, great way to get around. Thanks for the tunes.” George Sadlik (Australia)

“Thanks for the awesome tracks, I really like Beatport, Walk In The Light and Team Build.” John Kennedy and Chris Rawles aka Kristoff from Ektrotherapyradio (UK)

“Salut, Acum am ascultat si eu sample-ul ‘Beatport’. Piesa suna foarte foarte bine!! Felicitari” Dragos Rusu (Romania)

“Wish i had cd decks sometimes! your tunes are wicked!!” Paul Wheeler aka WrongBow (UK)

“Happy to make remix for you… very Hot tunes” Hakim B (Algeris)

“Loving your Beatport track, nice deep work out, full support from me here, will spin this out and on radio. cheers” BP Zulaf from Helv Recz (Switzerland)

“First thanks for the promo copy. I’ve just listen the track and I like the track : “Beatport” I playlist it this Weekend on the radio.” Fred Fochesato from Paris One Dj Webradio (France)

“Wow! Beatport is so nice track! It will be necessary to buy necessarily!!! I have left from radio on TV. Now I do studio of the house. I hope, good music will be fast a lot of and I shall send its friends!)))” SAMpler (Rusia)

“Excellent work, thank you for the music” Jose Velez (New Jersey, USA)

“Made in Wishland, Sharing Transparently, Team Build, and Walk in the Light are all fresh sounding tracks that have good grooves and will fit into my sets.” Megan Long for DJ Spesh from Qool (SF, USA)

“Hey, thanks for the promo! over the weekend i played Beatport and Team Build – i can assure you – these two tracks will take important part in my sets over the summer! Yours:AN” Andrez Nikolov from Radio Nova (Bulgaria, EU)

“We like these 2 new promos you sent & will play them: Cristian Paduraru – Emotion_Comes_From_Motion_(Hirshee_Electro_House_Mix) – good uplifting happy electro house track :-)” Shamuel, Ilan, Ruven aka Flash Brothers (Israel)

“Hi Christian. I like your productions a lot. I wish you good luck for your stuff and send you some sunny greetings from switzerland.” Padi Bird (Switzerland, EU)

“First, we would like to thank you for the Promos and we have to say, amazing sounds. You can always count with our support.” Kaluk and the 2600m Team (Brazil)

“Nice sounds” Lance Jordan from Dusk Recordings (New York, USA)

“Digging your Beatport track and Inner Guidance. Will be playing both on radio and dancefloors.” Shane (Ireland)

“Dear friends, i love your music and i want a little radio voice from Cristian!! I prepare a special radio show with your beats… my radio station is Super 94.9 FM… Amimal Radio is acid sounds” Rober Di Conss aka DJ Anima (Cuenca, Ecuador)

“Made In Wishland (remixed) is my fav and will play in my techy sets” Henri Kohn (Germany, EU)

“Step Forward is a floorfiller, crowd collector and club friendly tech-deep tribal to the highest level, a peak hour sound, supported by Tamer Founda, JC Mazter, System K, Edson Pride, Luis Ferro, Nikos Toscani, Bruno Renno, Deka”

“My support for this track: Cristian Paduraru – Made In Wishland (remixes). Good stuff.” Sergey aka DJ Flash (Rusia)

“Hi Christian. Thank you very much for a brilliant Promoservice. MADE IN WISHLAND – Blows the dancefloor each time I play. Just loving it!” Martin Schroeder aka Martin Spliff-Jr. from (Denmark)

“hey, would be great to get digital promos 🙂 like your stuff” m&d substance (Lithuania)

“We like these 2 new promos you sent & will play them: Cristian_Paduraru – Made_In_Wishland_(M&D_Substance_Deep_Electro_House_Mix) – very good melodic electro proggy house track :-)” Shamuel, Ilan, Ruven aka Flash Brothers (Israel)

“Made_In_Wishland_(M&D_Substance_Deep_House_Mix) = Awesome, such a nice track. Dark and groovin, with just a hint of sunlight peeking through.” Crown One (Washington, USA)

“Sharing Transparently (Amnesia minimal techno mix) This track is dope. Nice one! I’ll be playing it around. Thanks!” Amos Damon aka DJ Fame (NY, USA)

“I played all of these throughout July during my weekly show Four4 @ Thank you and keep up the good work. :)” Larson aka DJ LRCN (LA, USA)

“Favs for me were Where Do I Fit all mixes and Sharing Transparently all mixes” Dj Steve Stratton from DMCworld, djing with Phil K (Victoria, Australia)

“Hello i just want to say thank you for promos. the july was amazing, and we were so busy i can’t write you that on Exit festival your TEAM BUILD track rocked the jbl soundsystem… So it has definetly the best bassline, of any track i heard in 2007. keep up rocking with deep and minimal tracks” Cory B (Yugoslavia, EU)

“Hello my friend.  I hope all is well with you and your family.  I do not have a video, but I do have a recording of a great mix I played the last time I hosted our radio show.  I LOVE the Beatport track!  I mixed out of Joris Voorn’s “Blank” and into Beatport at about the 27:00 mark.  It is a very, very pretty mix…give it until about 28:00 and ‘Blank’ swells back in and gives Beatport some nice accompaniment.  I hope you are having a great summer.  Keep the tunes coming man….you are an amazing music maker.  Thanks for all you contribute!!!!” Jon (USA)

“I like your music very much” Andreas Henneberg (Germany, EU)

“Keep up the hot work!” Lennox from Faderwave Radio (Chicago, USA)

“I like very much Sharing Transparantly, and DK remix is genial… Keep it up !” Liviu Stanciu aka DJ Libra from MTV (Romania, EU)

“Cristian Paduraru – Sharing Transparently very nice tunes. like them )) Reaction : Excellent, Rating : 10 out of 10” DeeVerx (Ukraine)

“Very cool. Thank you so much not just for the music you make, but for all the positive energy you throw out into the world. You’re awesome indeed. I really appreciate your skills. Yeaaaaaaaa!!!! Your music rocks my socks off! Keep it up.” Alex Bailey (Oregon, USA)

“Cristian Paduraru – Sharing Transparently is nice.  I like the minimal elements, good for warmups.” Joel Armstrong (Canada)

“Hello Cristian, just to let you know your tech house tracks rock man.I’ll be playing them in the club this weekend and on my radio show in Dublin.Also your mix for mixotic is very good too especially the first half of the mix,nice and funky tech stuff which is certainly to my tastebuds! Keep up the great work my friend,greetings from Ireland. Cheeurs” Declan aka Decko F (Ireland)

“Hi, heard Accepting the Differences on DigiFM. Wot a cool track! Would love to get some more of your tunes please. Cheers.” Odgie (UK)

“Great tracks mate, keep ’em coming!!” DJ Hadi (Australia)

“Thanks for bringing Him to us in your music!!” GB (USA)

“Hi Chris! Thanks for the collection of your tracks, they’ll get lots of air time on my  shows and gigs. Rest assured that these tracks will get a thorough caining at my regular Static gigs. All recorded and played back on and!” Danny Wasp (UK)

“You have an excellent work! Keep it up” Diego Morgavi (Argentina)

“Thanks for your amazing music too brother 🙂 Massive love. t t 🙂 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx” Tony Thomas (UK)

“Five stars for Cristian Paduraru – Made In Wishland song. Real good final for a real good job as always.” Vfrowner (Spain)

“Hello! Thanks also for Promo from You. Good tracks ! ;)” Sergey aka DJ SLanG from CBA FM (LV)

“I’m digging The Touch You Trust (Faster Techno Mix) & Minimal Breaks in Acid Area (Khristian K Minimal Mix)” Timo Rozendal from Netherlands,

“Hey mate, Loving Right Side Up, absolute quality =) I hope you are keeping well!!!” Conor & Matt Darey from UK,

“Thx for the promo’s. I’ll keep them spinning.” Bram de Winter from Netherlands,

“Liking Right Side Up! ;>” Liz Cirelli aka Dextress from UK, resident on House FM & Danceradio Greece,

“Many thanks for the tracks. I really like The Power Of Intimacy – Beatchuggers House and ill be playing it in my breaks / electro sets” Dave aka Aquasky from UK,

“Congratulations mate for the Beatportal Artist Of The Week Interview, you’re among the big boys now :)” Maxxter from Croatia,

“Well done Cristian on Beatportal Artist Of The Week Interview, very well deserved….!! :)” Tony Thomas, Mark Gwinnett and Richard Belsom from UK,

“Cristian your music is excellent. I listen to it often using my Zune. There is something about your music that makes it special. I think because it reminds me of New York City dance clubs. Whatever it is I like it…alot. It is earcandy.” David from Pennsylvania,

