We need your advice and help about this special project… We have a viral video challenge where people can make up a few moments recording while dancing in creative or classic steps. Best to have a small crowd, while individual will work too.

1st step pick up a track from or this blog.
2nd step gather friends and organize a dance time
3rd step name it with track title and user name dace
Example Track Title (Your Name Dance Video for
4th send the link or make a video reply to the official video (soon to come)
5th step promote it to gather views because

Sounds cool? Maybe we can use the Harlem Shake viral videos to boost TRL! Do you know upcoming openair events? You will have good lighting and so on. That may be a great opportunity to record a few minutes when crowds are dancing 😉

PS: Can you have someone record on video while playing any of the remix label tracks? Will be albe to promote the youtube link and if has HD quality we can include in an official music video release too. Best location would be daytime outdoor because of light like beach and such.


Howto Breakdance (like Hammer, K7 ComeBaby, JanetJackson RhythmNation)






Writing On Tablets

Turning Phase


Found The Northstars

Prolife Music Video


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