“Holger_Flinsch–five_me_(cristian_paduraru_remix) BV Padurare meriti sa fi ascultat :D(sooper piesa) Padurare ma uimesti Tata :))))” ctcstanley from Romania,

“Made In Wishland is sick tune. That’s how I like progressive! Charted Excellent! Matty Styles aka Matt Marsh from CKLU 96.7fm Canada,

“Made In Wishland is great sounding track. Loving the feel and energy. Another great track by Cristian. Charted very good.” Pedro Sajche & David F aka Night Architeks from United States of America,

“Made In Wishland is great track as expected” James Sanderlin from USA,

“Cool prog sounds in this Made In Wishland track!” Jason Farr aka jaEv from Texas,

“Cristian Paduraru: This guy never ceases to amaze! Charting excellent” Aaron O’Connor aka HappE from USA,

“Listened to your music, it`s very nice, i gotta make a set for proton radio, and i would like to include your tracks.” Lyoko from Argentina,

“I’ve got your new music Cristian Paduraru and it will be added to 1.FM Club 1 rotation playlist on the next music update. Thank you” YoAv Arnon from

“The mix of Private Detective is a moody, rich tech-house monster — in my bag!” Megan Long for Spesh from San Francisco,

“Emotion Comes from Motion! How Do You Think Minimal? Banging EP!!!! All of them are dope! Charted Excellent” Rodrigo Ramirez aka Tigerhook Corp from USA,

“Cristian Paduraru is a very hard working producer who constantly sends stuff over, really hard worker and good to see him get a GU. Congrats on the success, everytime i shop for tracks these days it’s all over the place…cheers!” David Josephs (New York)

“Been emailing u about some promos, thanx a lot for the music u r sharing… love it ! xx” Ricky Ryan / Can Costa from Feedback Bookings Argentina,

“Helloooo!!! Thnx so much for supporting Cris, I’m your big fan!! Keep doing those great tunes!” Fran aka Kellyyss from Italy,

“The remixes on here have been awsome , i spin alot of them at the clubs i have residencies at and on my radio show keep up the good work” Jon Gordon from edmradio1 (Oregon, USA)

“I support many tracks of Cristian Paduraru. I play them in Clubs and on my radio show let me know if you want me to go into detail” Sandrino Beesley aka Egostereo from Mcgroove Records (United Kingdom)

“Loving the SHARING TRANSPARENTLY release. Great work! Keep it bangin!” Justin Hand from LFOradio (USA)


“Hello Cristian Paduraru – Open Your Eyes! Your style becomes more and more quality. Now, there happens something in Your tracks.” Jonboj from Germany

“Fascinating… this is progressive where the tune doesn’t look like a mountain range on the emotional scale. I like that at the same time that I don’t, I really gotta start listening to more prog. Yay back to the good stuff! Wow fresh tune, I Must say I am liking what I hear ;-)” Ep1taph, Fate, Northern (USA)

“Track that stood out for me was the Ambient “Turning Up” courtesy of Cristian Paduraru” Global Underground: Afterhours Vol.3 (UK)

“Cristian Paduraru – If You Want – Gotta give the props on the track of one of my homelands guy: Cristian Paduraru!! Don’t follow his label productions very much cause he’s too much on minimal & tech-house lately, but this one i spotted out it’s really da mutts
The mix i advise u to pick up is Dj Hashish Deep House Mix!! Belive me it’s a banging chooooon!! Great potential for the peaktime selection!! Out On Cristian Records!” VSide (USA)

“Hi!Greetings from the Czech Republic. I really love your Fire on the water. Its so atmospherical, when I play this song at the party, people always get crazy:) Keep up good work!:)” Noucrs from (Prague, Czech Republic)

“Ahhhh..Cristian…love the work’s been a huge influence on my work! Thanks soooooo much” DJ Jon Foster from Denver, Colorado, USA,

“Hey man, thanks for the message. Some nice sounds on your page ! Liking….” Simon Baker from Infant Recordings or 2020 Recordings (UK)

“Multumesc pt adaugare, Cristian! esti tare, tare, tine-o tot asa! Salutare!” DJ Stein (Craiova, RO)

“Thanks mate, by the way I love your work and what you do for the Electronic music community :)” DJ Chris Rodgers from Australia,

“You release the track made in Wishland today!. Congrats! I play the track “IF YOU WANT” every night in my sets
and i love this one.” DJ Gabriel Robella from Miami, Florida, USA,

“Hey there Cristian, FIRST: Thanks immensly for adding me to your list of online friends! I became familiar with your work through Jody Watley’s last album remixes, and SECONDLY: YOU ROCCCCKKKK!!!! :):):) There, I said it, I feel much better, lol lol :):) Your remix of this video is off the hook! I’m loving it! You keep doing your thing, and have a great week” Amaru from NL, Europe,

“Daaaaaaaaaa! Thank you so much! I am addicted to your sound, listen Borderline on and on! Its really amazing! Thank you so much, you rock my world! Greetz from Germany!! Thanks, please stay in touch!!! Anna =^.^=” Anna (Germany)

“Nice tunes” Aaryn Blain from Massachusetts, USA,

“Keep rockin it bro. You have some great tracks out” Chris Bohn from Atel Records (United States of America)

“In ritmul cu care produci melodii, ma lasi fara bani 🙂 Succes pe mai departe si ma bucur ca sunt oameni mandri de originea lor si de asemenea care promoveaza intr-un fel sau altul Romania.” Colt from Suceava, Romania,

“Cristian, i love your productions ! keep up the good work !” Zdravko from Pure FM (Bulgaria, EU)

“Hi Christian, Awesome music as usual 🙂 Keep in touch with new releases and promos.” Gustavo Bravetti from Uruguay,

“Nice trax on you page! Turning Right Side Up is my favourite” Frank Martiniq from Germany,

“Nice tracks. I like your style.” Jurgen Driessen from Germany,

“I am delighted to provide an in depth analysis or feedback for a proactive sound solution towards your releases. First off, my strongest “click to listen” impulse was titled, “The_Power_of_Intimacy_(Beatchuggers_House _Mix) – Cristian Paduraru. Great name and a likely candidate for a successful release that invites DJ’s to utilize and create mixes in various genres. Hmmm, the mind’s eye rests on envisioning “connecting” a house break towards the dark-n-deeper floor pumper, “Emotion_Comes_From_Motion_(Chris_Asta_Electro_Mix)” packing the floors with the “Like it Less Commercialaphiles”. My third pick would be more of a personal choice, “Minimal_Breaks_In_Acid_Area_(Khristian_K_Minimal_Mix).mp3″, just because its good vibe feel twists within a quirky, yet soothing sensation! Definitely a new drug for us old skool vinyl junkies and mp3reekers. Thankfully yours” Frank Clementi aka DJ FICO from Sound Credit Solutions (NY, USA)

“Hi Cristian! With pleasure! So great song in your page, very very good! Perharps a day, to meet you in mix in france?! 😉 kisses!” Miss Brown from France,

“Emotion Comes From Motion sounds cool!” Andrew K from Greece,

“I’m Janos Bozoki, the promoter and the resident dj (DJ James Cole) of Club Korona, Kecel, Hungary. Please let me know, because I would like to book you to our club (which was chosen the best Hungarian club in the last 2 years) Congrats for your work!” Bozoki Janos aka DJ James Cole from Club Korona (Hungary)

“Thanks so much…very often playing your releases…great quality music c uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu” Miroslav Terzin from Yugoslavia,

“Thank you so much for these extremely innovative tracks. Full support in Bangkok. That Chris Asta remix is top-notch!!!” Varun Prak from Thailand,

“Great minimal techno tracks as expected. Will have fully support on our up and coming minimal channel!” Johan Nilsson, the VP of Advertising & Program Director from Digitally Imported FM (NY, USA)

“Thanks for your another portion of your new music. I really enjoy your track Private Detective, very well done deep groove stuff, I will introduce in my programme on Radio 1 Prague. Other tracks are also very well arranged, only, generally section minimal techno is for me more balanced as for mood. Are these all your tracks?” Josef Sedlon from Radio 1 (Prague, Czech Republic)

“Thanks loving your tracks a lot!” Shane Capps (USA)

“Cristian Paduraru with Inner Guidance & Michael Paul Banks remix is amaizing Bomb really works ! ! ! Charting very good” DJ Mindaugelis from Dada (Klaipeda, Lithuania), Audio Therapy (Lithuania)

“Cristian Paduraru with Inner Guidance & Michael Paul Banks remix reminds me these high energy ibiza summer nights down in the mediterrain coasts! Reall good guitar! Charting very good” Atila from FG, Element (Irvine, CA)

“Hey man all your tracks from mix2r.rm/cristian_paduaraur are great for my station!” AnthonyO aka DJ Tonyo

“Cristian Paduraru – Unconditional Giving – This track is massive! Will play this worldwide in my sets 24/7!!! Charted excellent” Randall Jones from Tigerhook/Bedrock/Renaissance (Texas, USA)

“Loving the deepness of Cristian Paduraru – Unconditional Giving, good work on the synths, hypnotizing on the floor for sure” Saeed Younan from Younan Music & Star 69 (NY, USA)

“Production for Cristian Paduraru – Unconditional Giving is as good as it gets. Charted excellent” Chris Viets from Blu, Reticent recordings, Keepitsimple! (USA)

“Cristian Paduraru – Unconditional Giving is great simple and calm rhythm on this one… I believe it will play just fine at the next gigs… this one too sounds more electro than progressive… Great track. Thanks. Charted very good” Marrat from blu gin, cuba, the gossip, silver after hours (USA)

“I really appreciate these great tracks, and did a special feature on your releases on my show” Robin Brinkler from UK,

“Listened to your trax, they are very good.” Arnaud Gratigny aka A Jackin’ Phreak from France

“The remix of “Love’s the Only Drug” that Cristian Paduraru put out got me excited, and I was hoping for a mix like that on this release. No such luck for me. What we do get are tracks that bring to mind the words “anthem”, “energy”, “positive affirmations”, and of course “diva vocals”. Love them diva vocals. I would love to get my hands on the a capella and a mix from Cristian Paduraru.
Ultra Naté in Genre: Deep House from Label: Tommy Boy Silver Label” Jeremy Kadinger (USA)

“This is unbelievably warm, with separate melodies combining at the climax of the track to send chills up your body like no other.” Masterpiece (Romania) http://CR2CD.COM

“Perfect ! Great track ! 😉 You will be in my next playlists for my weekly megamix on FUN RADIO (#1 Dance Music french network) + 64 others radio stations in 27 countries.” Yan Harris (France)

“This is absolutely stunning, with a feelgood factor of 10+ Club and radio plays are 100% guaranteed from myself. THANKYOU” Paul ph factor Hughes (UK)

“I played Sharing Transparently at Spundae on Sept 25 and got a great reaction from the crowd. It got people interested and warmed them up quite a bit. Keep up the good work!” Blake Eggleston (California, USA)

“What a wonderful energetic and wildly hypnotic. Has such a bright feeling to it. I will be playing this track a lot.” Ike Ngwaba aka Blackliquid from House Sound of LA (USA)

“Intelligent. Like this! Really hooky! Love that piano and synth motive. Will support, Thanks” Phil England from Spartacusinc (UK)

“All traxx are very interesting… Electro Deep House with more energy. Charting them good! Total Support & full respect for PADURARU RULEZ… PEACE!!!” Sergio Matina (Milan, Italy, EU)

“Recently bought this from Beatport. Cristian Paduraru is a very talented producer indeed. He’s got a very unique sound. It’s rhythmic, “PROGRESSIVE”, driving, and almost machine like sounding (ie very rhythmic) with a tinge of funk. As far, as progressive breaks and house, his mastered that sound. I can only hope he continues to release tracks in those genres. In addition, he’s talented in downtempo and ambient… for all those chill- out? DJ’s. Great artist overall. Keep them coming.” 1czelaya (USA)

“Cristian… U Genius, I swear!!! One of my favourit tunes is “The Wind Of Change” My guide, when i listen that first time… :D:D i still play it, and some others. i have all tracks of yours which was released on beatport=/ Good Work Man!!!” Illya Korman (from Ukraine Top 10 Cremean DJ’s)

“Good track man, full support!” DJ Scott Langley (UK)

“Nice and Deep!! ;)” Merlyn Martin (California)

“Fantastic track, will definately be played on the show this Tuesday.” Steve Arnell (UK)

“Supporting. Nice deep fature, playing for sure!” Gabriele Gilleri from Different Grooves (IT)

“Thanks for the track. I will be playing it out in the clubs.” Dave Crane (UK)

“Very cool nice work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Claudio Supersonic (IT)

“Thank you for this wicked offering. Will play for sure 😉 I’m soo in love with this label. It’s a big pleasure for me to remix Mr. Christian Paduraru golden pieces. To be honest I’m somehow skeptic what to choose I like them all” Ramzy Shaar (Lebanon)

“Great production!” Dima Jr. Worcestershire aka D.J. Generous (RU)

“This is High Quality! You’re unique, just like everyone else” Sander & Jordi & Maarteen (NL)

“Bro nice track” Dj Deibys aka Deibys Marquez (FL)

“Very good sound!! best” DJ Pietro Bert aka Mr Gee & Outwork (IT)

“Well written smooth house” Jonathan Maby (Coventry, England)

“Another Movement great gem from Cristian Paduraru!!! Hot Rhythms and endless grooves… Well done!!? Always Love, always no matter what!” Ron D *8*Lim aka Power Of Love Productions (Miami, Florida)

“Energetic summer vibes from my old friend Cristian. Very atmospheric yet groovy. Good stuff.” Lars Knudsen aka No Sonic Limits (Denmark)

“We played this track together with another one from the Remix Label in our latest DanceDP Radio shows. Awesome guys! We keep it in queue for our next show.” Marcos Ligero from (Spain)

“Nice deep tune. Old-school vibes” Arion Grey (EU)

“Really nice deep summer track! love to play it loud 🙂 love the “bells” inside :-)” Chille jr. (Croatia)

“Great tune. Would like to support it. It’s brilliant deep tech house. I am playing it on MCast, ProtonRadio SoundLab and chart it. Thanks for this wonderful piece of house art: ‘Orgastic House Love’ **** outta ***** I’ll support! Keep on spreading the LOVE.” D-Frazz aka DJ Fresh the MDE founder (France)

“Great /Fantasic CR2CD channnel here 😉 Love and Respect for Paduraru Progressive House” Renaldo Nusani (Amsterdam, NL)

“Strong release full support.” Mert Onat from deepsoundsfm and proclubinfm (Turkey)

“Deep so deep I need my diving gear on lol. Hot tracks 10/10 got my full support, gonna play on my show on cyberjamz. Keep up the good werk man” Jersey Katz aka Phil Hooton – Charles Gatling (UK)

“Cristian Paduraru – Your Material Body (2LS2Dance)” Airplay Schedule – Dance Effect Radio (Romania)

“Yes, will play it! Your Material Body ~ Good reaction. Awesome early night!!” Wayne Murray aka DJ Wayno from Avid Productions and River Citypub (Revelstoke, Canada)

“HOT HOT HOT! Yes, will play it! Very good reaction” Bryant Littlejohn from X-MIX Dance and (Wellesley, United States)

“I like! Deeper House from Paduraru’s labels” Gosh & Kanov (RU)

“This song is a song that is good. Paduraru Deeper House” Hi-Fi DJ from Disco Harmony (Lacolle, Canada)

“Mind blowing tune again! I am gonna support your new tunes on Proton SoundLab and my performance with V-Obsession on MCast. I think we share the same taste in House colors, which is great 🙂 Good to hear some breaks back in progressive. Keep up the great work. I love it.” Jay vdLee aka D-Frazz (DJ Fresh) from Underground Factory (NL)!/introversive

“Boldly solid track, great beats! Will play it” Derek Harri aka DJ DiRRty HaRRi from 2ToneMusic (Thunder Bay, Canada)

“Dear Sirs, Very cool release keep up the good work ;)” David Vermuijten aka Dj Scaldia from Planet Scaldia (BE)

“Nice one thanks will play 4 sure over the next weekends. Love the daytime movement absolut brilliant tracks!!!” Heiko Goebel (DBX)

“Dropped Turning Phase the other week and it went down a storm…Thought it might! There were a few hands in the air as far as I can remember. I’m playing at Brighton so I’ll give it another whirl. Nice Balearic feel to this one. Would sound great on the terrace!” Jay Walker aka Kid Lopez (UK)

“I will play some of them at House Parade Festival” Iordache Catalin aka kaTaa (TM, RO)

“Boldly Sacrifice is so full and well produced that i will play just for the sound quality. Yes, will play Heathous. Interesting driving organic hypnotic” Lee Landis aka DynoSound Productions (Miami, US)

“Very good ambient house at its best” Mario Liberge from SkyClub (Montreal, CA)

“Loving the breaks on the Paduraru’s tracks. Willl play! Funkocrat sounds like old school freestyle!” Eddie Alvarez aka DJ Shadow Entertainment from SideTracks (Uniondale, US)

“Interesting will try it” DJ Andrew Ford fro 18Group/Room18 (Taipei, Taiwan)

“Very good! Nice deep house track.” Dadson Joseph aka DJ Jed Dadson (Mississauga, CA)

“A lot of good quality music You have! I would like to buy the CR2CD releases containing some amazing tracks. Keep up Your good work of superb quality house!” Per Pettersson

“Full support to you!! by the way… Emotion comes from motion and Shall we dance are my fav tunes… they are simply AMAZING!!!” Rostislav Pashynskiy (Ukraine)

“Very nice tracks” Robert ‘Idacio’ Tucker from DI.FM (NY, US)

“AWESOME!!! Amazing track :))))))))))))))))) Loved it!!!!!!!! Remix swap is a wonderful thing :)) we def should do it!!” Natasha Sayanskaya aka TechnoQueen Ladysexpot (Saint Petersburg, RU)

“Great Work! Love this track! Thanks!!!” Marco N. (Cologne, Germany) marconowak1985

“Thanks – a really beautiful track ;)” Emma Feline (London, UK)

“Walking In The Ligh sounds awesome mate. Great tracks for warming up! Good stuff. Really nice Deep House vibes. Thanks also for keep growing healthy prog breaks!! :-)” Gonzalo Menoyo (Spain)

“This Promo Beating Heart by Cristian Paduraru has a beautiful full rich arrangement at the beginning. That was shortly followed by a male vocal that left me wondering. As i could hear the vocal clipping and waving around the track in places, it sounded like the vocals may have been pushed, in order to meet the rest of the track. This will be in my play list until soomething replaces it! Well done!!” dj lee junior (England, Europe)

“Great track guys.” Marcos Ligero from Recordings (Spain)

“As always – very good thing! I like your labels works! I’ll support it in coming releases of show!” George Mosoh (RU)

“Very upbeat and an arrangement of sounds. Will play Handsin Theair” Dan Rotta aka DJ World Wide Panik (Milwaukee, US)

“Great release again! Will love to play it on” Alexander Bien aka Dr.Zoldberg (Germany)

“This will be added to my mixshow. Will play. Very good. Funkocrat has some cool breaks with a twist of acid.” Mike King from WNMC and Sidetraxx (Traverse, US)

“Very thanks. Support. ddc and gig. bye” (Germany)

“Nice tracks. Love the turning phase hot house mix. Thx for the promo. Our artist Ray Nicholes would like to remix.” D.G. Hubbard (Detroit, US)

“Awesome tunes! Love the acccccciiiiid! Very unique tune. Absolutely love Unconditional Giving… very nice work 🙂 Love the deep intro. Soooo deep soooo good! Also nice to hear breaks again! Thanks for the stellar share!” Taj (San Francisco, USA)

“Good reaction. Nice feel to this” Jamie Cronk aka DJ Jamie C from Hot 899 (Ottawa, CA)

“Playing Yesitive & Yespiring. Been passionate about what I do for over 35 years and happy to help where I can.” Barry Burns aka Admix Grooving from DebenRadio CIC (Woodbridge, England)

“TheRemixLabel radioshow its going definitely great. And is an adornment of our radio.” Andrey Mikhailov (RU)

“I will be playing it out in the clubs.” Dave Crane(UK)

“Nice tracks Cristian!!” Summer aka Brendon Collins (US)

“Thank You for share your Inspirational Music. I love to work with Expressing Vocals” Francisco de Tavira (Mexico)

“We gladly accept more from your stuff! Regards from the keinemusik crew” Sara (Berlin, DE)

“Sacrifice is a beautiful song 🙂 Healing sound” Antonio Munoz (Spain)

“Inspiring Theedge very big hit… like every your prod. I’ll play on my set.” Mrbert Umberto (New Delhi, India)

“Man that is such an awesome story. I hope you re all doing great over there. I am really happy for you. God is Great. Much Love.” Corey Spengler from Opencloud (Texas)

“Congrats on the baby Cristian! Wishing you all the best” Kristina Sky (LA, CA)

“I love your sound! I am a huge fan and play a lot of your stuff during my afterhours sets. I love your stuff! Thank you so much!” Alex Cohen (Washington DC)

“Great tunes! Will play on radio” Dj Tim Benjamin (DE)

“Very nice dark sounds!!!” Suffused (Vilnius, Lithuania)

“Lovely prog breaks track that will see some play from me.” Dave Carden from Kiss FM (UK)

“Amazing remix! pure progressive!” Aural Frequency from MCast (Mexico)

“Progressive Good stuff here, thanks !!” Yrelav from Galaxie FM (Lille, France)

“Nice deep tune!” Blusoul (Greece)

“Battle of life. Good one, will rock” Patrick Salm aka Placid (Baden, Switzerland)

“Bomb, amazing work guys! Congrats :))” Deepness (Argentina)

“Listening” Denis Plastmassa (RU)

“Nice” DJ Mindflash (Austria)

“AMAZING MATERIAL GUYS!!! I think I’ll use a lot of your material 😉 very good taste. Respect to you! Universal Interpretation is very interesting! Will use it on my radio show; Tito White (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

“Nice Deep House music, realy like it” Paulo Leite (Lisbon, Portugal)

“Excellent love it, in a next radio show ;o) All the best and full support” DJ KIK from Paris-One (France)

“Thanx for your positive music” DJ Sydney (Italy)

“Great track, first class, i will play it in my radio shows in ibizaglobalradio. I am resident everyweek in PK2 Ibiza. Is a beach club where i play exactly your sound and 1 more day im resident in Nassau beach Ibiza. Thank you very much for your music. I appreciate your deep sounds” Alex Kentucky (Spain)

“Greetings Christian, we have a number of your tunes in our library and my wife who happens to be be half romanian record vocals. We love you Christian, may your family, messages and music all be showered with blessings.” Elizabeth Anna Okino DeVere (Huntington Beach, California)

“The Yespiring tracks are really cool. Looking forward to hopefully working with you, speak soon” Keith McDonnell (UK)

“We will support your music” Jorge (Spain)

“I just want to thank you for the tracks, the acid house mix is more than awesome! thanks!” Karolis (LT)

“Great production!” Dima Jr. Worcestershire aka D.J. Generous (RU)

“Thanks for the best compilations recommendations” Laurent Vidal (Victoria, Seychelles)

“Awesome rhythms!” Dan Sampayo (Brighton)

“The Hottest Vinyl Global DjRadio Broadcasts supports Paduraru, Yesitive, Coolerika, Starrysky” Wim Waumans (Belgium)

“Can use this Dubacid. Nice one.” Jake Williams aka Jakeone doing worldwide Ableton Live training over Skype (London, UK)

“Sounds good. I am interested in it” Kirk Coleman (CA)

“Love your music! Always spin your tracks in my sets. Keep it up!” Raahil Chhatpar (Hong Kong)

“Nice track with a bit of pryda style” Armando Jms (Mexico)

“Fantastic work as always. I love ALL THE TRACKS… and possibly if I could remix them? Music is the fuel.” Luis Beyra (Miami, FL)

“Good! Will get some spins” Magnus Johansson (Sodertalje, Sweden)

“Fabulous!!! Goooood 4 me!!!! Thank you so much my friend for the deeper house! Occhiolino” Cristian Manolo (IT)

“Summer News is nice & very dark smoothly build up deephouse track!” Mika Juhani (Kouvola, Finland)

“I am very glad! I listened to your music for a long time;)” Constant Progress (RU)

“Super music! Mercii” Andreea Ionita aka Marketing Manager (RO)

“Send your Radio Edit and we’ll put it in rotation on the station!” Jesse Saunders (LV, NV)

“I like the sound. We release your chill out music on hotel and spa CDs like Langham Hotels, Heavenly Spas by Westin, Ritz Carlton Hotels, Peninsula Hotels & Spas, Four Seasons Hotels & Spas, Bellagio, Ojai Valley Inn, Spa Montage, Laguna, Luxor Las Vegas, Curious Hotels & Spas, Le Merigot, JW Marriott, Hilton, Hyatt, Buji Resort, Martin Hospitality, The Claremont Resort & more…” Brad Pressman (US)

“Great pack as always… would love to remix Paduraru – Plastic Dreams. Love this tune” Mpampis Vasilos aka Bobby Deep (GR)

“I have a gigs all time an i play tracks from you and your remix label :)” Simon Eichhof (Geldern, DE)

“Nice songs! All of them sounds really good, nice work here, about remixes i’ld like to work in Turning Point and Playing Positive. Keep that good music and have an amazing weekend. Congratulations” Alexander Restrepo aka Dj AX (Spain)

“Salut! Trimit acest friend request din respect pentru muzica creata de tine. sunt nou in muzica electronica insa … melodiile tale sunt dementiale. au acel altceva care m-ar ajuta pe mine ca DJ sa fac diferenta. te rog niciodata sa nu te opresti din creat muzica. niciodata :).” Alex Petru (RO)

“Takker 🙂 Big tunes” DJ Tony Anthun (Norway)

“Dubacid is a nice one, real summer” Cirom from Peon (Germany)

“Great Deep trip!! thanks!” Maxi Yanes (Cordoba, Argentina)

“Some amazing breaks and rhythms that will surely be associated with a vocal line at some stage when the cult accessibility status has worn away, and we have a worthy artiste to perform to that standard. Full of inspiring atmosphere, this could certainly command a lead position at the height of a midnight set.” Neil Brown (UK)

“Great tracks will be in my next Something-Global shows” Stephen ‘Butch’ Jones (Liverpool, UK)

“Nice mixes” HypnoticDuo (Lithuania)

“10/10 Awsome tracks” Greg Candea (Ohio)

“Fine Job!” Brain Trick (RU)

“Nice Track! Very Groovy!” Ty (Toronto, CA)

“Can you put me on your promo list” Anna Kiss (UK)

“I really love “paduraru dreams” and i’ll be glad to remix it, if is possible. The songs is great, very inspiring for the remix.” Marino Gulic aka Rubb Surr (Croatia)

“Great Tracks! loving the soundand spaces you´ve created, are you still looking for dj mixes of your stuff? I really enjoy your open minded attitude…you know this is not common in the scene;)” Bodo Felusch (DE)

“Good energy on this tracks. Nice job.” Djdove Capote (New Jersey)

“I love your Cristian Paduraru – Feeling 1st Class (Db-Key Creative Chillout Minimix) if you want one day i try to work with you for some remixes 😉 good night :)” Marco Calanni (Milan, IT)

“Thank-u for the opportunity and outlet for my music, I am looking forward to doing even more work with you and The Remix Label this coming year:)  All the best to you and your family” Myshell Nukina (CA)

“Thanks for the music! Lots of good tracks. =)” Dragonfix (FI)

“Cristian Paduraru is one of the more talented and freshest of the new breed of progressive electronica artists. While most use tired, boring formulas to create uninteresting ‘deep prog’, Paduraru seems to put a little more juice and love in his tunes. His tracks are full of energy and life-giving vibe. Each track seems to have a unique character of its own, and sometimes tracks seem to continue in sequels (for example Developing Creativity sounds like a refined version of He Knows His Creation which is truly a joy to hear). This man can be techy, he can be funky, he can do raw breaks. I look forward to anything the man puts out…” Skoop

“Fantastic melodic music. I am overwrought and can’t stop listening it :D” Mate Tihanyi (HU)

“Great great movement track!!!” Deejay Charlie (PT)

“The Remix Label sounds a great idea. Cristian has completed many remixes for us, and we are more than happy with his productions. Service Category: Remix / Producer. Hired more than once. Top Qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creative” Russell (UK)

“Cristian Paduraru’s Expressing Vocals is One of the two tracks which made me listen to?Progressive!!!!! I love it!” DJGergi (BG)

“I was literally just going to contact you this morning to ask if you had any material for me to work with etc etc as I love deejayfriendly label and your sound! So, yes please send me the private link to the remix label catalog. I’d be very happy to record a one hour mix!” Adele Shields (UK)

“Great tracks! My pleasure be one of the remixers.” Andi Vasilos (Athens, Greece)

“I played the remix label music on air of music radio 102,1” Fotis Kokos (Arta, Greece)

“Just sent you VOL108 of AMDJS Radio Show with your “You Want It Deeper”. This week your “Expressing Vocals” will be aired. Will send you the podcast version next Friday. We also send your package to the stations that broadcast AMDJS Radio Show.” Feodor AllRight & Elena Mechta (RU)

“Amazing work!! was on repeat all morning when i first heard it !! I loved it dear , ur new tracks i love also musch and ur new coo perations!!” Nicole Armoni (Greece)

“A surprise now is about to come! One of the 1st romanian talents I fell for in 2005. The big Cristian Paduraru and a tune called ‘Turning Point’ in a Creative Vocal House interpretation!” Constantin Dimov on (Nice, FR)

“Awesome! Dig the tracks! Downloading now” DJ Rob Edwards (Texas)

“Thanks for the music, nice tracks here. If are you interested in a remix from me” Fer Ferrari from DeepClass Records (Spain)

“First of all thanks a million for the music promos ! You’ll be getting regular feedback from me going forward. Here’s to Continued Success” Kevin Bazell from Avalon / Liquified Resident DJ (CA)

“Thank for the friendship:) I know you from the track minimal perspective!!! love it and remix from minoru hirata is super many year back. Amazing music!!!!!!” Lilly Lab from elektrikdreamsmusic radio (GR)

“Always following your productions! Looking forward to new your new stuff. Thanx for the soundz, mate! Relentless!” Andreas Akratos B from (GR)

“Great stuff from Paduraru. Been a fan of yours for some time, and look forward to the next release!” Eddie Gordon & Jodie Barr & Robin Leo Tabor (LA, CA)

“Really nice house music” Ali Ihsan Kara (Turkey)

“Great tracks i like this one best Inspiring Electronic Music” Ludde La Rossa (Uppsala, Sweden)

“One of the dance music shows we air is the Friday Night Project which is designed to feature new and exciting music from around Europe and the States. The show is hosted by Bex who is known as the lady who knows about the club scene on the Costa del Sol. I am sure she is pleased featuring products from The Remix Label. We would also be interested in featuring a guest mixes for the same show” Lee Jay (SP)

“All the tracks are first rate, deep oozing with soul and some lovely proggy keys and filters showing displaying some superb production. Favourites are Playing Positive (Vocal Deep House Radio Mix G128). This is serious quality! love the laid back sound and the lush keys and vocal which is gorgeous. This will smash my radio shows and my dance floors. HUGE! And Paduraru pres Inspirational – Higher State. As soon as the appegiated keys start with that infectious loop and the beautiful soulful vocal this grabbed me instantly. The production is amazing. This looks set to dominate clubland! Full Support, particularly on the above.” Adam C / DJ Sterling from also Club Control and /

“Cristian is one of the most succesful music producers in the Music Business. He delivers top notch tracks. His material can be used for businesses,commercials, brand campaigns, expos,music healing related medicine,etc. His work has been published in labels such as Global Underground Uk and many others…He is one of my top producers in the biz!” Dany Furlong (Mexico)

“Very nice sound !!” M.I.D.I. (IT)

“Hey!! Love all those tracks! I would like to remix Baby and Emotion (Inspiring Radio Version E128)” RaeL Borg aka Colby (Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)

“These amazing tracks !!! For special i really like Expressing Vocals and Renewal Feeling ! Genius:-)” Paul Wallace aka DJ Eleasar (Germany)

“Wanted to thank u again for those promos, last Sat. I played several here in Italy to a gig at Frau club and some really rocked! I will see if i can find a place to go and record a mixshow for you with those jams. U know u got my support!!! Always Great Stuff :)” Alexia Rosati-Tippell aka A.R.T. Productions (IT)

“Will schedule in our playlist” Mario Zantvoort (NL)

“I play your music on TECHNO.FM. LOVE IT! Classic chunky NY style dark progressive house with lots of subterranean sounds, echos and syth stabs. This is what PROGRESSIVE means to me. I’ll defintely be dropping this in my set this Saturday.” Adrenalin aka Chris Sargent Jr from (Burlington, MA, USA)

“Perfect !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Vasilescu Emanuel Paul aka DJ LPP (RO)

“Loving this Pentateuch Breaks Mr P 😉 Nice skipping metallic beatz and progressive transitions.” Stuart (Switzerland)

“Very good. Nice music Cristian” Wagner Leviski (Brazil)

“Relate4ever aka Paduraru has the nice summer vibe, i’d play this. The mix has been getting fantastic reviews! Thanks for the awesome track.” Thomas Barreto aka Dj Style (NY)

“I just bumped into “Beating Heart”… very beautifully done! Sounds good!! Thanks a million!” Rubi R-Tres from Sapphire Lounge (NYC)

“I like deejayfriendly label very much. I really love listen you mixes and support them with my friends” Ika Hanny (Indonesia)

“Will promote this on facebook for ya 🙂 because you guys at theremixlable always deserve support!” Jacques Duijnmayer (NL)

“We love to air your show on Will we be updated when there is a new releases also? Any of the enationFM Djs would love to be able to play your promos as well.” Darren (FL)

“Very nice groove. Great transition track from house to tech or vice versa!” Joel Roman (FL, USA)

“Your Chillout Christmas Release is very nice. Like the deep dub track.” Steve Kelley (UK)

“Nice !!! doing download now !!” Haveck from (BR)

“Sunshining Sounds is an Awesome set, excellent” DJ Narda (Croatia)

“Cristian is a famous Deep House producer who’s working with the biggest names, his discography is impressive and his talent is the same level. As a selfish point of view Cristian is the man who taught me everything I know about music industry – Daiyume wouldn’t exist without his help – thank you Cristian ;)” Stephane de Broche des Combes aka Plusdeep (France)

“Downside Up – WOWWWWWWWWW !! Revealing Stages – SUPER!!!!!!” Eka (Indonesia)

“Your promos and releases are always top notch quality mate. Loving what you’re doing! :)” Nicholas Choong aka Nicky C (Kuala Lumpur, MA)

“Paduraru Progressive is Very Good. I am liking these minimal sounds from Yespiring too.” Chad Naugle aka DJ Chad E (Allentown, PA)

“Greetings, we at Aravaza DJ Agency Booking want to represent you here in Spain.” Alexander Guanipa (ES)

“Nice tracks” Rafa Alcantara aka Dj Killer (ES)

“Great releases! Thanks! :)” Franco Bianco (Buenos Aires, AR)

“I have remixed tracks for Cristian’s Label, he has always communicated all details well and been very helpful. It has been a pleasure to do work for his label and I will continue to do so in the Future.” Mike Wall aka DJ Walterwall (UK)

“I played your tracks, some nice tunes, felt the strongest tracks for a video” Richard Bridge (LA, US)

“Paduraru + Coolerika good ones, thanks!” Monica Soldan (Brazil)

“I’m a big fan of ur record label releases..n most of the songs r just amazing!!! let me know if you playin anytime in the US. Love the mix of “wemakeit happen”!!! love this song to bits!!” Vipul Shenoy (NJ, US)

“I am very interested in the works of the label. Restoring Originality is very good! Revival Heart has beautiful progression. Thank You – man, I really dig this deepness! Accepting One Another, you got some great tunes in here!” Johann Killing (Karlsruhe, Germany)

“Loving all the tracks that keep coming, they are all really good vibes. Excellent production, very atmospheric and banging. ” Michael aka DJ Chuggs from Optodigital (Edinburgh, UK)

“Curiosity Sailflow is a really nice Track. Will Play” Robin Jacobs (Germany)

“SUPER PERFECT MASTERING!!!!! PERFECTO! BRAVO! I give you my word!! Our collaboration for the ages! U MY FAVOITE MUSICAN! I LOVE U!!!!!!!! I’m happy for you! I’m happy to make music with you. Happy remix for u. Happy to learn! LOVE!!)))” Oleg Maori Shilyaev from Kolokol (Penza, RU)

“I love Dubacid – Living Free from 2LS2Dance – whatpeopleplay. Perfectly!” Chestnockov (RU)!/Chestnockov

“Hi hun! I seen lots of your work out over the years!! played alot at gigs..good work!!” Olivia Zabell-Music (Berlin, Germany)

“I have some tracks from theremixlabel and im love this.!!” Javier Orlando (AR)

“Coolerika has very nice and trippy tunes. We also support various tracks we have received from your way on our mail. Many of them are on our airplay list, but Coolerica reached to be maximum Play Of The Week for 2 consecutive Weeks” LifeRadio Web (Greece)

“Halls Shiver is very hypnotic. Get out those glowsticks!” Tim Patterson (Woodbridge, Canada)

“Heathous very good cut nice sound. Will play it” Arthur Robinson aka DJ Resurrected (Westville, USA)

“Playing interesting music from Paduraru” Gianfranco Lo Ponte (Toronto, CA)

“Great progressive tracks” Maurizio Santi from Modena Radio City (Gonnosfanadiga, Italy)

“Paduraru Wishland – Namaste! I love that funky VIBES! And? the Pictogram, too. I will make an Animation with it. Then different Colours and “start to dance” on a glowing Dancefloor, hehe.!!! THANX for the INSPIRATION and sharing “good” ENERGY! LIVE LONG AND PROSPER \\//: (Austria)

“You can continue to make beautiful musica I love your sound and working out to it. I teach Spinning and group fitness classes.” Khadijah Bint Owens

“Fire’n’Water – In da House & Plastica – Early ’95 romanian group smashing heavyweight beats in the best club in Buchrest at that time – Studio MARTIN” TheCombastos (RO)

“Great Tracks!” Nic Alvarado (California)

“Loving the remix label and will support it!” Mario Rybansky

“Great work guys!” Philip Phipa (Greece)

“I love it: Sacrifice Theme” Barry Lamb (England)

“This ambient music from the remix label is so lovely! Downloaded it myself and sooooo serene. I’m so grateful for this and can I put it on our website so others can get to download too?” Chux Bright (Nigeria)

“Your Emotional Heart was a sureplayer for me few years ago, still play it sometimes!” Cule from Montenegro

“Very nice music on the deejayfriendly label” Olav bel Goe (Berlin)

“Wow your story is truely amazing!! as you say thank God for a safe delivery, its amazing how much strength he gives people in need….congratulations to you both, well done!!” Ian Cheshire aka Kube 72 (UK)

“Christian – CONGRATULATIONS!!!! to both of you!!! A big respect for not loosing your temper in the most important moment – really awesome!!!! You two with Erika are amazing – congratulations once again and let all your children rise well and in a great health!” Agnieszka Olszewska-By? aka DJ Ladyclub (Warsaw, PL)

“Keep working hard I believe in your music and talent Turning Up my favourite tune now my classmate has sent me this movie his band got a lot of friends” Sokol

“Hola, I know several years ago Transparently Sharing and want to continue your music. So add to the Paduraru artist, so i get updates of their work. Saludos” Eva Hippie Luna aka Ulmma Mx (Mexico)

“I love Kingdom Of Kindness, Maximum Motion say for example [:)] ! These two I will certainly support the evening at the club and the events that follow! I’ll put the poster on our club site for The Remix Label.” Antonio Krznari? (Croatia)

“How on earth did you got paduraru pres the remix label tapes hosted on 🙂 I’ll plan them in, there’s some great quality in what you send us!” Jasper van der Meer from EclecticRadio (NL)
“I love The Remix Label and Paduraru sound” Emre Ogutcu (TR)

“Will play Funkocrat! Very good breaks nice snares and kicks” Benjamin Neumayer aka DJ Bennabu from Las Strada (Germany)

“Nice tempo and great for easy listening when i am relaxing on a lounge afternoon. Will play Paduraru.” Deon Cui from Kaek and Hardbeat Sunday (Wellington, New Zealand)

“Coolerika has very good songs” Huzefa Dossaji aka DJ Afrodisiak from Fino Lounge (New Orleans, USA)

“Hey Cristian. I can get you a remix done in about a week or so.  That is really cool that you are writing too.  I think you could teach people some great things about how to be really motivated and have the courage to go for your dreams instead of just settling for what is easy.  I’ve always been impressed with your energy towards accomplishing your goals and inspiring others to do the same!  I’m sure whatever you write about will add to the world in a great way and I can’t wait to read it :-)” Amy Unland aka DJ Kid Delicious (California)

“Hi Christian! I listen to your songs many many times! I love the beats, the rhythms, and the spiritual message!!! [:-)]” Christopher Hiller (Columbia)

“I like this Emotional Melodies by Cristian Paduraru. Very good ambient lounge chillout mix” Felicia Tankersley aka DJ Lady Gemini from 90.7 FM, Waterworks Pub, Ohbar (NY)

“Funkocrat straight forward breaks, Paduraru very good to play.” Robb Fitzgibbons from Eighteenth Letter, Mile High Club (Bay Shore, US)

“Cristian Paduraru will only be of use on our lounge side. Deep sound, not sure how the people will react to it over yet! The Remix Label has a sweet feel to it. Good beats. Good energy.” Gerrard Dillman aka DJ Phunkneeguy (Canada)

“Cristian Paduraru ambient chillout is very good cool track. Love it. Great track. I’m hoping you have a version with a rhythm.” Conrado Martinez from Gate 212, Feel Good, Karavas Lounge (NY)

“Thanks for accepting the friend request 🙂 and oh wow, what a surprise to get message from you, I’ve been in love with your music too!!! My favorites music from yours is Creating Progression (Inspiring House mix), Movement (Hot House mix), Made in Wishland, Also, I like Progressive Reality. I’m hooked to your music…” Mari Furuya aka Apsara (Jakarta, Indonesia)

“What can i say 😀 i like your music! Obviously i love everything from you 🙂 Thanks and will be a great show with you :)” Aleksandar K. ThreeMillion Ways (Bulgaria)

“Very good Pauraru mixes.” Anthony Gelo (Ozone Park, USA)

“Cristian Paduraru Favorite Mix Inspiring Ambient Chillout Reaction Excellent” Jeremy Morales aka DJ Jazz (Sierra Vista, America)

“Yesitive is nice, Keep Up The Great Worx :)” Sean F Prescott from

“Wish I could have shared this on your page: Good Morning Cristian, Wanted to send you a little note about my ride into work today… Usually David drives us dropping me off to work and then going on his way. Normally, he plugs his phone into our new car stereo (2-3 months old) which usually contains tracks he’s learning so he can drop them. This morning was different though as he’s a tad under the weather and staying home today. So I took the car and plugged my phone in which has all of my favorite mixes. As I’m plugging it in, I’m thinking crap, I don’t know how to control my phone from the car stereo since I never manage that. As I’m thinking this, I hear the lovely layers of musical notes from a very familiar set and think to myself aw heck this is awesome and look down to see your name… it had landed on Autumn Breeze sessions 20 from when I first contacted you. I thought to myself yes, this is perfect. As I’m driving I feel that the world is right… all the lights are perfect… the breeze through the window is perfect… everything is flowing in time with the beautiful music I’m listening to. As I get out of the car, I think, you know what? Today’s a Paduraru kind of day – So I’m continuing to enjoy your music in my office. Thank you friend for making such beautiful music! Just thought I would share that. Hope you and your family are doing well. [=)]” Maistresse Sybs (USA)

“I’m still working through the list of sets, but I must say that Future Vibes – Heathous is absolutely awesome! Hats off to the DJ of this outstanding set.” Patrick Spence

“Yes, I will play Paduraru Forguiding ambient chillout – Grande sound beat” Matteo Machnic aka NeoDJ from casa sul fiume (Novara, IT)

“Will play Padurau ambient! Very acid chill out track. Great for a super trips.” Robert Butler aka DJeros from Student City and Breakaway Tours (Ottawa, Canada)

“Will play Paduraru inspiring chillout mixes. Very Good! 10/10” Fabio Ferlaino fom Radio Enne (IT)

“Paduraru has good energy. Not sure how my crowd will react to it. Good beats. Nice feeling with this track. Love the melody line. This should do well.” Gerrard Dillman aka DJ Phunkneeguy from My Own, The Outside (Regina, Canada)

“Will play Morico Montini. Good vibrant housemusic” Beau Bown (Utah)

“Good! Morico Montini is nice and will play” Nikolaev Alex aka DJ Alex fom Sabaku no Bara (Tokyo, Japan)

“Yes! I will play Morico Montini vibrant house” Lucas Glasmacher aka Luke den Draaier from B504 RADIO and FreeDanceRadio (Offenburg, Germany)

“I search good music for years and it’s getting harder to find good stuff. Your sounds are first class, that fascinated me. I buy the released stuff from deejay friendly on juno.” Marco Neutzner from Germany

“Paduraru Proghouse Mix ranks up the prog meter to huge heights,we really are loving this type of crossover, very exciting with lots really cool vibes, big tune for the floors here. Bonzai Progressive, onwards and upwards.” Marnik and Fly (NL)

“Visualize the vibe, vibrant house music!! Shockingly good, more 5 stars per track than any other album I posses!!” Mark Williams (Brymbo, UK)

“Yesitive, Good Positive Proghouse Mix, I like the song and will play it.” Steven Doiron from DJ Stevie Dee from Rouge Premier Lounge (Moncton, Canada)

“I will play Paduraru Proghouse Very Good Mixes.” Riccardo Fazzini from Club Generation Radio (Rome, Italy)

“Paduraru housemusic is good. I like this and will play it out in my shows.” Isaac de la Fuente aka djisaac from puzzle (Spain)

“Will play Dubacid. Very good deeptech” Davon Thompson aka Dj One Million from The Underground (Glen Burnie, USA)

“The Remix Label promos – This is hot!” Christian Thomas

“WOW! Powerful tracks! Really enjoy the synth work on this track. Very interesting percussion track and effects. Rolling rhythms that carries you along a sonic journey. Will definitely support this tracks. Love this track. Amazing energy! I have forwarded to a couple of DJs who use tracks like the ones on the site. They play in NJ, NYC, Provincetown and Fort Lauderdale. Wish I had been using your site more often. I have 3 other promo sites I use and none of them really promote the tracks your site does. Great music! Keep up the great work!” DJ Lennie III (NY)

“Will play Paduraru on major venues worldwide.” Markus Schulz from Global DJ Broadcast (USA)

“Will play Paduraru Good Proghouse Music” DJ Joe Mendez from Long Island Eagle (USA)

“Your a good man and have a wonderful family you made the right choice your children will be better for it and i wish you your family all the best through these tough times ahead in this fragile world. A lot of people must envy you. I come to watch your relate4ever channel to get myself back to basics after being on the computer for a while just to give my head a breath of fresh air after looking at all the global issues going on. I come here to your relate4ever channel for mental refuge and to revive so i do not get programed. Maybe a good title for one of your future videos? (DeProgram).So your channel is very good for that believe me. It is been great going for a ride with you. Looking forward to the next one. Your videos are down to earth and you cover some very good topics. I will make a video response to this one about me and there will be no politics, Just maybe me and walking the dogs or something and i will talk about something natural.”

“Thanks for Generosity – who needs it? (Shared from Relate4ever Publishing) is good. I can understand more about how and who should i give. To God be the glory.” Sokheng Cheng (Phnom Penh)

“Paduraru cool tribal drums, sweet ongoing groove” Junduls from Wave Session and Dj Mag LT (UK)

“Paduraru is cool” Burga from pirate radio london and bar 234 (Australia)

“Cristian Paduraru you are a great underground producer. We apreciate your songs and releases man, very very hot amazing. Great songs mr. Congratulations from all the house nations. Thanxxx a lot from brazilian djz brother” Jose Carlos Pecanha (Sao Paolo, Brasil)

“Yes, I will you play Growaware deeptech. Good one!” Michael Gesdorf aka DJMGee or Alando Palais (Wallenhorst, Germany)

“Thanks for being a promoter of wisdom and goodness on the internet and on? this earth. Your children are very fortunate.” Leafwatch (USA)

“Well said on seeking the second job video! A real talk by a real man! You are a romantic my friend! Devil wants me to know how much taxes i have payed, while noone will ever know how much bums i have washed… your words are so simple, but so true… the things you say are the things i felt while i was just doing thing i was doing when i was in my teens, becoming a beauty of this world can change so much… ” Cepums (USA)

“Man your videos are so calm and positive man… and the scenery is awesome!” Jon Locke (Memphis, TN)

“Yes, I will chart and play Yesitive” Andrea Riello aka Andrew Dj from (IT)

“Groaware Charted! I like this and will play it out in my shows.” Amos Sacchini in arte Johnny Spaziale, gadjuronga (IT)

“Yes, great I will chart and play the great Growaware Deeptech tunes! 10/10” Sherwin Charles aka DJ Fresh from Brooklyn DJ Factory, Scene, Niketalk Magazine (NY)

“Yes, Je vais la jouer Paduraru workout housemusic” Michael Maltais from Castiel and FuchsiaClub (CA)

“Good to chart and play Dubacid. I like this and will play it out in my shows.” Vicario Andrea aka DJ A Vicand (IT)

“In an internet polluted with so much hate and ugliness, your video is a welcome relief. How great would the intenet be if everyone made a short video like this, expressing their thoughts and widom?” (US)

“Growaware – Love it!” Dj Monsta from Music Choice, KXRG 95.9 FM, 1Dance.FM,, PArtyRadioUSA.Net (NY)

“I will play the excellent music from The Remix Label 10/10” Orly Aycart aka Aliensignal from Xtend FM (FL)

“Paduraru pres Yesitive bring in Beating Heart wonderful vocals nice mix. I will play and chart” Julian Marsh DJ (FL)

“Will chart Paduraru – Houssssssssey. Deep it up!” Alexander Wyatt from INDI 101 (CA)

“Super cool! Next dimension in deep. Full support on Deepinradio.” Salvatore aka LogicFusion

“Great Progressive track! Will def support Paduraru Positive Proghouse” Kenn Burrola from Liquid Rhythms Mixshow, KRCL 90.9 FM, KRCL 90.9 FM (West Jordan, USA)

“I will play Paduraru Proghouse” Ben Romita aka Dj Detto from SSN Productions, 93.3 CFMU MacMaster Radio, O Ultra Lounge (Hamilton, CA)

“Breaking News is a good house track from Paduraru.” Antonios Plaitis aka Dj Adonis from Jackalan, Cafe 521 (Toronto, CA)

“Growaware deetech is quite decent, I will look to play it soon.” Paul Davis aka SilentNoise and 2nd Edition (Bolton, USA)

“Charted Paduraru Proghouse! Amazing tracks! Will play” Adrien Dhanraj aka DJ Tonedef from Multiple Club Locations (Calgary, CA)

“Paduraru Ambient – This one is a good one… Let’s do this.” Michael Stewart from SMX Stewmonte X, Black Cat Productions, Pudgy’s (Trenton, USA)

“I will play Paduraru ambient mix” Ron Kleiman from PCM Technologies Inc (Concord, CA)

“Yes, will chart and play Yesitive! Exellent, je le joue” Jean Marie Wannyn from Camilou and Kamilou Cafe (Braine l’Alleud, Belgium)

“Vibrant house from Paduraru is cool track its going to get spin” Mike Straccialano aka DJ Boss (Montreal, CA)

“Worth to spin Paduraru presents Windenergy good mixes” Angelo D’Aurora from Madhouse Productions (Stoney Creek, CA)

“Cristian Paduraru Emotional Melodies is very good chill lounge music” Eric Lauzon aka DJ Eric and DJ Ly-Ricks from Resto bar Biaggi’s Repentigny (Rawdon, CA)

“Kingdom Of God Inspiring Ambient Chillout Mix is Good 10/10. Diggin it 🙂 Will be played” Kal Atwood (Calgary, CA)

“Paduraru with Emotional Melodies has great guitar samples, the track really builds well” Alex Carder from MonkeyBar HippoBar Weddings (Canberra, Australia)

“I love to run the remixlabel radioshow on Genzel each week” Roby aka Richard Robillard from Generation Zel Radio (CA)

“Paduraru will get air play” Jorge Ojeda (FL) http://www.Wepa.Fm

“Yesitive is decent and I will look to play it soon” Doug Madrid from KNDS 96.3FM, Dance Mix Authority, USA Dance Radio, UNI-T Dance party (Fargo, USA)

“Paduraru pres Yesitive is Excellent and I will play and chart it.” Marc Lawn from Biz GP Ent and Da Biz (Barton Mills, UK)

“Heathous is verygood. So cool… good tracks” Rudy Vicari aka Ru.Dij from VDj Radio, WishClub (Riccione, IT)

“I will play and chart Heathous. Good start of the party track, builds up the atmoshpere nicely” Dhane Kliese aka DJ Shanobear from TBKEnt, SlyFox (Sydney, Australia)

“Charting and play out Carola Bianca Positive Proghouse Mix” Royce Lindsey aka DJ Royce from Yellow Dog Digital Productions and Syndicated Radio Show (Muscle Shoals, USA)

“Yes, I will chart and play Relate4ever deephouse is Great!” DJ Adam Turner from Circa, Soho, ShadowLounge, Heaven (London, UK)

“Will play and chart Relate4ever” Kenneth Dalseide Etim aka DJ Etim from Treskevarket, TheScotsman, Lille, LuuxBergen, SohoSogndal (Hylkje, Norway)

“Yes, Relate4ever deephouse has nice beat will find place for fit. Will play and chart it. Also 2LS2Dance has Poppin Beats.” Rich Mair aka djrichnitemare from WDMN-101 (Weston, USA)

“Nice ambient mix Christian – I’ll burn it for the car for my usual weekend antics.” Jay from

“Incredible tracks on the remix label, thans for the promo, specially for my sessions and set JR’OOM” Felix Perez JR from Ibiza Global Radio (Spain)

“ILike the first one from Paduraru.” Steven Redant (Barcelona)

“The Remix Label radioshow – This is GREAT!! Thank you!” Carls aka Carlenegrahaminfo from

“Support! The one we like most is Paduraru mix. We like the “progressive atmosphere” in it. DJSFM” Djs From Mars from

“Very nice work. Very John Digweed. Very morning… Love the Paduraru “Downside UP.” I’ll DEF be testing this on the floor soon. Hot. Love all around”

“The Remix Label has great sound!” icynose from RadioVibe

“Dear Cristian Paduraru, i love your music man…. there is so little good hard deep Tech house that contain positive messages… i spin your traxx all the time… and people that really listen come to my booth and ask me whered i find such wholesome traxx that really move the body abnd also the soul… God Bless Brother” from (NY)

“Thank you for The Remix label. We like “Beating Heart” release and will add it to our airplay rotation. It is stunning! You can email any future work” Mario Rybansky from

“Paduraru brings such a superb mix with full support from HFM.” Micky Watson from

“Dear Cristian, I’ve written this recommendation of your work on LinkedIn. I endorsed your work as Music Producer at Christian Records. Cristian has been producing quality house, deep house and tech house for years. I have been very happy to receive the promos that he sends out, not only of his material, but other artists he works with.” Nathaniel Bachelder from

“I am just now going through your catalog, some absolutely tremendous work, luv the tracks. In my sets worldwide like Egypt and Moscow” Gregory Noseworthy akd DJ Gregrrr from

“Paduraru pres 1st Class – You Want It Deeper Housemusic 5/5 Good Work!” Hans Tavera (Lima, Peru)

“You make me interested… how can we work together ??? let me know ;-)))” Mario De Bellis from desperadozrecordz (DE)

“Nice tracks on theremixlabel. Really like them!” Nathan Thomson Programme Manager and KISS Breakfast Presenter from

“Thank you for your track and download. The track will be released on our online radio station. For any other ways to colaborate, please contact us.
We are open for suggestions.” Inspire Radio (RO)

“I am honored that you have written me and I am so excited to be involved in the remix label! I have been DJing many of the popular clubs. Thank you! :D” Stephany from (FL)

“Actually all of the tunes you release are decent dance tracks, and of all “emotion comes from motion” hits me most and would probably be most interesting for our artists to remix.” Peer Schmid from deepdub (DE)

“Paduraru his music is good, the remix label this deephouse is very good” Productos BMM (Spain)

“Oh oui tres bon music from Relate4ever 10/10 charted and played” Piccinin Laurent aka DJ lol from Dolce Cubana (France)

“The Remix Label got some really nice music and I am a big fan of chilled ambient music” Tony from

“Yes, will play and chart favorited Relate4ever Deephouse from Deejayfriendly” Diego Motta from Joyclub (IT)

“Morico Montini has the beats and energy. A nice deeper side to the track. Would love vocals to this tune” Gerrard Dillman aka DJ Phunkneeguy from The Outside (Regina, CA)

“Thanks for sharing with me ur deejayfriendly music. I liked Paduraru tracks the best! Nice vibe ;o)” Patty Font aka Miss P from

“Funkocrat Breaks Mix for me, like the way it flows” Mikey Breaky (Flirt 101.3FM Galway)

“I will look to play the remix label tunes” Luis de Oliveira from Dipulse, Arena and VIVO Tapas Lounge (Howell, USA)

“Paduraru I like this and will play it out in my shows.” Carlos Alberto from Carlinhos, Radio Jovem Pan, Bazuah (Araraquara, Brazil)

“Yes, I will chart Paduraru Workout Vitality Vocal Tribal House” Gordon Emery from Nocturnal Playground and Flash On Church (Toronto, CA)

“Thanks The Remix Label! Will play! And I still have those cool mixes Paduraru sent me a couple years back! They’re awesome!” Christopher Hiller aka scotthiller2050

“Illya Korman – Mui Ne (Dubacid Deeptech) Great work. Full support.” DJ Santi

“My last mix with your track Wisdom To The Wise By Greenlight will be broadcasted on and also next sunday i will be playing in after in Paris and will play some techhouse tracks from the remix label” Fabrice Cadiou (FR)

“Paduraru Turning point is definitely my favorite! Keep up the GREAT work!!” Oz Romita from

“Number 01 for Paduraru that is my Fav. on your selection.” Dj Laurent N. on 5 Radio & 8 Radio Shows Each Month & Parties (French Riviera)

“Paduraru, You make great music so why not a great family too.” David Stanton akd DJ Wolf Mountain Network

“I still play your vinyl, i write for a music blog about the remix label too.” Mathijs aka theiz music

“Glad u find u well too Cristian!!! smile. I love your music and is my pleasure everything cooperation with u!” Xaris Katis Kel from

“I am LOOOVING YOUR SOUNDS. I can do sooo much with it! It’s awesome! Congrats Paduraru.” DJ Juliana Lima (China)

1 Response to Feedback Reactions

  1. Sebastian says:

    Great concept and work! May God richly bless you as you continue to write and blog. Please continue with us on this journey and remember to have faith 1st because the “just shall live by his faith.” — Sebastian

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